Method run

mapping run(string|array(string) cmd, void|mapping modifiers)


Easy and lazy way of using Process.Process that runs a process and returns a mapping with the output and exit code without having to make sure you read nonblocking yourself.

Parameter args

Either a command line array, as the command_args argument to create_process(), or a string that will be splitted into a command line array by calling split_quoted_string() in an operating system dependant mode.

Parameter modifiers

It takes all the modifiers Process.Process accepts, with the exception of stdout and stderr. Since the point of this function is to handle those you can not supply your own.

If modifiers->stdin is set to a string it will automaticly be converted to a pipe that is fed to stdin of the started process.

See also

Process.Process create_process

"stdout" : string

Everything the process wrote on stdout.

"stderr" : string

Everything the process wrote on stderr.

"exitcode" : int

The process' exitcode.


As the entire output of stderr and stdout is stored in the returned mapping it could potentially grow until memory runs out. It is therefor adviceable to set up rlimits if the output has a potential to be very large.

Example ({ "ls", "-l" }) ); ({ "ls", "-l" }), ([ "cwd":"/etc" ]) ); "ls -l" ); "awk -F: '{print $2}'", ([ "stdin":"foo:2\nbar:17\n" ]) );