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Tuesday 03 April 2018

2018-04-03 15:12:09 (3 years ago) by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Testsuite [WebDAV]: Fixed issues with the *_col_fails_partly tests.

Actually use the MOVE method when method is MOVE.

COPY and MOVE both abort if the deletion pass fails due to locks.

Don't perform implicit unlocking if the operation had a
partial failure (multi status return).
Testsuite [WebDAV]: Fixed multiple testsuite bugs.

Encode the path in the Destination header in the same way as
the request path.

Censor any username and password from the Destination header URL.

Supply more locks for the MOVE, COPY and DELETE methods.

do_webdav_ls() now NFC-normalizes the expected paths.

Create missing directories in multiple tests.

The test_copy*_to_existing_*() tests now execute in unique
directories to avoid cross-pollution.

Fixed more issues with running on case sensitive filesystems.
Testsuite [WebDAV]: Multiple fixes for case-sensitive filesystems.
Testsuite [WebDAV]: Added path normalization to filesystem_*().

Fixes several failures on case-sensitive filesystems.
Testsuite [WebDAV]: Some more fixes.

UNLOCK returns NO_CONTENT on success.

MOVE returns NO_CONTENT if the destination already existed on success.

Added some extra validation of the result of the MOVE in

Fixed the initial filesystem in test_move_destination_unlocked().

Fixed the expected filesystem result in test_move_destination_locked().
Testsuite [WebDAV]: Fixed logic error in webdav_move().

If the source and destination are the same then we expect
the source to still exist after the move...
Testsuite [WebDAV]: Fixed filesystem_check_exists().

Support checking for directories too...
Testsuite [WebDAV]: Some minor code clean up.


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