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2002-12-05 17:31:21 by Martin Nilsson <>

Removed .txt

Rev: README:1.16
Rev: README-CVS:1.19
Rev: README-CVS.txt:1.19(DEAD)
Rev: README.txt:1.17(DEAD)


2002-07-24 14:09:47 by Martin Stjernholm <>

More info on Makefile targets. Removed tabs to ensure that the file
looks ok when viewed in broken editors.

Rev: README-CVS.txt:1.19


2002-04-11 15:57:19 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Noted the need for gcc for the depend targets.

Rev: README-CVS.txt:1.18

2002-04-11 06:12:08 by Johan Sundström <>

Fixed wording.

Rev: README-CVS.txt:1.17

2002-04-11 01:24:48 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Added some more info and various corrections. Unified the writing
style a bit (US text convention with two spaces after sentences seemed
to be predominant).

Rev: README-CVS.txt:1.16


2002-04-08 18:05:17 by Mikael Brandström <>

Added a snapshot target to export to Pike-vX.Y-snapshot-yyyymmdd.tar.gz

Rev: Makefile:1.61
Rev: README-CVS.txt:1.15
Rev: bin/export.pike:1.46
Rev: src/

2002-04-08 17:02:43 by Mikael Brandström <>

* Added instructions for getting pike from cvs.
* Added README-CVS.txt to the dists.

Rev: README-CVS.txt:1.14
Rev: bin/export.pike:1.45


2002-04-06 20:49:08 by Mikael Brandström <>

Updated the file to really be what it is supposed to be.

Rev: README-CVS.txt:1.13


2002-03-17 23:01:03 by Martin Nilsson <>

Suggestion from Leif Stenssion that I almost forgot about.

Rev: README:1.12(DEAD)
Rev: README-CVS.txt:1.12
Rev: README.txt:1.12