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2019-11-02 20:18:26 by Peter Bortas <>

Change "?->" to the new "->?" syntax throughout Pike


2019-07-13 10:13:55 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge branch 'patches/pike196' into 8.0

* patches/pike196:
Tools.Standalone.test_pike: Do not close stdin.

2019-07-13 10:11:31 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge branch 'patches/pike196'

* patches/pike196:
Tools.Standalone.test_pike: Do not close stdin.

2019-07-13 10:09:44 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Tools.Standalone.test_pike: Do not close stdin.

Potential fix for testsuite hanging on exit.

Fixes [PIKE-196].


2019-05-04 09:12:19 by Arne Goedeke <>

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into new_utf8


2019-04-30 09:54:44 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Testsuite: Ignore runtime errors that ask to be ignored.

2019-04-30 08:37:59 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Testsuite: Detect and report asychronous runtime errors.

Code that causes master()->handle_error() to be called
is now counted as an error.


2019-04-25 16:30:47 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Tools.Standalone.test_pike: Added __real_master.

This makes the real/original master object available to some
tests that need it.

2019-04-25 14:40:20 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Tools.Standalone.test_pike: Duplicate the environment.

Fixes multiple testsuite failures with Getopt.

2019-04-25 14:03:01 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Tools.Standalone.test_pike.TestMaster: Only copy state initially.

The testsuite has tests that create new instances of the master
in order to not pollute the state, so it's not a good idea to
copy the state anyway...

Fixes multiple testsuite failures.


2019-04-24 17:57:16 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Tools.Standalone.test_pike: Improved compat with original master.

There are several testsuite tests that execute code like:


The create() in TestMaster did not like this...

2019-04-24 14:34:10 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Toole.Standalone.test_pike: Complain about calls of handle_error().


2019-04-11 16:04:44 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Testsuite: Protect lots of lfuns.


2019-03-19 12:33:55 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge commit '722771973bd' into patches/lyslyskom22891031

* commit '722771973bd': (6177 commits)
Verify that callablep responses are aligned with reality.


2019-03-14 10:39:03 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge commit '2470270f500c728d10b8895314d8d8b07016e37b' into grubba/typechecker-automap

* commit '2470270f500c728d10b8895314d8d8b07016e37b': (18681 commits)
Removed the old typechecker.


2018-11-04 16:11:11 by Arne Goedeke <>

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into new_utf8


2018-11-03 14:21:37 by Marcus Comstedt <>

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/8.1' into gobject-introspection


2018-10-11 15:21:25 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Tools.Standalone.test_pike: Improved support for *.test files.


2018-02-15 15:54:26 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge commit '75c9d1806f1a69ca21c27a2c2fe1b4a6ea38e77e' into patches/pike63

* commit '75c9d1806f1a69ca21c27a2c2fe1b4a6ea38e77e': (19587 commits)


2017-09-04 12:22:20 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Tools.Standalone.test_pike: Improved logging.

Make sure to always log something when a subtestsuite fails.


2016-07-04 18:08:17 by Martin Nilsson <>

It's tedious to write trim_all_whites. Make trim the canonical name.


2016-03-15 21:05:39 by Martin Nilsson <>

Clear rest of the line when presenting failed tests (ugly version)


2016-01-31 14:58:26 by Martin Nilsson <>

Sort tests.


2015-12-30 10:26:58 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Testsuite: Fixed some minor typos.


2015-12-29 22:48:06 by Martin Nilsson <>

Remove inspect from the Plugin API.

2015-12-29 22:42:57 by Martin Nilsson <>

One variable fewer.

2015-12-29 22:34:03 by Martin Nilsson <>

Restoring compat mode printout.

2015-12-29 22:33:36 by Martin Nilsson <>

Restoring compat mode printout.

2015-12-29 22:26:14 by Martin Nilsson <>

Make Testsuite objects iterators.

2015-12-29 20:45:13 by Martin Nilsson <>

Move pike compat handling into the Testsuite object.

2015-12-29 20:13:22 by Martin Nilsson <>

Moved testsuite parsing to M4Testsuite.


2015-12-27 20:22:36 by Martin Nilsson <>

Fix active() for SaveParentPlugin and disable it there instead.


2015-12-10 16:17:08 by Martin Nilsson <>

Fix some error confusion.

2015-12-10 12:19:32 by Martin Nilsson <>

Have inhibit_errors default to 1.

2015-12-10 12:18:20 by Martin Nilsson <>

Move warning formatting to the warning flag object.

2015-12-10 12:12:31 by Martin Nilsson <>

Move set_inhibit_compile_errors to test object.

2015-12-10 12:00:19 by Martin Nilsson <>

Manage dmalloc_set_name in test object.

2015-12-10 11:47:13 by Martin Nilsson <>

Catch compilation errors in the test object.

2015-12-10 11:18:35 by Martin Nilsson <>

Handle the test source code fully internally in the test object.


2015-12-09 17:50:02 by Martin Nilsson <>

Moved out source-modifications to plugins.

2015-12-09 16:36:19 by Martin Nilsson <>

Move compilation to the test object.


2015-12-01 01:22:30 by Martin Nilsson <>

Assume markers are used.


2015-11-30 23:01:53 by Martin Nilsson <>

Get rid of testline completely.

2015-11-30 22:49:11 by Martin Nilsson <>

Small bugfix #line detection.

2015-11-30 21:46:13 by Martin Nilsson <>

Moved parsing of tests to Testsuite objects.

2015-11-30 11:44:40 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Testsuite: Fixed typo.


2015-11-29 22:24:50 by Martin Nilsson <>

Import Tools.Testsuite. Access dmalloc_set_name from Debug. Remove unused regression option.


2015-11-16 05:19:41 by Martin Nilsson <>

Fix --failed-cond when forking.


2015-11-15 19:26:37 by Martin Nilsson <>

--failed-cond outputs all the failed conditionals.


2015-11-14 23:33:55 by Martin Nilsson <>

Added DWIM for .test files in lib dir.


2015-11-11 19:33:07 by Martin Nilsson <>

Support -a in multiple directories.

2015-11-11 17:06:34 by Marcus Agehall <>

Extended the test framework

Extended the test framework to accept pike scripts directly, without
the need for a testsuite file.

Pike-based test scripts need to have "TEST: RUN-AS-PIKE-TEST" without
quites on the first line and the files should have the extension


2015-09-06 19:43:42 by Martin Nilsson <>

Cosmetic update of strerror use.


2015-05-26 10:33:42 by Martin Nilsson <>

Removed trailing spaces.


2015-05-12 13:52:28 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Testsuite: Fixed typo in log message.

2015-05-12 13:51:51 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Testsuite: Fixed typo in log message.


2015-03-22 16:07:18 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Fixed fall-out from warning about the symbol 'const'.

2015-03-22 16:06:28 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Fixed fall-out from warning about the symbol 'const'.


2014-12-01 13:23:53 by Martin Nilsson <>

Small cleanup of find_testsuites. module_testsuite no longer supported as test file name.


2014-09-30 16:20:55 by Martin Nilsson <>

this_program:: -> this::


2014-09-15 17:44:04 by Per Hedbor <>

Do not show compile errors for tests testing compile errors.


2014-09-12 11:42:43 by Per Hedbor <>

Make compile errors in tests display the correct line.


2014-08-22 18:02:24 by Arne Goedeke <>

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/8.0' into string_alloc


2014-08-18 20:32:07 by Martin Nilsson <>

Less noise when running the testsuite. Strings are truncated to 4k in the output.


2014-07-09 13:22:53 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Testsuite: Improve diagnostics for conditionals.


2014-05-02 10:48:39 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Testsuite: Don't complain about deprecations in compat code.

That compatibility code has deprecation warnings is to be expected,
so there's no reason to complain about it.


2014-01-05 17:30:13 by Marcus Comstedt <>

test_pike.pike: Double the watchdog timeout

This compensates for the increase in amount of tests since 2005 when
the old timeout was selected.

2014-01-05 15:14:13 by Marcus Comstedt <>

Merge branch '8.0' into gobject-introspection


2013-06-21 09:18:55 by Arne Goedeke <>

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/7.9' into pdf


2013-06-17 14:15:28 by Martin Nilsson <>

Rewrite Locale.Charset to Charset


2013-06-11 23:50:34 by Arne Goedeke <>

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/7.9' into ba


2013-05-31 16:32:51 by Martin Nilsson <>

Enables you to type module name (e.g. Standards.ASN1)


2012-10-06 11:38:03 by Marcus Comstedt <>

Merge branch '7.9' into gobject-introspection


2012-08-20 15:04:32 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Skip empty test suites silently.


2012-07-01 22:05:19 by Arne Goedeke <>

Merge remote branch 'origin/7.9' into block_alloc


2012-06-21 12:28:25 by Martin Nilsson <>

Additional debug for broken conditionals.


2011-11-05 15:02:44 by Martin Nilsson <>

Removed $Id$.


2011-04-25 16:11:00 by Martin Stjernholm <>

No more foreign_idents.


2011-03-26 21:29:31 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Testsuite: Indicate the cause of failure with the return code.

2011-03-26 16:50:37 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Testsuite: Increase verbosity in case of errors somewhat.


2010-10-10 21:56:32 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Improved logging for -v when not logging to a tty.

2010-10-10 21:56:32 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Use log_msg_cont for the +'s in notty mode.

2010-10-10 21:56:31 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Reduced the clutter on verbosity level 1 a little.

2010-10-10 21:56:31 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Use new Tools.Testsuite logging functions in test_pike.pike.

A side effect is that most testsuite logging now goes to stdout rather than

2010-10-10 21:56:31 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Improved log filtering in the watchdog backlog.

2010-10-10 21:54:38 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Let the watchdog finish normally.

Killing it shouldn't be necessary, and it might cause debug output to
be lost.


2010-07-11 11:58:25 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Pass the verbosity level in an environment variable TEST_VERBOSITY to

Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/test_pike.pike:1.141


2010-02-22 20:18:43 by Stephen R. van den Berg <>

Caught some typos.

Rev: lib/
Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/test_pike.pike:1.140
Rev: tools/pike.el:1.40


2008-12-15 09:01:46 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Report pids for the test processes too.

Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/test_pike.pike:1.139


2008-12-14 22:51:14 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Always print out the watchdog pid, to make it easier to debug hung
xenofarm clients.

Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/test_pike.pike:1.138


2008-09-12 18:45:43 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Filter warnings based on globs.

Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/test_pike.pike:1.137


2008-06-28 16:37:03 by Martin Nilsson <>

static -> protected

Rev: lib/modules/ADT.pmod/Heap.pike:1.12
Rev: lib/modules/ADT.pmod/Queue.pike:1.14
Rev: lib/modules/ADT.pmod/Relation.pmod/Binary.pike:1.15
Rev: lib/modules/ADT.pmod/Struct.pike:1.20
Rev: lib/modules/ADT.pmod/Table.pmod:1.29
Rev: lib/modules/ADT.pmod/Trie.pike:1.6
Rev: lib/modules/ADT.pmod/module.pmod:1.12
Rev: lib/modules/Arg.pmod:1.6
Rev: lib/modules/Array.pmod:1.110
Rev: lib/modules/Audio.pmod/Codec.pmod:1.11
Rev: lib/modules/Audio.pmod/Format.pmod/MP3.pike:1.4
Rev: lib/modules/Cache.pmod/Storage.pmod/Gdbm.pike:1.12
Rev: lib/modules/Cache.pmod/cache.pike:1.14
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Austrian.pmod:1.8
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Badi.pmod:1.8
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Coptic.pmod:1.8
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Discordian.pmod:1.12
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Event.pmod:1.24
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Gregorian.pmod:1.12
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/ISO.pmod:1.11
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Islamic.pmod:1.11
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Julian.pmod:1.11
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Language.pmod:1.25
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Rule.pmod:1.3
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Stardate.pmod:1.17
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Swedish.pmod:1.9
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/TZnames.pmod:1.16
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Time.pmod:1.42
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/TimeRanges.pmod:1.35
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Timezone.pmod:1.44
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/YMD.pike:1.33
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/module.pmod:1.16
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar_I.pmod/ISO.pmod:1.12
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar_I.pmod/Stardate.pmod:1.5
Rev: lib/modules/Crypto.pmod/DSA.pike:1.8
Rev: lib/modules/Crypto.pmod/HMAC.pike:1.5
Rev: lib/modules/Crypto.pmod/Koremutake.pmod:1.4
Rev: lib/modules/Crypto.pmod/PGP.pmod:1.14
Rev: lib/modules/Crypto.pmod/Pipe.pike:1.9
Rev: lib/modules/Crypto.pmod/RSA.pike:1.11
Rev: lib/modules/Crypto.pmod/Random.pmod:1.19
Rev: lib/modules/Crypto.pmod/Substitution.pike:1.4
Rev: lib/modules/Debug.pmod/Subject.pike:1.9
Rev: lib/modules/Debug.pmod/Wrapper.pike:1.6
Rev: lib/modules/Filesystem.pmod/System.pike:1.20
Rev: lib/modules/Filesystem.pmod/Tar.pmod:1.30
Rev: lib/modules/Filesystem.pmod/module.pmod:1.26
Rev: lib/modules/GLU.pmod:1.16
Rev: lib/modules/GLUE.pmod/Driver.pmod/GTK.pike:1.6
Rev: lib/modules/GLUE.pmod/Driver.pmod/Interface.pike:1.3
Rev: lib/modules/GLUE.pmod/Driver.pmod/SDL.pike:1.6
Rev: lib/modules/GLUE.pmod/Events.pmod:1.4
Rev: lib/modules/GLUE.pmod/module.pmod:1.15
Rev: lib/modules/GTKSupport.pmod/pCtree.pike:1.8
Rev: lib/modules/GTKSupport.pmod/pDrawingArea.pike:1.9
Rev: lib/modules/Geography.pmod/Countries.pmod:1.20
Rev: lib/modules/Geography.pmod/Position.pike:1.18
Rev: lib/modules/Getopt.pmod:1.33
Rev: lib/modules/Graphics.pmod/Graph.pmod/create_graph.pike:1.20
Rev: lib/modules/Graphics.pmod/Graph.pmod/module.pmod:1.9
Rev: lib/modules/Graphics.pmod/Graph.pmod/polyline.pike:1.7
Rev: lib/modules/Int.pmod:1.10
Rev: lib/modules/Local.pmod:1.11
Rev: lib/modules/Locale.pmod/Charset.pmod/Tables.pmod/iso88591.pmod:1.3
Rev: lib/modules/Locale.pmod/Charset.pmod/module.pmod:1.57
Rev: lib/modules/Locale.pmod/Language.pmod/nld.pmod:1.2
Rev: lib/modules/Locale.pmod/module.pmod:1.25
Rev: lib/modules/MIME.pmod/ext_to_media_type.pmod:1.7
Rev: lib/modules/MIME.pmod/module.pmod:1.20
Rev: lib/modules/Mapping.pmod:1.10
Rev: lib/modules/Parser.pmod/C.pmod:1.50
Rev: lib/modules/Parser.pmod/LR.pmod/GrammarParser.pmod:1.6
Rev: lib/modules/Parser.pmod/LR.pmod/module.pmod:1.17
Rev: lib/modules/Parser.pmod/Pike.pmod:1.41
Rev: lib/modules/Parser.pmod/RCS.pike:1.39
Rev: lib/modules/Parser.pmod/SGML.pike:1.3
Rev: lib/modules/Parser.pmod/XML.pmod/DOM.pmod:1.14
Rev: lib/modules/Parser.pmod/XML.pmod/NSTree.pmod:1.20
Rev: lib/modules/Parser.pmod/XML.pmod/Tree.pmod:1.72
Rev: lib/modules/Parser.pmod/XML.pmod/Validating.pike:1.14
Rev: lib/modules/Parser.pmod/module.pmod:1.25
Rev: lib/modules/Pike.pmod/module.pmod:1.19
Rev: lib/modules/Process.pmod:1.54
Rev: lib/modules/Protocols.pmod/Bittorrent.pmod/Bencoding.pmod:1.5
Rev: lib/modules/Protocols.pmod/Bittorrent.pmod/Peer.pike:1.21
Rev: lib/modules/Protocols.pmod/Bittorrent.pmod/PeerID.pmod:1.8
Rev: lib/modules/Protocols.pmod/Bittorrent.pmod/Port.pike:1.7
Rev: lib/modules/Protocols.pmod/Bittorrent.pmod/Torrent.pike:1.36
Rev: lib/modules/Protocols.pmod/Bittorrent.pmod/module.pmod:1.4
Rev: lib/modules/Protocols.pmod/DNS.pmod:1.96
Rev: lib/modules/Protocols.pmod/DNS_SD.pmod:1.2
Rev: lib/modules/Protocols.pmod/HTTP.pmod/Query.pike:1.93
Rev: lib/modules/Protocols.pmod/HTTP.pmod/Server.pmod/Port.pike:1.9
Rev: lib/modules/Protocols.pmod/HTTP.pmod/Server.pmod/Request.pike:1.50
Rev: lib/modules/Protocols.pmod/HTTP.pmod/Server.pmod/SSLPort.pike:1.14
Rev: lib/modules/Protocols.pmod/HTTP.pmod/Session.pike:1.22
Rev: lib/modules/Protocols.pmod/HTTP.pmod/module.pmod:1.56
Rev: lib/modules/Protocols.pmod/Ident.pmod:1.12
Rev: lib/modules/Protocols.pmod/LDAP.pmod/client.pike:1.113
Rev: lib/modules/Protocols.pmod/LDAP.pmod/ldap_privates.pmod:1.15
Rev: lib/modules/Protocols.pmod/LDAP.pmod/module.pmod:1.32
Rev: lib/modules/Protocols.pmod/LDAP.pmod/protocol.pike:1.21
Rev: lib/modules/Protocols.pmod/LMTP.pmod:1.12
Rev: lib/modules/Protocols.pmod/Line.pmod:1.23
Rev: lib/modules/Protocols.pmod/LysKOM.pmod/Raw.pike:1.19
Rev: lib/modules/Protocols.pmod/OBEX.pmod:1.8
Rev: lib/modules/Protocols.pmod/SMTP.pmod/module.pmod:1.46
Rev: lib/modules/Protocols.pmod/SNMP.pmod/protocol.pike:1.19
Rev: lib/modules/Protocols.pmod/TELNET.pmod:1.28
Rev: lib/modules/Protocols.pmod/X.pmod/Extensions.pmod:1.16
Rev: lib/modules/Protocols.pmod/XMLRPC.pmod/module.pmod:1.30
Rev: lib/modules/Remote.pmod/module.pmod:1.8
Rev: lib/modules/SSL.pmod/Cipher.pmod:1.16
Rev: lib/modules/SSL.pmod/connection.pike:1.42
Rev: lib/modules/SSL.pmod/context.pike:1.37
Rev: lib/modules/SSL.pmod/session.pike:1.37
Rev: lib/modules/SSL.pmod/sslfile.pike:1.110
Rev: lib/modules/Sql.pmod/Sql.pike:1.92
Rev: lib/modules/Sql.pmod/mysql.pike:1.41
Rev: lib/modules/Sql.pmod/postgres.pike:1.28
Rev: lib/modules/Sql.pmod/rsql.pike:1.13
Rev: lib/modules/Sql.pmod/sql_result.pike:1.18
Rev: lib/modules/Sql.pmod/sql_util.pmod:1.21
Rev: lib/modules/Sql.pmod/tds.pike:1.24
Rev: lib/modules/Standards.pmod/ASN1.pmod/Decode.pmod:1.24
Rev: lib/modules/Standards.pmod/ASN1.pmod/Types.pmod:1.45
Rev: lib/modules/Standards.pmod/EXIF.pmod:1.29
Rev: lib/modules/Standards.pmod/FIPS10_4.pmod:1.4
Rev: lib/modules/Standards.pmod/ID3.pmod:1.24
Rev: lib/modules/Standards.pmod/IDNA.pmod:1.9
Rev: lib/modules/Standards.pmod/IIM.pmod:1.8
Rev: lib/modules/Standards.pmod/ISO639_2.pmod:1.19
Rev: lib/modules/Standards.pmod/URI.pike:1.28
Rev: lib/modules/Standards.pmod/UUID.pmod:1.17
Rev: lib/modules/Standards.pmod/XML.pmod/Wix.pmod:1.27
Rev: lib/modules/Stdio.pmod/FakeFile.pike:1.16
Rev: lib/modules/Stdio.pmod/Readline.pike:1.60
Rev: lib/modules/Stdio.pmod/Terminfo.pmod:1.27
Rev: lib/modules/Stdio.pmod/module.pmod:1.238
Rev: lib/modules/String.pmod/HTML.pmod:1.7
Rev: lib/modules/String.pmod/module.pmod:1.29
Rev: lib/modules/Thread.pmod:1.45
Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/AutoDoc.pmod/CExtractor.pmod:1.28
Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/AutoDoc.pmod/DocParser.pmod:1.62
Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/AutoDoc.pmod/PikeExtractor.pmod:1.40
Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/AutoDoc.pmod/PikeObjects.pmod:1.37
Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/AutoDoc.pmod/PikeParser.pike:1.52
Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/AutoDoc.pmod/ProcessXML.pmod:1.71
Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/AutoDoc.pmod/module.pmod:1.10
Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Hilfe.pmod:1.156
Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Install.pmod:1.35
Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Legal.pmod/Copyright.pmod:1.12
Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Legal.pmod/License.pmod/GPL.pmod:1.3
Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Legal.pmod/License.pmod/LGPL.pmod:1.3
Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Legal.pmod/License.pmod/MPL.pmod:1.3
Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Monger.pmod/MongerDeveloper.pike:1.8
Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Monger.pmod/MongerUser.pike:1.8
Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Monger.pmod/module.pmod:1.3
Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/PEM.pmod:1.14
Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/PV.pike:1.10
Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Shoot.pmod/module.pmod:1.20
Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/assemble_autodoc.pike:1.35
Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/dump.pike:1.10
Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/join_autodoc.pike:1.19
Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/pmar_install.pike:1.8
Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/precompile.pike:1.2
Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/rsqld.pike:1.12
Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/test_pike.pike:1.136
Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Testsuite.pmod:1.9
Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/sed.pmod:1.6
Rev: lib/modules/Web.pmod/CGI.pmod/Request.pike:1.4
Rev: lib/modules/Web.pmod/Crawler.pmod:1.26
Rev: lib/modules/Web.pmod/OWL.pike:1.7
Rev: lib/modules/Web.pmod/RDF.pike:1.47
Rev: lib/modules/Web.pmod/RSS.pmod:1.7
Rev: lib/modules/Yabu.pmod/module.pmod:1.30
Rev: lib/modules/_Image.pmod/Dims.pmod:1.10
Rev: lib/modules/_Image.pmod/Fonts.pmod:1.13
Rev: lib/modules/_Image.pmod/module.pmod:1.47
Rev: lib/modules/_Image_DWG.pmod:1.5
Rev: lib/modules/_Image_PS.pmod:1.15
Rev: lib/modules/_Image_XCF.pmod:1.25


2008-06-16 16:15:41 by Martin Nilsson <>


Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/make_wxs.pike:1.10
Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/test_pike.pike:1.135


2008-05-22 21:50:42 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Made it easier to write tests in compat mode: Now START_MARKER(xxx) can be
used to prepend every test in the file with "#pike xxx\n".

Rev: bin/mktestsuite:1.33
Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/test_pike.pike:1.134

2008-05-22 20:48:22 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Added note to self.

Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/test_pike.pike:1.133

2008-05-22 20:20:42 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Don't print backtraces for cpp and compilation errors during
compilation; they don't provide any useful info.

Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/test_pike.pike:1.132


2008-05-10 20:49:06 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Disabled a debug printout that doesn't seem very useful in general.

Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/test_pike.pike:1.131


2008-05-08 12:57:59 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Made the line number tester strict_types-proof.

Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/test_pike.pike:1.130


2008-01-07 21:03:02 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Added workaround for NT.

Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/test_pike.pike:1.129
Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Testsuite.pmod:1.8


2008-01-05 14:29:37 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Fixed warning.

Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/test_pike.pike:1.128


2007-12-31 19:19:31 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Use blocking I/O on NT.

Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/test_pike.pike:1.127
Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Testsuite.pmod:1.6


2007-12-30 11:30:25 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Attempt two att getting NT to work...
This variant seems to have worked in Pike 7.6...

Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/test_pike.pike:1.126

2007-12-30 00:05:52 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Attempt to make a pipe that works on NT.

Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/test_pike.pike:1.125


2007-10-20 18:04:13 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Fixed typo where a line numbering failure could terminate the testsuite.

Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/test_pike.pike:1.124


2007-06-20 00:14:06 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Added support for valgrinding the subprocesses.

Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/test_pike.pike:1.123


2007-06-19 19:03:06 by Martin Stjernholm <>

A couple more fixes to ensure the watchdog shows the output from failing

Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/test_pike.pike:1.122
Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Testsuite.pmod:1.4

2007-06-19 18:40:32 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed timeout bug killing the parent too fast after a watched
subprocess is killed.

Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/test_pike.pike:1.121


2007-06-18 23:30:03 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Small simplification.

Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/test_pike.pike:1.120

2007-06-18 23:27:33 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Another small improvement.

Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/test_pike.pike:1.119

2007-06-18 23:22:31 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Various watchdog improvements. Among other things, it now shows the
stdout output also from tests that fail.

Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/test_pike.pike:1.118

2007-06-18 00:27:28 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Broke out some parts of test_pike.pike to let testsuite tests start
subprocesses conveniently and without using stdout only for reporting back
test counts.

Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/test_pike.pike:1.117
Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Testsuite.pmod:1.1


2007-06-17 23:07:26 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Grew tired of wading through all the crap in the xenofarm verify logs.

The tests are now a whole lot more silent without -v - essentially
only errors are shown. The watchdog is rewritten to capture stdout,
and it shows the interrupted test and its complete output. The
watchdog is also started once, not once per subprocess if -F is used.

Tests should from now on use stderr only for error messages when a
test actually fails. Everything else should use stdout.

Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/test_pike.pike:1.116


2007-06-16 23:54:18 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Added some missing newlines.

Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/test_pike.pike:1.115

2007-06-16 23:50:37 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Ensure that strange deaths of the subprocesses gets counted as errors
even if they manage to write out subresult summary first. Somewhat
better reporting of subprocess signals etc.

Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/test_pike.pike:1.114


2007-04-05 11:39:35 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Now reports the filename for warnings too.

Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/test_pike.pike:1.113


2006-06-16 16:26:48 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>


Rev: bin/test_pike.pike:1.109
Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/test_pike.pike:1.112


2006-01-14 18:20:38 by Martin Nilsson <>


Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Monger.pmod/module.pmod:1.2
Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/monger.pike:1.10
Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/test_pike.pike:1.111
Rev: lib/modules/Web.pmod/CGI.pmod/Request.pike:1.3


2005-11-04 21:57:41 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Bugfix for running as -x test_pike.

Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/test_pike.pike:1.110


2005-10-18 08:00:52 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Remove the terminating -x (if present).

Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/test_pike.pike:1.109


2005-10-17 20:31:08 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Now uses pike -x test_pike to run the testsuite.

Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/test_pike.pike:1.108