Class Process.Process

Inheritance graph
Process.create_process Process.Process

Slightly polished version of create_process.

In addition to the features supported by create_process, it also supports:

  • Callbacks on timeout and process termination.

  • Using Tools.Standalone.forkd via RPC to spawn the new process.

See also

create_process, Tools.Standalone.forkd

Inherit create_process

inherit create_process : create_process


Based on create_process.

Method create

Process.Process Process.Process(string|array(string) command_args, void|mapping(string:mixed) modifiers)

Parameter command_args

Either a command line array, as the command_args argument to create_process(), or a string that will be splitted into a command line array by calling split_quoted_string() in an operating system dependant mode.

Parameter modifiers

In addition to the modifiers that create_process accepts, this object also accepts

"read_callback" : function(Process:void)

This callback is called when there is data to be read from the process.

"timeout_callback" : function(Process:void)

This callback is called if the process times out.

"timeout" : int

The time it takes for the process to time out. Default is 15 seconds.

"forkd" : bool

Use Tools.Standalone.forkd to actually spawn the process.


The default value for the "forkd" modifier may be set via set_forkd_default().

See also

create_process, create_process()->create(), split_quoted_string(), Tools.Standalone.forkd, set_forkd_default(), get_forkd_default()