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2019-10-02 11:13:40 by Karl Gustav Sterneberg <>

Merge branch 'patches/ws562' into patches/ws558

* patches/ws562: (9454 commits)
VFS: find_above(): Don't add to cache if no cache key. [WS-562]
Perform negative caching of (typically) htaccess files for 5 seconds.
Fixed request trace nesting inconsistency.
FTP: Allow anonymous ftp without TLS even when TLS required.
FTP: Added support for the CCC command.
FTP: Default to PROT P for FTPS.
FTP: Allow FEAT before login.
FTP: Fixed bug in MLSD/MLST handling.
FTP: Extended AUTH TLS config option.
FTP: Fixed SSL data connection.
Pike 8.0: Temporary workaround for SSL/TLS API change.
FTP: Fixed typo in PBSZ error message.
FTP: Support ending the TLS control connection with REIN.
FTP: Added configuration flag to require AUTH TLS.
FTP: Support AUTH TLS (RFC 4217).
FTP: The ftp server is always the server side of TLS.
FTP: Splitted send() into low_send() and send().
Pike 8.0: More SSL/TLS API changes.
FTP: Prepare for supporting AUTH TLS (RFC 4217).
Protocols: Added StartTLSProtocol.


2018-03-16 12:57:44 by Karl Gustav Sterneberg <>

Merge branch 'devel' into kg/WS-168-webdav

* devel: (1803 commits)
Loader [MariaDB]: Set sql_mode in my.cnf.
DBManager: Use CREATE USER with MariaDB 10.2 and later.
WebDAV: Use urn:uuid: namespace for locks.
Version bumped to 6.2.94 by buildsystem.
APIs: Roxen.lookup_real_path_case_insens() now assumes utf-8 fs.
APIs: Improved ambiguity recovery in lookup_real_path_case_insens().
APIs: Roxen.lookup_real_path_case_insens() now survives NFD.
FTP: Normalize filenames to NFC.
APIs: find_dir() now normalizes paths to NFC.
HTTP: Normalize paths to Unicode NFC.
Fixes bug [WS-172] where an empty initial prestate issued an internal server error.
Loader: Remove the global __pragma_save_parent__.
Version bumped to 6.2.93 by buildsystem.
Use string_to_utf8 rather than Charset.Encoder when possible.
Added more verifications in test base class. [WS-168]
Adding support for copy and move between different mount points. [WS-168]
Broke out parent class from RoxenTest_webdav.pike [WS-168]
Version bumped to 6.2.92 by buildsystem.
Fixed FIXME comment in RoxenTest_webdav.pike. [WS-168]
Version bumped to 6.2.91 by buildsystem.


2018-03-15 11:35:22 by Karl Gustav Sterneberg <>

Merge branch 'devel' into kg/WS-168-webdav

* devel: (1803 commits)
Loader [MariaDB]: Set sql_mode in my.cnf.
DBManager: Use CREATE USER with MariaDB 10.2 and later.
WebDAV: Use urn:uuid: namespace for locks.
Version bumped to 6.2.94 by buildsystem.
APIs: Roxen.lookup_real_path_case_insens() now assumes utf-8 fs.
APIs: Improved ambiguity recovery in lookup_real_path_case_insens().
APIs: Roxen.lookup_real_path_case_insens() now survives NFD.
FTP: Normalize filenames to NFC.
APIs: find_dir() now normalizes paths to NFC.
HTTP: Normalize paths to Unicode NFC.
Fixes bug [WS-172] where an empty initial prestate issued an internal server error.
Loader: Remove the global __pragma_save_parent__.
Version bumped to 6.2.93 by buildsystem.
Use string_to_utf8 rather than Charset.Encoder when possible.
Added more verifications in test base class. [WS-168]
Adding support for copy and move between different mount points. [WS-168]
Broke out parent class from RoxenTest_webdav.pike [WS-168]
Version bumped to 6.2.92 by buildsystem.
Fixed FIXME comment in RoxenTest_webdav.pike. [WS-168]
Version bumped to 6.2.91 by buildsystem.


2018-01-03 09:41:43 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge branch 'feature/CMS-297-secure-sitebuilder-cookie' into patches/ws-135

* feature/CMS-297-secure-sitebuilder-cookie: (804 commits)


2017-11-20 14:51:58 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge commit '8468d07e63a61e80c5a7916ab61c0f25135ac2fc' into patches/ftp

Synch with Roxen 6.0/6.1 split.

* commit '8468d07e63a61e80c5a7916ab61c0f25135ac2fc': (428 commits)


2017-06-21 12:16:34 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge branch 'patches/bug7602' into grubba/patchsystem

Note: This makes this branch no longer compatible with Roxen 5.2 and earlier.

* patches/bug7602: (117 commits)
RoxenPatch: Complain but proceed when the CA list is empty.
RoxenPatch: The patch cluster is fetched over HTTPS...
RoxenPatch: Support relative URLs from the HTTPS action.
Config IF: Reordered settings somewhat.
Config IF: Join the tabs "Auto {Restart,Patching}" to "Auto Maintenance".
RoxenPatch: Revert the patch installation on manual restart option.
RoxenPatch: Don't apply pending patches on signal exit.
RoxenPatch: More permission filtering.
RoxenPatch: Fixed some NULL-dereferences and calls.
RoxenPatch: Complain if not running a dist.
RoxenPatch: Use HTTPS to fetch the patch cluster.
RoxenPatch: Added control of patch installation to the restart action.
RoxenPatch: Added option to automatically install patches on restart.
RoxenPatch: Throw proper errors instead of arrays with a single string.
RoxenPatch: Clean up the debug log output somewhat.
RoxenPatch: The refresh fetch now also tries If-Modified-Since.
RoxenPatch: The ETag refresh fetch now actually works.
RoxenPatch: Added support for automatic fetch of patch clusters.
RoxenPatch: Perform refresh fetch of the patch cluster.
RoxenPatch: Inhibit "Import from Roxen" without VERSION.DIST.


2016-05-13 14:49:32 by Pontus Östlund <>

rxml.pike: The variable id->misc->defines->theme_language which is set in the preferred language analyzer (if the defvar propagate language is true) module upon first-try, and then used later on in language aware tags, was discarded in RXMLTagSet()->rxml_prepare_context() which is run after first-try. RXMLTagSet()->rxml_prepare_context() now checks if id->misc->defines->theme_language is set and re-sets it in the new id->misc->define created in rxml_prepare_context().


2015-12-01 14:45:01 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge commit '5ee4d2b88e3e12d1622f9a161e9a29484cbf6e4c' into patches/bug7602

Bump base version to Roxen 5.2.335.


2015-10-23 13:54:40 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge commit '8a2ce4a87' into patches/bug7582

* commit '8a2ce4a87': (7413 commits)


2015-04-28 12:32:58 by 0

Require threads.


2015-03-23 17:04:08 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge branch 'patches/pike8.0' into devel

* patches/pike8.0:
RXML: Make sure to bump the RXML TagSet generation counter on added tags.

2015-03-23 17:03:12 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

RXML: Make sure to bump the RXML TagSet generation counter on added tags.

Pike 8.0 and later have optimizations for the += operator and indexing
this that may cause `->=() not to be called.

Potential fix for the RXML parser losing track of recently added tags.


2014-05-16 09:57:21 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge commit '64ea9f116367427932716bbbb417bd3f20b99feb' into patches/pike8.0

* commit '64ea9f116367427932716bbbb417bd3f20b99feb': (904 commits)
Roxen 5.4.1.

Updates the base version for the Pike 8.0 patches to Roxen 5.4.1.


2013-03-04 14:05:47 by Anders Johansson <>

No more foreign_idents.

More pain than they are worth.


2012-05-10 16:12:07 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

HTTP: Unify id->misc->moreheads and id->misc->defines[" _extra_heads"].

Fixes issues where the same header has been set in both.

Rev: server/base_server/prototypes.pike:1.286
Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.334


2009-05-07 14:15:57 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Updated copyright notices.

Rev: server/arg_cache_plugins/replicate.pike:1.28
Rev: server/base_server/basic_defvar.pike:1.33
Rev: server/base_server/cache.pike:1.94
Rev: server/base_server/config_userdb.pike:1.56
Rev: server/base_server/configuration.pike:1.678
Rev: server/base_server/disk_cache.pike:1.64
Rev: server/base_server/emit_object.pike:1.8
Rev: server/base_server/fastpipe.pike:1.11
Rev: server/base_server/fonts.pike:1.89
Rev: server/base_server/global_variables.pike:1.118
Rev: server/base_server/highlight_pike.pike:1.8
Rev: server/base_server/hosts.pike:1.37
Rev: server/base_server/html.pike:1.17
Rev: server/base_server/http.pike:1.57
Rev: server/base_server/javamodule.pike:1.9
Rev: server/base_server/language.pike:1.44
Rev: server/base_server/module.pike:1.237
Rev: server/base_server/module_support.pike:1.140
Rev: server/base_server/newdecode.pike:1.36
Rev: server/base_server/prototypes.pike:1.252
Rev: server/base_server/proxyauth.pike:1.11
Rev: server/base_server/read_config.pike:1.71
Rev: server/base_server/roxen.pike:1.1032
Rev: server/base_server/roxenlib.pike:1.225
Rev: server/base_server/roxenloader.pike:1.420
Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.333
Rev: server/base_server/rxmlhelp.pike:1.74
Rev: server/base_server/slowpipe.pike:1.16
Rev: server/base_server/snmpagent.pike:1.25
Rev: server/base_server/socket.pike:1.26
Rev: server/base_server/state.pike:1.22
Rev: server/base_server/supports.pike:1.27
Rev: server/base_server/throttler.pike:1.12
Rev: server/base_server/wizard.pike:1.168
Rev: server/bin/distclean.pike:1.4
Rev: server/bin/rxnpatch:1.3
Rev: server/config_interface/dbs/db_list.pike:1.4
Rev: server/config_interface/dbs/db_maintenance.pike:1.2
Rev: server/config_interface/dbs/db_optimizeall_ajax.pike:1.2
Rev: server/config_interface/dbs/db_repairall_ajax.pike:1.2
Rev: server/etc/modules/HTML.pmod:1.9
Rev: server/etc/modules/Roxen.pmod:1.278
Rev: server/etc/modules/RoxenRPC.pmod/HTTP.pmod/Client.pike:1.12
Rev: server/etc/modules/RoxenRPC.pmod/HTTP.pmod/Server.pike:1.7
Rev: server/etc/modules/StateHandler.pmod:1.14
Rev: server/font_handlers/builtin.pike:1.16
Rev: server/font_handlers/compactimgfile.pike:1.9
Rev: server/font_handlers/freetype.pike:1.31
Rev: server/font_handlers/imagedir.pike:1.16
Rev: server/font_handlers/imagetar.pike:1.11
Rev: server/font_handlers/old.pike:1.15
Rev: server/font_handlers/ttf.pike:1.19
Rev: server/man/man8/roxen-create-server.1:1.2
Rev: server/man/man8/roxen.1:1.2
Rev: server/modules/compat/compat.pike:1.73
Rev: server/modules/compat/configtablist.pike:1.14
Rev: server/modules/compat/directories2.pike:1.6
Rev: server/modules/compat/fastdir.pike:1.6
Rev: server/modules/compat/flik.pike:1.10
Rev: server/modules/compat/htmlparse.pike:1.8
Rev: server/modules/compat/language.pike:1.3
Rev: server/modules/compat/lpctag.pike:1.7
Rev: server/modules/compat/secure_fs.pike:1.33
Rev: server/modules/compat/sqldb.pike:1.6
Rev: server/modules/compat/userdb.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/compat/ximg.pike:1.12
Rev: server/modules/configuration/avg_profiling.pike:1.13
Rev: server/modules/configuration/config_filesystem.pike:1.121
Rev: server/modules/configuration/config_tags.pike:1.202
Rev: server/modules/configuration/roxen_test.pike:1.77
Rev: server/modules/configuration/update.pike:1.41
Rev: server/modules/database/sqltag.pike:1.121
Rev: server/modules/directories/directories.pike:1.96
Rev: server/modules/directories/indexfiles.pike:1.24
Rev: server/modules/examples/
Rev: server/modules/examples/common_api.pike:1.10
Rev: server/modules/examples/filter.pike:1.6
Rev: server/modules/examples/fnord.pike:1.18
Rev: server/modules/examples/last.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/examples/location.pike:1.7
Rev: server/modules/examples/newstyle_fnord.pike:1.16
Rev: server/modules/examples/userdb_ex.pike:1.9
Rev: server/modules/filesystems/filesystem.pike:1.160
Rev: server/modules/filesystems/incoming.pike:1.20
Rev: server/modules/filesystems/restrictedfs.pike:1.25
Rev: server/modules/filesystems/sqlfs.pike:1.10
Rev: server/modules/filesystems/tarfs.pike:1.12
Rev: server/modules/filesystems/userfs.pike:1.72
Rev: server/modules/filters/auto_gzip.pike:1.14
Rev: server/modules/filters/hostredirect.pike:1.39
Rev: server/modules/filters/redirect.pike:1.54
Rev: server/modules/filters/supports_filter.pike:1.8
Rev: server/modules/filters/tableborder.pike:1.15
Rev: server/modules/filters/url_rectifier.pike:1.18
Rev: server/modules/filters/whitespace_remover.pike:1.8
Rev: server/modules/filters/word_highlight.pike:1.6
Rev: server/modules/graphics/atlas.pike:1.18
Rev: server/modules/graphics/business.pike:1.153
Rev: server/modules/graphics/cimg.pike:1.81
Rev: server/modules/graphics/gbutton.pike:1.119
Rev: server/modules/graphics/graphic_text.pike:1.307
Rev: server/modules/graphics/gxml.pike:1.41
Rev: server/modules/graphics/pimage.pike:1.32
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/autocrop.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/color.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/copy.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/distance.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/flood.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/generic.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/grey.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/gtext.pike:1.6
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/hsv2rgb.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/invert.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/load.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/mirrorx.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/mirrory.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/move.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/paste.pike:1.6
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/polygon.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/restore.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/rgb2hsv.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/rotate.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/save.pike:1.6
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/scale.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/skewx.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/skewy.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/solid.pike:1.6
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/threshold.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/tunedbox.pike:1.6
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/write.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/rimage.pike:1.24
Rev: server/modules/graphics/tablist.pike:1.60
Rev: server/modules/graphics/wiretap.pike:1.36
Rev: server/modules/icecast/dir_playlist.pike:1.6
Rev: server/modules/icecast/icecast.pike:1.13
Rev: server/modules/icecast/pl_common.pike:1.10
Rev: server/modules/js-support/javascript_support.pike:1.71
Rev: server/modules/js-support/scripts/CrossPlatform.js:1.27
Rev: server/modules/js-support/scripts/DragDrop.js:1.5
Rev: server/modules/js-support/scripts/DynamicLoading.js:1.25
Rev: server/modules/js-support/scripts/Popup.js:1.32
Rev: server/modules/js-support/scripts/Scroll.js:1.6
Rev: server/modules/ldap/ldaptag.pike:2.40
Rev: server/modules/ldap/userdb_ldap.pike:1.15
Rev: server/modules/logging/client_logger.pike:1.17
Rev: server/modules/logging/home_logger.pike:1.36
Rev: server/modules/logging/nologging.pike:1.16
Rev: server/modules/logging/roxen_network.pike:1.16
Rev: server/modules/misc/contenttypes.pike:1.25
Rev: server/modules/misc/demo.pike:1.22
Rev: server/modules/misc/implicit_use.pike:1.8
Rev: server/modules/misc/ismap.pike:1.23
Rev: server/modules/misc/language2.pike:1.24
Rev: server/modules/misc/pathinfo.pike:1.22
Rev: server/modules/misc/preferred_language.pike:1.38
Rev: server/modules/misc/randomtext.pike:1.11
Rev: server/modules/misc/robots.txt.pike:1.6
Rev: server/modules/misc/wapadapter.pike:1.15
Rev: server/modules/proxies/connect.pike:1.21
Rev: server/modules/proxies/ftpgateway.pike:1.43
Rev: server/modules/proxies/gopher.pike:1.29
Rev: server/modules/proxies/proxy.pike:1.58
Rev: server/modules/proxies/relay2.pike:1.40
Rev: server/modules/proxies/wais.pike:1.30
Rev: server/modules/scripting/cgi.pike:2.70
Rev: server/modules/scripting/fastcgi.pike:2.14
Rev: server/modules/scripting/fpscript.pike:1.15
Rev: server/modules/scripting/perl.pike:2.28
Rev: server/modules/scripting/pikescript.pike:1.75
Rev: server/modules/scripting/piketag.pike:2.39
Rev: server/modules/scripting/servlet.pike:2.25
Rev: server/modules/scripting/webapp.pike:2.33
Rev: server/modules/security/auth_httpbasic.pike:1.13
Rev: server/modules/security/auth_httpcookie.pike:1.13
Rev: server/modules/security/htaccess.pike:1.107
Rev: server/modules/security/userdb_system.pike:1.13
Rev: server/modules/tags/accessed.pike:1.58
Rev: server/modules/tags/additional_rxml.pike:1.52
Rev: server/modules/tags/awizard.pike:1.30
Rev: server/modules/tags/check_spelling.pike:1.36
Rev: server/modules/tags/countdown.pike:1.53
Rev: server/modules/tags/diremit.pike:1.20
Rev: server/modules/tags/email.pike:1.50
Rev: server/modules/tags/emit_timerange.pike:1.38
Rev: server/modules/tags/foldlist.pike:1.37
Rev: server/modules/tags/html_wash.pike:1.35
Rev: server/modules/tags/indirect_href.pike:1.35
Rev: server/modules/tags/insert_cached_href.pike:1.25
Rev: server/modules/tags/kerberos.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/tags/killframe.pike:1.37
Rev: server/modules/tags/obox.pike:1.42
Rev: server/modules/tags/rxmlparse.pike:1.83
Rev: server/modules/tags/rxmltags.pike:1.618
Rev: server/modules/tags/sed.pike:1.20
Rev: server/modules/tags/session_tag.pike:1.26
Rev: server/modules/tags/sizer.pike:1.27
Rev: server/modules/tags/ssi.pike:1.49
Rev: server/modules/tags/tablify.pike:1.81
Rev: server/modules/tags/translation_mod.pike:1.17
Rev: server/modules/tags/vform.pike:1.56
Rev: server/modules/tags/wizard_tag.pike:1.34
Rev: server/modules/tags/wizz.pike:1.11
Rev: server/modules/throttling/baseline_throttling.pike:1.9
Rev: server/modules/throttling/throttlelib.pike:1.16
Rev: server/modules/throttling/throttletags.pike:1.16
Rev: server/modules/throttling/throttling_byaddress.pike:1.7
Rev: server/modules/throttling/throttling_byhostname.pike:1.4
Rev: server/modules/throttling/throttling_bytime.pike:1.9
Rev: server/modules/throttling/throttling_bytype.pike:1.12
Rev: server/modules/throttling/throttling_byuser.pike:1.5
Rev: server/more_modules/tagdoc_notation.pike:2.4
Rev: server/protocols/ftp.pike:2.133
Rev: server/protocols/http.pike:1.603
Rev: server/protocols/prot_ftp.pike:2.5
Rev: server/protocols/prot_ftps.pike:2.7
Rev: server/protocols/prot_hilfe.pike:2.17
Rev: server/protocols/prot_http.pike:2.7
Rev: server/protocols/prot_https.pike:2.16
Rev: server/protocols/prot_snmp.pike:2.12
Rev: server/protocols/prot_tetris.pike:2.6
Rev: server/tools/ntroxen/startdll/startdll.rc:1.5
Rev: server/tools/ntroxen/version.h:1.52
Rev: server/tools/roxenis.mib:1.4


2009-04-17 15:38:13 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Added some more debug checks for the Roxen.entities_tag_set entry in
the rxml module list.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.332


2009-03-24 16:41:58 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Added an option to remove auth data from the request before rxml parse.
Addresses [ #13240].

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.331
Rev: server/modules/tags/rxmlparse.pike:1.82

2009-03-24 16:41:46 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Added an option to remove auth data from the request before rxml parse.
Addresses [ #13240].

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.330
Rev: server/modules/tags/rxmlparse.pike:1.78


2008-12-22 10:33:02 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed a proper class name for the rxml_tag_set class.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.330


2004-06-30 17:03:20 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Updated copyright notices.

Rev: server/arg_cache_plugins/replicate.pike:1.20
Rev: server/base_server/basic_defvar.pike:1.30
Rev: server/base_server/cache.pike:1.84
Rev: server/base_server/config_userdb.pike:1.50
Rev: server/base_server/configuration.pike:1.582
Rev: server/base_server/disk_cache.pike:1.62
Rev: server/base_server/emit_object.pike:1.6
Rev: server/base_server/fastpipe.pike:1.9
Rev: server/base_server/fonts.pike:1.85
Rev: server/base_server/global_variables.pike:1.93
Rev: server/base_server/highlight_pike.pike:1.6
Rev: server/base_server/hosts.pike:1.32
Rev: server/base_server/html.pike:1.16
Rev: server/base_server/http.pike:1.56
Rev: server/base_server/javamodule.pike:1.6
Rev: server/base_server/language.pike:1.41
Rev: server/base_server/module.pike:1.216
Rev: server/base_server/module_support.pike:1.118
Rev: server/base_server/newdecode.pike:1.31
Rev: server/base_server/prototypes.pike:1.145
Rev: server/base_server/proxyauth.pike:1.10
Rev: server/base_server/read_config.pike:1.65
Rev: server/base_server/roxen.pike:1.877
Rev: server/base_server/roxenlib.pike:1.219
Rev: server/base_server/roxenloader.pike:1.357
Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.329
Rev: server/base_server/rxmlhelp.pike:1.62
Rev: server/base_server/slowpipe.pike:1.15
Rev: server/base_server/socket.pike:1.25
Rev: server/base_server/state.pike:1.21
Rev: server/base_server/supports.pike:1.26
Rev: server/base_server/throttler.pike:1.11
Rev: server/base_server/wizard.pike:1.152
Rev: server/bin/distclean.pike:1.3
Rev: server/etc/modules/HTML.pmod:1.7
Rev: server/etc/modules/Roxen.pmod:1.184
Rev: server/etc/modules/RoxenRPC.pmod/HTTP.pmod/Client.pike:1.9
Rev: server/etc/modules/RoxenRPC.pmod/HTTP.pmod/Server.pike:1.5
Rev: server/etc/modules/StateHandler.pmod:1.11
Rev: server/font_handlers/builtin.pike:1.14
Rev: server/font_handlers/compactimgfile.pike:1.7
Rev: server/font_handlers/freetype.pike:1.26
Rev: server/font_handlers/imagedir.pike:1.14
Rev: server/font_handlers/imagetar.pike:1.9
Rev: server/font_handlers/old.pike:1.12
Rev: server/font_handlers/ttf.pike:1.17
Rev: server/modules/compat/compat.pike:1.70
Rev: server/modules/compat/configtablist.pike:1.13
Rev: server/modules/compat/directories2.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/compat/fastdir.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/compat/flik.pike:1.7
Rev: server/modules/compat/htmlparse.pike:1.7
Rev: server/modules/compat/language.pike:1.2
Rev: server/modules/compat/lpctag.pike:1.6
Rev: server/modules/compat/secure_fs.pike:1.29
Rev: server/modules/compat/sqldb.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/compat/userdb.pike:1.4
Rev: server/modules/compat/ximg.pike:1.11
Rev: server/modules/configuration/avg_profiling.pike:1.12
Rev: server/modules/configuration/config_filesystem.pike:1.112
Rev: server/modules/configuration/config_tags.pike:1.185
Rev: server/modules/configuration/roxen_test.pike:1.62
Rev: server/modules/configuration/update.pike:1.38
Rev: server/modules/database/sqltag.pike:1.102
Rev: server/modules/directories/directories.pike:1.94
Rev: server/modules/directories/indexfiles.pike:1.23
Rev: server/modules/examples/
Rev: server/modules/examples/common_api.pike:1.9
Rev: server/modules/examples/filter.pike:1.4
Rev: server/modules/examples/fnord.pike:1.17
Rev: server/modules/examples/last.pike:1.4
Rev: server/modules/examples/location.pike:1.6
Rev: server/modules/examples/newstyle_fnord.pike:1.15
Rev: server/modules/examples/userdb_ex.pike:1.7
Rev: server/modules/filesystems/filesystem.pike:1.147
Rev: server/modules/filesystems/incoming.pike:1.18
Rev: server/modules/filesystems/restrictedfs.pike:1.23
Rev: server/modules/filesystems/sqlfs.pike:1.8
Rev: server/modules/filesystems/tarfs.pike:1.11
Rev: server/modules/filesystems/userfs.pike:1.69
Rev: server/modules/filters/auto_gzip.pike:1.13
Rev: server/modules/filters/hostredirect.pike:1.26
Rev: server/modules/filters/redirect.pike:1.35
Rev: server/modules/filters/supports_filter.pike:1.7
Rev: server/modules/filters/tableborder.pike:1.12
Rev: server/modules/filters/url_rectifier.pike:1.17
Rev: server/modules/filters/whitespace_remover.pike:1.3
Rev: server/modules/filters/word_highlight.pike:1.4
Rev: server/modules/graphics/atlas.pike:1.16
Rev: server/modules/graphics/business.pike:1.148
Rev: server/modules/graphics/cimg.pike:1.67
Rev: server/modules/graphics/gbutton.pike:1.111
Rev: server/modules/graphics/graphic_text.pike:1.295
Rev: server/modules/graphics/gxml.pike:1.32
Rev: server/modules/graphics/pimage.pike:1.30
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/autocrop.pike:1.4
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/color.pike:1.4
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/copy.pike:1.4
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/distance.pike:1.4
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/flood.pike:1.4
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/generic.pike:1.4
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/grey.pike:1.4
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/gtext.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/hsv2rgb.pike:1.4
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/invert.pike:1.4
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/load.pike:1.4
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/mirrorx.pike:1.4
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/mirrory.pike:1.4
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/move.pike:1.4
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/paste.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/polygon.pike:1.4
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/restore.pike:1.4
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/rgb2hsv.pike:1.4
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/rotate.pike:1.4
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/save.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/scale.pike:1.4
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/skewx.pike:1.4
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/skewy.pike:1.4
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/solid.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/threshold.pike:1.4
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/tunedbox.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/plugins/write.pike:1.4
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/rimage.pike:1.22
Rev: server/modules/graphics/tablist.pike:1.59
Rev: server/modules/graphics/wiretap.pike:1.35
Rev: server/modules/icecast/dir_playlist.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/icecast/icecast.pike:1.10
Rev: server/modules/icecast/pl_common.pike:1.8
Rev: server/modules/ldap/ldaptag.pike:2.31
Rev: server/modules/ldap/userdb_ldap.pike:1.13
Rev: server/modules/logging/client_logger.pike:1.16
Rev: server/modules/logging/home_logger.pike:1.32
Rev: server/modules/logging/nologging.pike:1.15
Rev: server/modules/logging/roxen_network.pike:1.13
Rev: server/modules/misc/contenttypes.pike:1.24
Rev: server/modules/misc/demo.pike:1.21
Rev: server/modules/misc/implicit_use.pike:1.7
Rev: server/modules/misc/ismap.pike:1.20
Rev: server/modules/misc/language2.pike:1.22
Rev: server/modules/misc/pathinfo.pike:1.19
Rev: server/modules/misc/preferred_language.pike:1.27
Rev: server/modules/misc/randomtext.pike:1.8
Rev: server/modules/misc/robots.txt.pike:1.4
Rev: server/modules/misc/wapadapter.pike:1.12
Rev: server/modules/proxies/connect.pike:1.19
Rev: server/modules/proxies/ftpgateway.pike:1.41
Rev: server/modules/proxies/gopher.pike:1.27
Rev: server/modules/proxies/proxy.pike:1.55
Rev: server/modules/proxies/relay2.pike:1.33
Rev: server/modules/proxies/wais.pike:1.26
Rev: server/modules/scripting/cgi.pike:2.62
Rev: server/modules/scripting/fastcgi.pike:2.12
Rev: server/modules/scripting/fpscript.pike:1.14
Rev: server/modules/scripting/perl.pike:2.25
Rev: server/modules/scripting/pikescript.pike:1.73
Rev: server/modules/scripting/piketag.pike:2.37
Rev: server/modules/scripting/servlet.pike:2.23
Rev: server/modules/scripting/webapp.pike:2.31
Rev: server/modules/security/auth_httpbasic.pike:1.10
Rev: server/modules/security/auth_httpcookie.pike:1.11
Rev: server/modules/security/htaccess.pike:1.104
Rev: server/modules/security/userdb_system.pike:1.11
Rev: server/modules/tags/accessed.pike:1.54
Rev: server/modules/tags/additional_rxml.pike:1.23
Rev: server/modules/tags/awizard.pike:1.27
Rev: server/modules/tags/check_spelling.pike:1.19
Rev: server/modules/tags/countdown.pike:1.52
Rev: server/modules/tags/diremit.pike:1.18
Rev: server/modules/tags/email.pike:1.28
Rev: server/modules/tags/emit_timerange.pike:1.14
Rev: server/modules/tags/foldlist.pike:1.36
Rev: server/modules/tags/html_wash.pike:1.27
Rev: server/modules/tags/indirect_href.pike:1.34
Rev: server/modules/tags/javascript_support/javascript_support.pike:1.59
Rev: server/modules/tags/javascript_support/scripts/CrossPlatform.js:1.19
Rev: server/modules/tags/javascript_support/scripts/DragDrop.js:1.4
Rev: server/modules/tags/javascript_support/scripts/DynamicLoading.js:1.19
Rev: server/modules/tags/javascript_support/scripts/Popup.js:1.22
Rev: server/modules/tags/javascript_support/scripts/Scroll.js:1.5
Rev: server/modules/tags/killframe.pike:1.36
Rev: server/modules/tags/obox.pike:1.40
Rev: server/modules/tags/rxmlparse.pike:1.72
Rev: server/modules/tags/sed.pike:1.14
Rev: server/modules/tags/session_tag.pike:1.20
Rev: server/modules/tags/sizer.pike:1.24
Rev: server/modules/tags/ssi.pike:1.45
Rev: server/modules/tags/tablify.pike:1.76
Rev: server/modules/tags/translation_mod.pike:1.14
Rev: server/modules/tags/vform.pike:1.47
Rev: server/modules/tags/wizard_tag.pike:1.33
Rev: server/modules/tags/wizz.pike:1.9
Rev: server/modules/throttling/baseline_throttling.pike:1.8
Rev: server/modules/throttling/throttlelib.pike:1.14
Rev: server/modules/throttling/throttletags.pike:1.15
Rev: server/modules/throttling/throttling_byaddress.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/throttling/throttling_byhostname.pike:1.3
Rev: server/modules/throttling/throttling_bytime.pike:1.7
Rev: server/modules/throttling/throttling_bytype.pike:1.10
Rev: server/modules/throttling/throttling_byuser.pike:1.4
Rev: server/more_modules/tagdoc_notation.pike:2.3
Rev: server/protocols/ftp.pike:2.102
Rev: server/protocols/http.pike:1.459
Rev: server/protocols/prot_ftp.pike:2.4
Rev: server/protocols/prot_ftps.pike:2.5
Rev: server/protocols/prot_hilfe.pike:2.11
Rev: server/protocols/prot_http.pike:2.6
Rev: server/protocols/prot_https.pike:2.7
Rev: server/protocols/prot_tetris.pike:2.5
Rev: server/tools/ntroxen/startdll/startdll.rc:1.4
Rev: server/tools/ntroxen/version.h:1.22


2003-06-24 12:42:12 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

prepare_context is a variable and shouldn't be overloaded with a function...

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.328
Rev: server/etc/modules/Roxen.pmod:1.158


2002-10-23 16:49:14 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed bug where id->misc->defines wasn't left behind properly after a
top level RXML parse if there had been another RXML parse pass earlier
in the request. This could show as a problem with missing javascript
popups from the Javascript Support module (see [bug 3265 (#3265)]).

This has possible compatibility impact in case a third party module
counts on that the id->misc->defines from the first and not the last
(non-nested) RXML parse pass is present at the end of the request.
Since several non-nested RXML passes are uncommon it's probably a rare
problem, though.

Also improved the request trace a bit to show what is being done with

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.327


2002-10-02 23:00:07 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Do not propagate the flag to make p-code in the context when
parse_rxml is used.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.326


2002-10-01 23:18:16 by Martin Nilsson <>

base_server -> server_core

Rev: server/base_server/admin_userdb.pike:1.56(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/basic_defvar.pike:1.33(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/cache.pike:1.84(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/configuration.pike:1.536(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/disk_cache.pike:1.63(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/emit_object.pike:1.6(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/fastpipe.pike:1.10(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/fonts.pike:1.86(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/global_variables.pike:1.95(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/highlight_pike.pike:1.7(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/hosts.pike:1.32(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/html.pike:1.18(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/http.pike:1.56(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/image_cache.xml:1.7(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/javamodule.pike:1.6(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/language.pike:1.41(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/module.pike:1.133(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/module_support.pike:1.120(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/newdecode.pike:1.32(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/prototypes.pike:1.58(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/proxyauth.pike:1.10(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/read_config.pike:1.66(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/roxen.pike:1.821(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/roxenlib.pike:1.216(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/roxenloader.pike:1.342(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.326(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/rxmlhelp.pike:1.60(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/slowpipe.pike:1.16(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/snmpagent.pike:1.22(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/socket.pike:1.24(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/state.pike:1.21(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/supports.pike:1.27(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/throttler.pike:1.12(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/wizard.pike:1.144(DEAD)
Rev: server/server_core/admin_userdb.pike:1.56
Rev: server/server_core/basic_defvar.pike:1.33
Rev: server/server_core/cache.pike:1.84
Rev: server/server_core/configuration.pike:1.536
Rev: server/server_core/disk_cache.pike:1.63
Rev: server/server_core/emit_object.pike:1.6
Rev: server/server_core/fastpipe.pike:1.10(DEAD)
Rev: server/server_core/fonts.pike:1.86
Rev: server/server_core/global_variables.pike:1.95
Rev: server/server_core/highlight_pike.pike:1.7(DEAD)
Rev: server/server_core/hosts.pike:1.32
Rev: server/server_core/html.pike:1.18
Rev: server/server_core/http.pike:1.56
Rev: server/server_core/image_cache.xml:1.7
Rev: server/server_core/javamodule.pike:1.6
Rev: server/server_core/language.pike:1.41
Rev: server/server_core/module.pike:1.133
Rev: server/server_core/module_support.pike:1.120
Rev: server/server_core/newdecode.pike:1.32
Rev: server/server_core/prototypes.pike:1.58
Rev: server/server_core/proxyauth.pike:1.10(DEAD)
Rev: server/server_core/read_config.pike:1.66
Rev: server/server_core/roxen.pike:1.821
Rev: server/server_core/roxenlib.pike:1.216
Rev: server/server_core/roxenloader.pike:1.342
Rev: server/server_core/rxml.pike:1.326
Rev: server/server_core/rxmlhelp.pike:1.60
Rev: server/server_core/slowpipe.pike:1.16(DEAD)
Rev: server/server_core/snmpagent.pike:1.22
Rev: server/server_core/socket.pike:1.24
Rev: server/server_core/state.pike:1.21
Rev: server/server_core/supports.pike:1.27
Rev: server/server_core/throttler.pike:1.12
Rev: server/server_core/wizard.pike:1.144
Rev: server/start:1.199


2002-06-14 16:05:05 by Johan Sundström <>

Roxen WebServer -> Internet Server

Rev: local/README:1.2
Rev: server/base_server/basic_defvar.pike:1.31
Rev: server/base_server/cache.pike:1.80
Rev: server/base_server/config_userdb.pike:1.49
Rev: server/base_server/configuration.pike:1.524
Rev: server/base_server/disk_cache.pike:1.62
Rev: server/base_server/emit_object.pike:1.6
Rev: server/base_server/fastpipe.pike:1.9
Rev: server/base_server/fonts.pike:1.84
Rev: server/base_server/global_variables.pike:1.93
Rev: server/base_server/highlight_pike.pike:1.6
Rev: server/base_server/hosts.pike:1.32
Rev: server/base_server/html.pike:1.16
Rev: server/base_server/http.pike:1.56
Rev: server/base_server/javamodule.pike:1.6
Rev: server/base_server/module.pike:1.132
Rev: server/base_server/module_support.pike:1.113
Rev: server/base_server/newdecode.pike:1.31
Rev: server/base_server/prototypes.pike:1.54
Rev: server/base_server/read_config.pike:1.64
Rev: server/base_server/roxen.pike:1.806
Rev: server/base_server/roxenlib.pike:1.216
Rev: server/base_server/roxenloader.pike:1.335
Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.326
Rev: server/base_server/rxmlhelp.pike:1.58
Rev: server/base_server/slowpipe.pike:1.15
Rev: server/base_server/socket.pike:1.24
Rev: server/base_server/state.pike:1.21
Rev: server/base_server/supports.pike:1.26
Rev: server/base_server/throttler.pike:1.11
Rev: server/base_server/wizard.pike:1.142
Rev: server/bin/create_configif.pike:1.42
Rev: server/config_interface/sites/create_site_with_template.pike:1.29
Rev: server/config_interface/whatsnew.html:1.33
Rev: server/data/example_pages/eng/index.html:1.6
Rev: server/data/example_pages/template:1.3
Rev: server/data/test/config/Test_server_1:1.10
Rev: server/modules/configuration/roxen_test.pike:1.54
Rev: server/modules/icecast/pl_common.pike:1.9
Rev: server/modules/logging/roxen_network.pike:1.10
Rev: server/modules/misc/robots.txt.pike:1.4
Rev: server/modules/tags/additional_rxml.pike:1.23
Rev: server/modules/tags/javascript_support/scripts/CrossPlatform.js:1.11
Rev: server/modules/tags/javascript_support/scripts/DragDrop.js:1.4
Rev: server/modules/tags/javascript_support/scripts/DynamicLoading.js:1.11
Rev: server/modules/tags/javascript_support/scripts/Popup.js:1.19
Rev: server/modules/tags/javascript_support/scripts/Scroll.js:1.5
Rev: server/modules/tags/rxmltags.pike:1.375
Rev: server/pike_modules/StateHandler.pmod:1.10
Rev: server/plugins/arg_cache/replicate.pike:1.16
Rev: server/plugins/font_handlers/builtin.pike:1.14
Rev: server/plugins/font_handlers/compactimgfile.pike:1.6
Rev: server/plugins/font_handlers/freetype.pike:1.18
Rev: server/plugins/font_handlers/imagedir.pike:1.13
Rev: server/plugins/font_handlers/imagetar.pike:1.8
Rev: server/plugins/font_handlers/old.pike:1.12
Rev: server/plugins/font_handlers/ttf.pike:1.14
Rev: server/plugins/protocols/http.pike:1.371
Rev: server/start:1.198
Rev: server/tools/ntroxen/startdll/cmdline.cpp:1.20
Rev: server/tools/ntroxen/startdll/roxen.cpp:1.16
Rev: server/tools/roxenis.mib:1.4


2002-02-06 20:33:39 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed [bug 2720 (#2720)]: Modules that initializes their tag sets in start()
didn't work correctly if some variable was saved in them. A reload was
necessary after the save. (Fix not made in 2.2 since I'm not certain
about side-effects.)

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.325


2002-01-30 00:16:24 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Renamed the response header scope to "header", to be more consistent
with "cookie".

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.324


2002-01-29 21:43:39 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Added a new scope "headers" which is the same mapping as RXML_CONTEXT->misc[" _extra_heads"].

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.323


2001-11-27 18:53:38 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Yet another take on it.. :P

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.322

2001-11-27 18:53:37 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Yet another take on it.. :P

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.322

2001-11-27 17:32:44 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Another fix with id->misc->defines vs RXML_CONTEXT->misc. Fixes [bug 2560 (#2560)].

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.321

2001-11-27 17:32:41 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Another fix with id->misc->defines vs RXML_CONTEXT->misc. Fixes [bug 2560 (#2560)].

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.321


2001-11-23 21:02:03 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixes for handling id->misc->defines in a more compatible way. This fixes
[bug 2508 (#2508)].

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.320

2001-11-23 21:02:02 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixes for handling id->misc->defines in a more compatible way. This fixes
[bug 2508 (#2508)].

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.320


2001-11-15 16:52:15 by Martin Stjernholm <>

More thorough handling of content being RXML.nil in CompatTag. Fixes
[bug 2529 (#2529)].

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.319


2001-11-14 15:53:19 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Initialize the _prev_ok flag which is used to automatically detect
changes in RXML_CONTEXT->misc[" _ok"].

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.318


2001-10-03 15:45:32 by Martin Nilsson <>

Backported bugfix for [bug 1741 (#1741)]

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.275


2001-10-01 16:13:06 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Added special case for id->misc->defines->present_languages too.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.317

2001-10-01 16:07:10 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Propagate id->misc->defines->language when preparing a new context.
Fixes [bug 2320 (#2320)], [bug 2333 (#2333)] and [bug 2338 (#2338)].

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.316


2001-09-20 20:26:53 by Martin Nilsson <>

Fixes a type problem reported by Jordi Murgo.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.315


2001-08-23 23:34:49 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Updates for the incompatible change in RXML.TagSet.create.

Rev: server/base_server/module.pike:1.128
Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.314
Rev: server/etc/modules/Roxen.pmod:1.115
Rev: server/modules/graphics/atlas.pike:1.7
Rev: server/modules/graphics/gxml.pike:1.15
Rev: server/modules/graphics/tablist.pike:1.56
Rev: server/modules/graphics/wiretap.pike:1.30
Rev: server/modules/tags/email.pike:1.11
Rev: server/modules/tags/foldlist.pike:1.30
Rev: server/modules/tags/rxmltags.pike:1.281
Rev: server/modules/tags/vform.pike:1.27


2001-08-22 14:14:27 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Take care to not propagate FLAG_DONT_CACHE_RESULT when we switch caches.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.313
Rev: server/etc/modules/RXML.pmod/module.pmod:1.231


2001-08-21 18:04:51 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed case when p-code got updated but the update isn't actually
saved, causing repeated saves of the same p-code.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.312


2001-08-09 23:28:19 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Propagate the " _error" and " _rettext" values when id->misc->defines
is covered in an rxml parse. It sorta looks like those values (along
with " _extra_heads" and perhaps " _stat") would do much better
directly in id->misc..

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.311

2001-08-09 18:40:22 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed bug with id->misc->defines vs ctx->misc when several contexts
are used recursively with the same RequestID. Also fixed merge with
ctx->misc[" _extra_heads"] into id->misc->moreheads.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.310


2001-07-16 03:10:40 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Made the order in rxml_tag_set->imported well defined.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.309


2001-07-09 04:03:54 by Martin Stjernholm <>

RXML.Type.get_parser no longer has a default for the tag_set argument.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.308


2001-07-02 16:44:11 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed bug with context inheritance when using the old parse_rxml to do a
subparse. Known misfeature: The parent parser is no longer tracked during
parsing. That should only show itself in that runtime tags doesn't
propagate into the surrounding parsers when Roxen.parse_rxml,
Roxen.compile_rxml or Roxen.get_rxml_parser is used. I'm not sure that's
undesirable, but it is a potential compatibility problem.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.307
Rev: server/etc/modules/RXML.pmod/module.pmod:1.189


2001-06-30 15:44:05 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed so that the configuration has the proper name, even before create()

Rev: server/base_server/configuration.pike:1.444
Rev: server/base_server/module.pike:1.117
Rev: server/base_server/roxen.pike:1.682
Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.306


2001-06-28 20:10:14 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Leave out the name for rxml_tag_set altogether until we have a unique
one, to avoid the warning.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.305

2001-06-28 19:33:18 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Update for change in RXML.pmod.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.304


2001-06-22 01:06:59 by Marcus Comstedt <>

Use new tagset renaming function.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.303


2001-06-18 15:27:57 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Moved stuff from parse_rxml to rxml_tag_set so that parse_rxml no
longer does anything that's needed for correct rxml evaluation. Use
Roxen.get_rxml_parser instead of parse_rxml; it enables streaming and
p-code generation and does less compatibility stuff.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.302


2001-06-17 20:07:11 by Martin Nilsson <>

Release preperations (copyright etc.)

Rev: server/base_server/basic_defvar.pike:1.28
Rev: server/base_server/cache.pike:1.71
Rev: server/base_server/config_userdb.pike:1.29
Rev: server/base_server/configuration.pike:1.437
Rev: server/base_server/disk_cache.pike:1.61
Rev: server/base_server/emit_object.pike:1.3
Rev: server/base_server/fastpipe.pike:1.8
Rev: server/base_server/fonts.pike:1.72
Rev: server/base_server/global_variables.pike:1.71
Rev: server/base_server/highlight_pike.pike:1.5
Rev: server/base_server/hosts.pike:1.31
Rev: server/base_server/html.pike:1.15
Rev: server/base_server/http.pike:1.54
Rev: server/base_server/javamodule.pike:1.5
Rev: server/base_server/module.pike:1.113
Rev: server/base_server/module_support.pike:1.93
Rev: server/base_server/newdecode.pike:1.30
Rev: server/base_server/prototypes.pike:1.21
Rev: server/base_server/proxyauth.pike:1.7
Rev: server/base_server/read_config.pike:1.58
Rev: server/base_server/roxen.pike:1.674
Rev: server/base_server/roxenlib.pike:1.213
Rev: server/base_server/roxenloader.pike:1.256
Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.301
Rev: server/base_server/rxmlhelp.pike:1.45
Rev: server/base_server/slowpipe.pike:1.10
Rev: server/base_server/socket.pike:1.23
Rev: server/base_server/state.pike:1.20
Rev: server/base_server/supports.pike:1.24
Rev: server/base_server/throttler.pike:1.8
Rev: server/base_server/wizard.pike:1.136


2001-05-16 12:57:49 by Per Hedbor <>

Count RXML overhead and entities when using AVERAGE_PROFILING

Rev: server/base_server/configuration.pike:1.432
Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.300
Rev: server/etc/modules/RXML.pmod/module.pmod:1.154


2001-04-25 18:21:10 by Johan Sundström <>

The "file" attribute was lost. These docs should be rewritten, but I
don't feel up to it right now.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.274


2001-04-24 00:47:04 by Martin Nilsson <>

Removed RXML error handling and a few unused defines.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.299


2001-04-23 15:52:51 by Martin Nilsson <>

Moved all tags to rxmltags

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.298

2001-04-23 12:41:26 by Leif Stensson <>

Removed some confusing remarks in the documentation for the <define>
tag. Also added a note about the "preparse" attribute.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.273

2001-04-23 12:39:30 by Leif Stensson <>

Removed some confusing remarks in the documentation for the <define>
tag. Also added a note about the "preparse" attribute.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.297


2001-04-22 07:22:07 by Per Hedbor <>

Bugfixed the fix for the fix for the <if accept=..> tag.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.296

2001-04-22 07:20:03 by Per Hedbor <>

Bugfixed the fix for the <if accept=..> tag.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.295


2001-04-21 20:21:14 by Martin Nilsson <>

Added documentation for &roxen.unique-id; and &roxen.sent-per-minute;

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.294

2001-04-21 19:57:09 by Martin Nilsson <>

Bugfixed <if accept>

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.293


2001-04-19 15:41:12 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed [bug 1229 (#1229)] which caused an rxml backtrace when an old style empty tag
replaced itself with another tag.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.292

2001-04-19 15:41:10 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed [bug 1229 (#1229)] which caused an rxml backtrace when an old style empty tag
replaced itself with another tag.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.272


2001-04-18 04:41:49 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed bug with wrong content association in UserTagContents. Fixed bug
when UserTag gets empty content. Fixed type for TagDefine.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.291


2001-04-07 23:45:18 by Martin Nilsson <>

Emit can now sort and filter lazy evaluated entities.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.290


2001-04-05 11:25:25 by Kenneth Johansson <>

Moved examples to proper places.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.271
Rev: server/modules/tags/rxmltags.pike:1.200
Rev: server/modules/tags/tablify.pike:1.64

2001-04-05 11:24:57 by Kenneth Johansson <>

Moved examples to proper places.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.289
Rev: server/modules/tags/rxmltags.pike:1.221
Rev: server/modules/tags/tablify.pike:1.64


2001-03-30 14:38:37 by Jenny Dalenius <>

Fixes some manual details.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.288

2001-03-30 14:35:13 by Jenny Dalenius <>

Fixes some manual details.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.270


2001-03-15 23:31:26 by Per Hedbor <>

Use the new auth-api in more places

Rev: server/base_server/roxen.pike:1.649
Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.287
Rev: server/config_interface/event_log/clear_log.pike:1.6
Rev: server/etc/modules/RXML.pmod/module.pmod:1.143
Rev: server/etc/modules/Roxen.pmod:1.79
Rev: server/modules/filesystems/filesystem.pike:1.97
Rev: server/modules/filters/htaccess.pike:1.70
Rev: server/modules/proxies/wais.pike:1.24
Rev: server/modules/security/auth_httpcookie.pike:1.6
Rev: server/modules/tags/rxmltags.pike:1.217
Rev: server/modules/tags/ssi.pike:1.39
Rev: server/modules/throttling/throttling_byaddress.pike:1.3

2001-03-15 18:36:38 by Martin Nilsson <>

Emit dataset objects checkin part 2. Not only does all the old emits works, but in this checkin all features for the dataset objects works as well.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.286

2001-03-15 01:01:25 by Martin Nilsson <>

Added support for objectified emit datasets. Minor fixed a cache detail in IfMatch. Changed werror -> report_debug

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.285


2001-03-14 23:10:10 by Martin Stjernholm <>

When MODULE_DEBUG is defined, don't log rxml run and parse errors when
a provided error handler has handled it. Should solve the bug where
rxml errors could get logged twice.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.284


2001-03-13 10:19:16 by Kenneth Johansson <>

Fixed typo's and formatting

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.283
Rev: server/modules/graphics/atlas.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/graphics/graphic_text.pike:1.261
Rev: server/modules/tags/accessed.pike:1.42

2001-03-13 10:14:21 by Kenneth Johansson <>

Fixed some typo's and formatting

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.269
Rev: server/modules/graphics/graphic_text.pike:1.262
Rev: server/modules/tags/accessed.pike:1.43


2001-03-07 13:42:14 by Kenneth Johansson <>

[docs] Moving documentation from Roxen 2.1 to 2.2. Changes includes lots of tagdoc layoutfixes, mostly adding <p> inside <attr>.

Rev: server/base_server/image_cache.xml:1.3
Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.282
Rev: server/modules/database/sqltag.pike:1.75
Rev: server/modules/graphics/atlas.pike:1.3
Rev: server/modules/graphics/business.pike:1.139
Rev: server/modules/graphics/cimg.pike:1.37
Rev: server/modules/graphics/gbutton.pike:1.77
Rev: server/modules/graphics/graphic_text.pike:1.259
Rev: server/modules/graphics/tablist.pike:1.51
Rev: server/modules/ldap/ldaptag.pike:2.6
Rev: server/modules/scripting/perl.pike:2.17
Rev: server/modules/scripting/piketag.pike:2.30
Rev: server/modules/tags/accessed.pike:1.40
Rev: server/modules/tags/additional_rxml.pike:1.10
Rev: server/modules/tags/check_spelling.pike:1.15
Rev: server/modules/tags/countdown.pike:1.41
Rev: server/modules/tags/diremit.pike:1.6
Rev: server/modules/tags/email.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/tags/foldlist.pike:1.28
Rev: server/modules/tags/html_wash.pike:1.14
Rev: server/modules/tags/indirect_href.pike:1.25
Rev: server/modules/tags/killframe.pike:1.32
Rev: server/modules/tags/obox.pike:1.34
Rev: server/modules/tags/rxmltags.pike:1.207
Rev: server/modules/tags/sizer.pike:1.14
Rev: server/modules/tags/ssi.pike:1.37
Rev: server/modules/tags/tablify.pike:1.62
Rev: server/modules/tags/translation_mod.pike:1.9
Rev: server/modules/tags/vform.pike:1.21
Rev: server/modules/throttling/throttletags.pike:1.11


2001-03-01 03:15:28 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Moved lowercasing, uppercasing and capitalization to the RXML types.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.281


2001-02-20 09:48:13 by Kenneth Johansson <>

Documentation updates

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.268
Rev: server/modules/graphics/business_graphics/business.pike:1.138
Rev: server/modules/graphics/gbutton.pike:1.69
Rev: server/modules/graphics/graphic_text.pike:1.260
Rev: server/modules/tags/html_wash.pike:1.18
Rev: server/modules/tags/obox.pike:1.34
Rev: server/modules/tags/rxmltags.pike:1.197
Rev: server/modules/tags/tablify.pike:1.62
Rev: server/modules/tags/vform.pike:1.18


2001-02-18 23:37:20 by Martin Nilsson <>

Preparations for streaming emits. Fixed [bug 995 (#995)]

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.280

2001-02-18 21:44:41 by Martin Nilsson <>

Bugfix for negative skiprows

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.267

2001-02-18 21:42:21 by Martin Nilsson <>

Added comments and documentation. Bugfix for negative skiprows

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.279


2001-02-13 19:49:50 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Discard the first (whitespace) character in the content of the cdata PI tag,
which fixes [bug 1028 (#1028)]. Also added documentation for it and
some related tags.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.278


2001-02-01 02:54:18 by Per Hedbor <>

[docs] Fixed <emit source=path>. It now has a path=.. and a skip-end=... argument

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.277


2001-01-30 00:36:32 by Martin Nilsson <>

Various improvements to the <if> system

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.276


2001-01-29 05:45:32 by Per Hedbor <>

Use not_query and not raw_url. This simplifies debugging when path-info is present

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.275


2001-01-15 10:09:11 by Martin Nilsson <>

Strip first (whitespace) character from <?noparse ?> data.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.274


2001-01-04 06:36:05 by Martin Nilsson <>


Rev: server/base_server/configuration.pike:1.406
Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.273
Rev: server/modules/database/sqltag.pike:1.70
Rev: server/modules/graphics/counter.pike:1.39


2000-12-30 10:33:51 by Martin Nilsson <>


Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.272

2000-12-30 10:31:58 by Martin Nilsson <>

Updated the <use> documentation

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.271

2000-12-30 10:13:51 by Martin Nilsson <>

Modified <use> to use the same compiler for previews as well as proper use. Support for defined variables now works.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.270


2000-12-19 15:42:58 by Anders Johansson <>

Fix for some missing tagdoc. [Bug 940 (#940)]

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.269
Rev: server/base_server/rxmlhelp.pike:1.38

2000-12-19 15:42:58 by Anders Johansson <>

Fix for some missing tagdoc. [Bug 940 (#940)]

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.266
Rev: server/base_server/rxmlhelp.pike:1.38


2000-12-15 17:14:36 by Martin Nilsson <>

Fixed the documentation so that i can 'compile'

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.268


2000-12-12 06:18:20 by Martin Nilsson <>

Added streaming filters. Bugfixed <delimiter> for filtered content.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.267

2000-12-12 03:14:15 by Martin Nilsson <>

Fixed errors in the emit values documentation

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.265


2000-12-11 17:46:18 by Martin Nilsson <>

Todays increment: Negative skiprows are now handled correct for filtered emits. The local scope are cleared in the case when do-once trigs inside a filtered emit. The streaming API can now handle do-once, maxrows and skiprows. Some preparations are made for filtering as well as prefetching streming emits.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.266

2000-12-11 16:07:43 by Kenneth Johansson <>

Updated entities and scopes.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.264

2000-12-11 03:24:35 by Martin Nilsson <>

Fixed two bugs concerning plugin-based limitation functions. This doesn't affect anyone at all. Also improved the time complexity when using both filter and do-once from O(n*m) to O(n*(m-1))

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.265


2000-12-10 02:21:04 by Martin Nilsson <>

Emit is slowly walking down the path of darkness, descending into disgrace and insanity. Where did the little emit we all cherished go? When was he truely lost... (Added filtering)

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.264


2000-12-05 23:23:15 by Martin Nilsson <>

Added explicit character-splitting capability to <emit values>.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.263

2000-12-05 23:06:17 by Martin Nilsson <>

Added <delimiter> to <emit>. Fixes [bug 581 (#581)]

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.262


2000-11-24 16:50:38 by Per Hedbor <>

Locale galore

Rev: server/base_server/basic_defvar.pike:1.22
Rev: server/base_server/config_userdb.pike:1.12
Rev: server/base_server/global_variables.pike:1.51
Rev: server/base_server/module_support.pike:1.83
Rev: server/base_server/roxenlib.pike:1.206
Rev: server/base_server/roxenloader.pike:1.215
Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.261
Rev: server/config_interface/standard/sites/config_left_item.pike:1.46
Rev: server/etc/include/roxen.h:1.22
Rev: server/etc/modules/Variable.pmod/module.pmod:1.37
Rev: server/modules/compat/compat.pike:1.54
Rev: server/modules/configuration/config_tags.pike:1.127
Rev: server/modules/database/SQLuserdb.pike:1.22
Rev: server/modules/database/sqldb.pike:1.11
Rev: server/modules/database/sqltag.pike:1.66
Rev: server/modules/directories/directories.pike:1.86
Rev: server/modules/directories/indexfiles.pike:1.17
Rev: server/modules/examples/auth.pike:1.3
Rev: server/modules/examples/common_api.pike:1.4
Rev: server/modules/examples/fnord.pike:1.12
Rev: server/modules/examples/newstyle_fnord.pike:1.9
Rev: server/modules/filesystems/filesystem.pike:1.90
Rev: server/modules/tags/obox.pike:1.32


2000-11-23 14:53:42 by Martin Nilsson <>

Move strlen example to the tagdoc for strlen.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.263


2000-11-19 21:32:59 by Kenneth Johansson <>

More markup changes

Rev: server/base_server/image_cache.xml:1.3
Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.262
Rev: server/modules/graphics/cimg.pike:1.35
Rev: server/modules/graphics/gbutton.pike:1.65
Rev: server/modules/graphics/graphic_text.pike:1.257
Rev: server/modules/ldap/ldaptag.pike:2.8
Rev: server/modules/scripting/piketag.pike:2.30
Rev: server/modules/tags/diremit.pike:1.7
Rev: server/modules/tags/rxmltags.pike:1.191
Rev: server/modules/tags/tablify.pike:1.61

2000-11-19 16:32:31 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Made an error message a little more informative.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.260


2000-11-15 06:41:19 by Martin Nilsson <>

New sort algorithm for emit. More functions in emit#values

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.259


2000-11-09 18:19:15 by Kenneth Johansson <>

Mostly markupchanges to make the printsystem work

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.261
Rev: server/modules/ldap/ldaptag.pike:2.5
Rev: server/modules/scripting/perl.pike:2.15
Rev: server/modules/tags/accessed.pike:1.41
Rev: server/modules/tags/additional_rxml.pike:1.10
Rev: server/modules/tags/check_spelling.pike:1.15
Rev: server/modules/tags/countdown.pike:1.42
Rev: server/modules/tags/diremit.pike:1.6
Rev: server/modules/tags/html_wash.pike:1.17
Rev: server/modules/tags/indirect_href.pike:1.26
Rev: server/modules/tags/killframe.pike:1.33
Rev: server/modules/tags/obox.pike:1.33
Rev: server/modules/tags/rxmltags.pike:1.189
Rev: server/modules/tags/ssi.pike:1.38
Rev: server/modules/tags/vform.pike:1.16
Rev: server/modules/tags/wml.pike:1.13

2000-11-09 14:45:06 by Johan Sundström <>

Added the supports flags again.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.260


2000-11-06 22:49:53 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed bug which caused infinite recursion when an old style tag or container
callback returned zero.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.258

2000-11-06 22:49:51 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed bug which caused infinite recursion when an old style tag or container
callback returned zero.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.259

2000-11-06 22:11:29 by Per Hedbor <>

Support '' for <emit source=values>

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.257


2000-11-02 14:18:00 by Kenneth Johansson <>

More <p>'s

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.258


2000-10-30 14:15:57 by Johan Sundström <>

This broken tag made the entire docstring disappear. Bad. Guess I'll
have to make the dump script find these bugs too.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.257


2000-10-19 01:52:31 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fix for changes in the RXML module regarding the error propagation.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.256

2000-10-19 01:52:09 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fix for changes in the RXML module regarding the error propagation.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.256


2000-10-13 13:32:04 by Kenneth Johansson <>

Fixed some errors and removed some unused tagdoc-markup.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.255


2000-09-30 19:20:36 by Per Hedbor <>

Removed parse_html compatibility

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.255


2000-09-26 15:50:50 by Kenneth Johansson <>

Fixed typo

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.254


2000-09-25 06:29:45 by Per Hedbor <>

More Pike 7.1ifications

Rev: server/base_server/configuration.pike:1.379
Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.254
Rev: server/modules/configuration/config_filesystem.pike:1.62
Rev: server/modules/filesystems/tarfs.pike:1.4
Rev: server/modules/tags/rxmltags.pike:1.180


2000-09-21 11:31:00 by Kenneth Johansson <>

Clarifications for some scopes.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.253


2000-09-20 23:38:13 by Martin Nilsson <>

Added documentation for scopes form, var and cookie.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.252

2000-09-20 01:28:40 by Kenneth Johansson <>

Fixed example.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.251


2000-09-19 23:33:43 by Kenneth Johansson <>

Fixed typo

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.250

2000-09-19 22:01:31 by Kenneth Johansson <>

Small doc for <?comment ?>. Should be improved I think.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.249

2000-09-19 15:33:16 by Per Hedbor <>

RXML help now works

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.248
Rev: server/base_server/rxmlhelp.pike:1.37

2000-09-19 12:25:53 by Mattias Wingstedt <>

o Small doc changes

Rev: server/base_server/configuration.pike:1.375
Rev: server/base_server/global_variables.pike:1.44
Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.247
Rev: server/modules/logging/INFO:1.3
Rev: server/modules/proxies/INFO:1.3
Rev: server/modules/scripting/INFO:2.3
Rev: server/modules/throttling/INFO:1.3

2000-09-19 00:03:58 by Martin Nilsson <>

Added module and nserious if plugins

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.246


2000-09-18 11:02:43 by Martin Nilsson <>

Updated tag class name to be consistent with actualt tag name. It doesn't alter the functionality though.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.245


2000-09-16 18:02:01 by Martin Nilsson <>

Renamed emit#foreach to emit#values, added support for mappings and make it possible to reate a mapping out of a scope as indata to the tag.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.244


2000-09-15 12:09:37 by Kenneth Johansson <>

Might fix my parse error.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.243


2000-09-08 03:29:02 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Added <?cdata ?>, which does what <![CDATA[ ]]> would do if the rxml
parser didn't just let it through.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.242


2000-09-07 20:36:27 by Martin Nilsson <>

Added processing instruction noparse.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.241


2000-09-06 02:20:58 by Martin Nilsson <>

rxml_packages is moved

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.240


2000-09-01 22:34:09 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed the trace tag.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.239


2000-08-30 00:44:27 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Added FLAG_DONT_REPORT_ERRORS on some tags.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.238


2000-08-29 23:24:24 by Martin Nilsson <>

Handle processing instructions

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.237
Rev: server/base_server/rxmlhelp.pike:1.35

2000-08-29 14:44:12 by Martin Nilsson <>

Removed unused sizefmt-stuff and ambiguous else

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.236

2000-08-29 13:05:53 by Per Hedbor <>

Threads are not available unless THREADS is defined. Fixes [Bug 133 (#133)]

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.235


2000-08-28 17:34:30 by Martin Nilsson <>

Pages with errors on them are now not cached by default (That is however overrided if you have an rxmlparse-module, wich people tend to have). Simplified the define-fiddling in parse_rxml even more. Is there any good reason to look att sizefmt? Speak up or remain forever silend, or something...

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.234

2000-08-28 13:28:22 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Less reckless fix to [bug 99 (#99)].

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.233

2000-08-28 13:23:15 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed race condition with sort_on_priority callout. Fixes [bug 99 (#99)].

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.232

2000-08-28 06:52:40 by Per Hedbor <>

Only initialize fields in the 'defines' mapping if they are not already initialized. Fixed [Bug 121 (#121)].

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.231


2000-08-27 14:44:36 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Nope, that was not the best that can be done currently. This solution
is a lot better. Removed the exceedingly ugly type argument too
(please use the type system instead of doing such things yourself, or
else there will be anarchy). [Bug 120 (#120)]

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.230

2000-08-27 10:40:31 by Martin Nilsson <>

When using type=html and case=upper the entities &AMP;, &LT;, and &GT; get substituted back to lower case. This is not a good fix, but the best that can be done currently... [Bug 120 (#120)]

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.229


2000-08-23 12:33:31 by Martin Nilsson <>

Prevent over caching

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.228


2000-08-20 16:40:39 by Martin Nilsson <>

Cleaner code

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.227


2000-08-17 01:16:32 by Per Hedbor <>

time() -> time(1)

Rev: server/base_server/disk_cache.pike:1.51
Rev: server/base_server/global_variables.pike:1.39
Rev: server/base_server/roxen.pike:1.524
Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.226
Rev: server/base_server/supports.pike:1.22
Rev: server/base_server/wizard.pike:1.122
Rev: server/bin/garbagecollector.pike:1.18
Rev: server/modules/configuration/config_filesystem.pike:1.43
Rev: server/modules/configuration/config_userdb.pike:1.48
Rev: server/modules/configuration/update.pike:1.16


2000-08-16 02:59:19 by Per Hedbor <>

is_dynamic is obsolete again (use id->misc->cacheable == 0 instead). Use NOCACHE() instead of CACHE(0), it's clearer, in my opinion

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.225


2000-08-15 01:27:26 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Cleaned up the comment tag a little.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.224


2000-08-14 15:16:58 by Martin Stjernholm <>

A compatibility fix for the change in the rxml type system.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.223


2000-08-12 19:42:53 by Martin Nilsson <>

Added missed argument parser

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.214

2000-08-12 19:39:28 by Martin Nilsson <>

Added missed argument parser

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.222

2000-08-12 06:15:14 by Per Hedbor <>

Set id->misc->is_dynamic when parsing RXML.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.221

2000-08-12 04:49:41 by Martin Stjernholm <>

t_none -> t_nil.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.220


2000-08-11 14:21:00 by Martin Nilsson <>

A new emit plugin, foreach. Also added some not so good documentation, but I am confident that our manual team will fix that.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.219

2000-08-11 09:51:17 by Martin Nilsson <>

Don't sort the array twice.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.218


2000-08-08 12:27:49 by Kenneth Johansson <>

Added skeleton doc for if#sizeof

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.217


2000-08-07 21:05:58 by Martin Nilsson <>

Added if-plugin sizeof.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.216

2000-08-07 17:17:26 by Kenneth Johansson <>

&; -> <ent></ent>

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.213

2000-08-07 17:11:58 by Kenneth Johansson <>

&; -> <ent></ent> and some other stuff.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.215


2000-08-05 21:59:45 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Added handling of processing instruction tags and implemented the PI
tag <?comment ... ?>. Removed now unused compatibility code.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.214


2000-07-31 18:03:11 by Johan Sundström <>

Bugfix for <use>; the handling of <define if>:s was broken.
Also improved the cache key somewhat.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.213

2000-07-31 02:02:18 by Martin Nilsson <>

No supposed to be there

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.212

2000-07-31 01:58:54 by Martin Nilsson <>

Some additions to <number>. Bugfix for <if language>

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.211

2000-07-31 01:06:34 by Martin Nilsson <>

Bugfix for <if language>

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.212


2000-07-26 14:12:37 by Kenneth Johansson <>

*grmbl* I changed the example instead.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.211

2000-07-26 14:11:25 by Kenneth Johansson <>

*grmbl* I changed the example instead.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.210

2000-07-26 14:07:35 by Kenneth Johansson <>

It should work now i think..

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.210

2000-07-26 14:04:00 by Kenneth Johansson <>

Further testing..

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.209

2000-07-26 14:00:52 by Kenneth Johansson <>

More testing..

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.208

2000-07-26 13:53:35 by Kenneth Johansson <>

For testing.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.207

2000-07-26 13:38:05 by Kenneth Johansson <>

Screwed up the online manual I think.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.206

2000-07-26 12:37:38 by Kenneth Johansson <>

Changes in if tag and others.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.209

2000-07-26 12:35:55 by Kenneth Johansson <>

Some changes to if and other tags.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.205


2000-07-20 23:35:43 by Kenneth Johansson <>


Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.204

2000-07-20 23:33:46 by Kenneth Johansson <>

Added lots of info about if plugins. Thanks to Andreas Herfert.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.208

2000-07-20 23:33:30 by Kenneth Johansson <>

Added lots of info about if plugins. Thanks to Andreas Herfert.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.203


2000-07-17 15:38:19 by Kenneth Johansson <>

<p>'s appeared to break something in the dumpprocess if they we're
after the last </attr> in the tagdoc. bummer. :D

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.202

2000-07-17 15:36:49 by Kenneth Johansson <>

<p>'s appeared to break something in the dumpprocess if they we're
after the last </attr> in the tagdoc. bummer. :D

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.207


2000-07-14 16:20:29 by Kenneth Johansson <>

Added lots of doc.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.206

2000-07-14 16:19:46 by Kenneth Johansson <>

Some fixes.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.201


2000-07-13 16:27:06 by Kenneth Johansson <>

Fixed some stuff.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.200

2000-07-13 15:20:47 by Kenneth Johansson <>

Added short descriptions for most if-plugins.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.199

2000-07-13 15:09:07 by Kenneth Johansson <>

Added information about if-plugins.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.198


2000-07-05 14:45:37 by Marcus Wellhardh <>

New argument "remainderinfo" to emit. The number of rows remainding outside the selected window will be put in this variable, if given.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.205

2000-07-05 13:50:46 by Marcus Wellhardh <>

Added sort functionality to emit.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.204


2000-07-03 13:58:55 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Handle preparse and trimwhites in the old style tag wrapper.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.203

2000-07-03 04:35:52 by Martin Nilsson <>

Group upper and lower characters together.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.202


2000-07-02 16:53:40 by Martin Nilsson <>

Added &roxen.domain;

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.201
Rev: server/etc/modules/Roxen.pmod:1.18


2000-06-29 19:37:54 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed bug in TagCond.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.200

2000-06-29 15:24:14 by Kenneth Johansson <>

Added some syntaxoverview to the <if> plugins. RFC: Should attribute
and its syntax be above or below the plugin description. Now it's
below the description. Try with <help for='if'>.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.197


2000-06-23 16:57:37 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Make normal Tag frames for old style tags instead of registering them as
low_tags and low_containers. Should fix the problem that old style empty
element tags doesn't consume <foo></foo> correctly outside the compatibility

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.199


2000-06-20 15:40:40 by Kenneth Johansson <>

More examples...

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.196


2000-06-19 12:47:26 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Added some debug.
Added support for subdirectories in the rxml_packages directory.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.198


2000-06-09 13:37:42 by Kenneth Johansson <>

Some small changes.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.195


2000-05-28 14:15:43 by Martin Nilsson <>

New emit "source sources."

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.197


2000-05-14 23:47:53 by Martin Nilsson <>

Support negative skiprows.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.196


2000-05-10 17:13:14 by Martin Nilsson <>

Fix for elseif

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.194

2000-05-10 17:11:10 by Martin Nilsson <>

Fix for elseif

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.195


2000-05-03 01:39:13 by Kenneth Johansson <>

Added examples.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.194


2000-05-02 16:42:45 by Kenneth Johansson <>

Examples in documentation added to some tags.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.193
Rev: server/modules/tags/rxmltags.pike:1.120


2000-04-29 23:58:30 by Martin Nilsson <>

Removed an example.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.193

2000-04-29 20:25:59 by Martin Nilsson <>

Removed an example.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.192


2000-04-28 13:56:36 by Martin Nilsson <>

Some fixes for IfIs.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.192


2000-04-25 12:05:46 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Removed an unused variable.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.191


2000-04-19 00:27:10 by Martin Nilsson <>

Better working if-variable.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.190


2000-04-17 16:39:41 by Martin Nilsson <>

Backed out until I find a better solution.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.191


2000-04-15 00:37:46 by Martin Nilsson <>

Documentation changes and bugfix for variable if plugin.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.189

2000-04-15 00:36:00 by Martin Nilsson <>

Fixed bug in variable if caller.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.190


2000-04-14 23:21:40 by Kenneth Johansson <>

Added info for the autodoc-handler.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.189

2000-04-14 22:10:25 by Per Hedbor <>

documentation imported from 2.0

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.188
Rev: server/modules/tags/countdown.pike:1.31

2000-04-14 19:01:10 by Kenneth Johansson <>

Added some documentation.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.188


2000-04-07 07:32:13 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Catch RXML errors correctly for old-style tags.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.187


2000-04-06 14:59:30 by Kenneth Johansson <>

Added some documentation.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.186


2000-04-05 13:11:30 by Martin Nilsson <>


Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.185
Rev: server/modules/tags/rxmltags.pike:1.109


2000-04-01 22:14:13 by Martin Nilsson <>

Let define tag/container be case insensitive in non-compat mode

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.184


2000-03-31 04:44:58 by Martin Nilsson <>

Emit and documentation update.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.183

2000-03-31 04:15:34 by Martin Nilsson <>

Fixed silly bug.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.182


2000-03-30 18:16:08 by Martin Nilsson <>

Fixed potential bug in emit and fixed bugs in tagdoc.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.181


2000-03-28 22:16:48 by Martin Nilsson <>

Removed debug code.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.180

2000-03-28 16:33:56 by Martin Nilsson <>

Bugfix for <if>.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.179


2000-03-23 00:35:10 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Use a little better name when creating a tag set for a module.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.178


2000-03-22 15:11:49 by Martin Nilsson <>

Documentation fixes.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.177


2000-03-20 07:08:58 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Took away a bit too much compatibility code in 1.174.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.176


2000-03-19 16:55:39 by Martin Nilsson <>

Don't inherit roxenlib

Rev: server/base_server/disk_cache.pike:1.46
Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.175


2000-03-18 02:58:06 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Removed an obsolete compatibility kludge.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.174


2000-03-16 11:35:16 by Martin Nilsson <>

UserIfs where not saved in <use>

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.173

2000-03-16 10:54:30 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed some cyclic reference bugs. (Still a tricky one left, though.)

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.172


2000-03-15 23:27:43 by Martin Nilsson <>

Identify generic tags better

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.171


2000-03-14 07:50:44 by Martin Nilsson <>

Adding skiprows and maxrows to emit.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.170

2000-03-14 05:10:37 by Martin Nilsson <>

Changed from query_simple_tag_callers to query_simpletag_callers

Rev: server/base_server/module.pike:1.86
Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.169


2000-03-13 18:30:36 by Martin Nilsson <>

Fix so that <if/><elseif/><else/> works.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.168

2000-03-13 15:41:34 by Stefan Wallström <>

Fix for <if defined=...>

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.167

2000-03-13 15:35:47 by Martin Nilsson <>

Bugfix for <if>

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.166


2000-03-11 03:33:45 by Martin Nilsson <>

Bugfix for <if>. Made some tags streamable.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.165


2000-03-10 04:27:04 by Martin Nilsson <>


Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.164

2000-03-10 02:57:16 by Martin Nilsson <>

Safer cache keys for <use>

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.163


2000-03-09 03:09:01 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Moved some RXML stuff that can be shared between all configurations from
rxml.pike to Roxen.pmod. Completed the set of characted reference entities
that's used in the new parser.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.162
Rev: server/etc/modules/Roxen.pmod:1.10


2000-03-08 01:13:04 by Martin Nilsson <>

Changed &roxen.server;. This should work (eventually)

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.161


2000-03-07 22:15:56 by Martin Nilsson <>

Moved if#expr to rxmltags. Added very brief emit tagdoc

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.160


2000-03-06 17:50:06 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed bug with continuation after rxml errors.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.159
Rev: server/etc/modules/RXML.pmod/module.pmod:1.74


2000-03-04 22:28:15 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Renamed parse_html_compat to the less misleading old_rxml_compat.
Removed some forgotten debug messages.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.158

2000-03-04 22:18:06 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed bug with case sensitivity when calling overridden tags.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.157


2000-03-03 11:03:15 by Martin Nilsson <>

Error handler now fetch its own id object. Some fixes to produce smaller HTML-code.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.156


2000-03-02 02:07:34 by Martin Nilsson <>

Added SSL strength entity.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.155


2000-03-01 15:32:46 by Martin Nilsson <>

Documentation work: Correct syntax for entities. Updated define.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.154

2000-03-01 11:39:04 by Kenneth Johansson <>

More documentation added.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.153
Rev: server/modules/graphics/graphic_text.pike:1.208
Rev: server/modules/tags/rxmltags.pike:1.84
Rev: server/modules/tags/tablist.pike:1.41


2000-02-29 12:42:43 by Martin Nilsson <>

Moved out some error code.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.152


2000-02-25 16:15:20 by Martin Nilsson <>

Exit after debug log message has been written.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.151

2000-02-25 01:33:17 by Martin Nilsson <>

Make errors more silent. Turn them on with <debug> or prestate debug

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.150


2000-02-24 04:07:53 by Martin Nilsson <>

A little more flexible error code. Changed roxen.server so it at least gives correct result on my testserver.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.149


2000-02-23 01:35:38 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Messages to RXML.run_error() and RXML.parse_error() should not be xml
encoded and should end with a newline, just like error().

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.148
Rev: server/modules/tags/rxmltags.pike:1.78


2000-02-21 20:23:09 by Martin Nilsson <>

<define> has now a working preparse attribute

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.147

2000-02-21 18:55:16 by Martin Stjernholm <>

what the rest of the world call them.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.146
Rev: server/etc/modules/RXML.pmod/PXml.pike:1.36
Rev: server/etc/modules/RXML.pmod/module.pmod:1.69
Rev: server/modules/tags/rxmltags.pike:1.75


2000-02-20 19:46:11 by Martin Nilsson <>

Updated the documentation for define and case.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.145

2000-02-20 19:20:34 by Martin Nilsson <>

Changed the scope behavior in <define> so that it works as one expects.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.144

2000-02-20 17:41:35 by Martin Nilsson <>

Copyright notice fix.

Rev: server/base_server/basic_defvar.pike:1.5
Rev: server/base_server/cache.pike:1.42
Rev: server/base_server/configuration.pike:1.265
Rev: server/base_server/disk_cache.pike:1.45
Rev: server/base_server/fastpipe.pike:1.4
Rev: server/base_server/fonts.pike:1.46
Rev: server/base_server/global_variables.pike:1.21
Rev: server/base_server/highlight_pike.pike:1.3
Rev: server/base_server/hosts.pike:1.28
Rev: server/base_server/html.pike:1.9
Rev: server/base_server/http.pike:1.36
Rev: server/base_server/javamodule.pike:1.3
Rev: server/base_server/language.pike:1.25
Rev: server/base_server/module.pike:1.83
Rev: server/base_server/module_support.pike:1.56
Rev: server/base_server/newdecode.pike:1.21
Rev: server/base_server/proxyauth.pike:1.6
Rev: server/base_server/read_config.pike:1.32
Rev: server/base_server/roxen.pike:1.438
Rev: server/base_server/roxenlib.pike:1.155
Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.143
Rev: server/base_server/rxmlhelp.pike:1.17
Rev: server/base_server/slowpipe.pike:1.7
Rev: server/base_server/smartpipe.pike:1.32
Rev: server/base_server/socket.pike:1.19
Rev: server/base_server/state.pike:1.12
Rev: server/base_server/supports.pike:1.13
Rev: server/base_server/throttler.pike:1.5
Rev: server/base_server/wizard.pike:1.114

2000-02-20 09:04:12 by Martin Stjernholm <>

The real callbacks can be destructed when call_tag() or
call_container() is called.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.142

2000-02-20 04:30:10 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed a run_error() that should be parse_error().

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.141

2000-02-20 04:19:45 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed type checks in handle_*_error(). Check frame recursion limit in
in compatibility code. Fixes to UserTag and TagUndefine.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.140

2000-02-20 02:52:34 by Martin Nilsson <>

Temp fix until empty values are type based.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.139


2000-02-19 23:50:15 by Martin Stjernholm <>

UserTag shouldn't preparse. Added <contents> tag inside defined tags:
It's equivalent to <eval>&_.contents:none;</eval>, except that it
binds lexically in the corresponding <define>.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.138


2000-02-18 19:53:58 by Martin Nilsson <>

Now completely newstyle.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.137


2000-02-17 18:10:52 by Martin Nilsson <>

Use pike string trimmer.

Rev: server/base_server/roxenlib.pike:1.154
Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.136
Rev: server/modules/configuration/config_tags.pike:1.54


2000-02-16 20:02:37 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Use ready_to_receive_requests() to avoid possible race in init of the
tag set.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.135

2000-02-16 16:21:42 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Moved define of OLD_RXML_COMPAT to config.h.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.134
Rev: server/etc/include/config.h:1.18
Rev: server/etc/modules/RXML.pmod/PEnt.pike:1.11
Rev: server/etc/modules/RXML.pmod/PXml.pike:1.33
Rev: server/etc/modules/RXML.pmod/module.pmod:1.63

2000-02-16 11:05:13 by Per Hedbor <>

Pass 'id' to the language functions, so we can set the charset encoding.

Rev: server/base_server/language.pike:1.24
Rev: server/base_server/roxenlib.pike:1.153
Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.133


2000-02-15 15:56:39 by Martin Nilsson <>

Now we don't actually have to create a top level scope, just initialize the perception of one.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.132

2000-02-15 10:26:53 by Martin Nilsson <>

Minor bugfixes.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.131

2000-02-15 07:55:10 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed compatibility code.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.130
Rev: server/etc/modules/RXML.pmod/PEnt.pike:1.9
Rev: server/etc/modules/RXML.pmod/PXml.pike:1.31

2000-02-15 06:10:58 by Martin Stjernholm <>

PHtmlCompat and PEntCompat are no more.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.129

2000-02-15 04:36:29 by Martin Nilsson <>

Some fixes. Converted <then>.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.128

2000-02-15 03:10:44 by Martin Nilsson <>

Rewritten some tags to newstyle.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.127

2000-02-15 01:18:28 by Martin Stjernholm <>

RXML.Type.get_parser() got a bit different.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.126


2000-02-14 14:29:15 by Martin Nilsson <>

Preparations for a better user-if system.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.125


2000-02-13 18:25:59 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Dropped the unnecessarily verbose prefix "rxml_" from run_error() and

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.124
Rev: server/etc/modules/RXML.pmod/module.pmod:1.54
Rev: server/etc/modules/RXML.pmod/utils.pmod:1.6
Rev: server/modules/compat/compat.pike:1.22
Rev: server/modules/tags/rxmltags.pike:1.66

2000-02-13 18:09:51 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixes due to changes in RXML.pmod.

Rev: server/base_server/roxen.pike:1.425
Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.123
Rev: server/modules/compat/compat.pike:1.21
Rev: server/modules/tags/rxmltags.pike:1.65

2000-02-13 10:32:22 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Rewrote <cond> to new style.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.122


2000-02-12 21:31:57 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed bug with "Odd context switch". Fixed bug in disabling of parser

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.121


2000-02-11 10:41:17 by Per Hedbor <>

Copy the tag args to id->misc->last_tag_args in user defined tags, it makes it _much_ easier to write pike-scripts that access the arguments. I guess that there might be a better way, but I haven't found it.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.120

2000-02-11 08:53:32 by Per Hedbor <>

New grouping on the add module page, and a drop module page. Also, I changed the logo in the powerpuff theme to the default logo

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.119
Rev: server/config_interface/standard/sites/add_module.pike:1.6
Rev: server/config_interface/standard/sites/config_left_item.pike:1.19
Rev: server/config_interface/standard/sites/drop_module.pike:1.1
Rev: server/config_interface/standard/themes/README:1.3
Rev: server/config_interface/standard/themes/powerpuff/logo.gif:1.1
Rev: server/config_interface/standard/themes/powerpuff/theme:1.5
Rev: server/etc/roxen_master.pike:1.72
Rev: server/modules/compat/INFO:1.1
Rev: server/modules/configuration/INFO:1.1
Rev: server/modules/configuration/config_tags.pike:1.46
Rev: server/modules/directories/INFO:1.1
Rev: server/modules/examples/INFO:1.1
Rev: server/modules/filesystems/INFO:1.1
Rev: server/modules/filters/INFO:1.1
Rev: server/modules/graphics/INFO:1.1
Rev: server/modules/ldap/INFO:1.1
Rev: server/modules/logging/INFO:1.1
Rev: server/modules/misc/INFO:1.1
Rev: server/modules/proxies/INFO:1.1
Rev: server/modules/scripting/INFO:2.1
Rev: server/modules/tags/INFO:1.1
Rev: server/modules/throttling/INFO:1.1
Rev: server/protocols/http.pike:1.201

2000-02-11 01:10:34 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Use added features in Parser.HTML. Handle splice arg "::".

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.118


2000-02-10 04:13:39 by Martin Nilsson <>

Fixed som entities and reverted id->misc->line-type changes.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.117

2000-02-10 04:07:55 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed a bug in the priority sort.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.116

2000-02-10 03:36:11 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed bug where entities_tag_set wasn't always prioritized lowest.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.115

2000-02-10 02:37:21 by Martin Nilsson <>

Documentation work.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.114


2000-02-09 21:39:09 by Martin Nilsson <>

Fetch supports and clientvar documentation from the supports database

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.113

2000-02-09 20:18:41 by Martin Nilsson <>

Support flags are not attributes. Updated doc.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.112


2000-02-08 07:15:35 by Martin Nilsson <>

Rename id->misc->page to id->misc->scope_page. Do not propagate the true value until after the if contents has been parsed.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.111

2000-02-08 01:30:40 by Martin Nilsson <>

Make the page wrapper more believable.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.110

2000-02-08 00:33:02 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed silly bug.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.109

2000-02-08 00:32:34 by Martin Stjernholm <>

More fixes to simple tag interface; should now behave correctly when
streaming content.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.108

2000-02-08 00:02:46 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Some changes to the simple tag interface.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.107


2000-02-07 18:11:26 by Martin Nilsson <>

Fixed an else bug.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.106

2000-02-07 17:11:46 by Martin Nilsson <>

Enable < and > comparison between floats.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.105

2000-02-07 15:47:17 by Martin Nilsson <>

Set 0 to be false, nut just zero_type.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.104

2000-02-07 14:21:27 by Martin Nilsson <>

Fix for <if true> and <if false>

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.103

2000-02-07 00:13:32 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Kludge for bug when overriding variables with constants. Proper type
conversion in TagIfVariable.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.102


2000-02-06 21:47:58 by Martin Nilsson <>

Fix for IfIs

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.101

2000-02-06 20:08:22 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed bug with "Internal error: Context not current.".

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.100

2000-02-06 20:02:11 by Martin Nilsson <>

Sillycapsed properly.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.99

2000-02-06 18:36:58 by Martin Nilsson <>

Added the tag eval.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.98

2000-02-06 14:55:07 by Martin Nilsson <>

Some documentation work.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.97

2000-02-06 11:48:22 by Martin Nilsson <>

Uses newstyle plugin/socket tags for if implementation

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.96


2000-02-05 04:18:08 by Martin Nilsson <>

Privatized some functions. Added emit socket tag.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.95


2000-02-04 20:19:56 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed bug where variable entities in arguments wasn't parsed for
tag callbacks that return zero.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.94


2000-02-02 20:42:53 by Per Hedbor <>

s/ Challenger//

Rev: server/base_server/roxen.pike:1.407
Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.93
Rev: server/config_interface/standard/template:1.26
Rev: server/etc/include/version.h:1.3
Rev: server/modules/proxies/gopher.pike:1.18
Rev: server/modules/proxies/proxy.pike:1.42
Rev: server/modules/tags/accessed.pike:1.19
Rev: server/modules/tags/sqltag.pike:1.43
Rev: server/modules/tags/wizard_tag.pike:1.20
Rev: server/protocols/ftp.pike:2.26
Rev: server/start:1.89


2000-01-31 16:39:22 by Martin Nilsson <>

Wide string patch

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.92

2000-01-31 03:43:45 by Martin Nilsson <>

Adding newstyle/simpletag wrapper code.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.91


2000-01-30 22:28:44 by Per Hedbor <>

Added an make_entity function, since the code lambda(string foo){return "&"+foo+";"; } was rather frequently used in some files

Rev: server/base_server/roxenlib.pike:1.148
Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.90

2000-01-30 18:23:03 by Martin Nilsson <>

Moved <line> to &page.line;. Added trimwhites to <define>. Fixed a indices/values problem in call_user_container.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.89


2000-01-28 16:49:31 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Don't parse plain entities in arguments for old style tags.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.88

2000-01-28 16:29:04 by Martin Stjernholm <>

More accurate parsing of tag arguments for old style tags.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.87


2000-01-27 01:55:52 by Kenneth Johansson <>

Inserted documentation for all tags into the autodoc system. More will
come. If-callers are also inserted. However, there is not yet any
"autodoc" format for them. I have instead used the usual
autodoc-formatting but instead of <desc tag/cont> i've used <desc

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.86


2000-01-26 14:28:57 by Martin Nilsson <>

Workaround to get tagdocumentation to work here too.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.85


2000-01-25 20:40:47 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Added handle_rxml_fatal().

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.84

2000-01-25 20:17:23 by Martin Nilsson <>

Set the top level scope to be form when doing the backwards stuff....

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.83

2000-01-25 18:05:33 by Martin Nilsson <>

Registered standard RXML entities with lowest priority, i.e. first. Bugfix for the page-scope.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.82

2000-01-25 17:29:25 by Martin Nilsson <>

minite -> minute

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.81

2000-01-25 16:48:56 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Made sure entities_tag_set always gets the lowest priority.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.80

2000-01-25 15:03:48 by Martin Nilsson <>

Changed _ to - in entities. Fixed some division by 0.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.79

2000-01-25 04:05:30 by Per Hedbor <>

Several new roxen.* entities:
roxen.uptime, roxen.uptime-days, roxen.uptime-hours, roxen.uptime-minutes - uptime
roxen.hits and roxen.hits-per-minute: Page hit information
roxen.sent, roxen.sent-per-minute, roxen.sent-mb, roxen.sent-kbit-per-second: Data sent and bandwidth usage information
roxen.pike-version: The version of the pike the roxen server is running with

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.78


2000-01-24 19:16:50 by Martin Nilsson <>

Don't link tags that is proven to be undocumented.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.77


2000-01-23 07:50:35 by Martin Nilsson <>

Added some comments and removed <version> and some spaces.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.76

2000-01-23 06:25:24 by Martin Nilsson <>

Turned the page scope into a class of its own.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.75


2000-01-21 22:28:29 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Plugged a potential source for cyclic references.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.74

2000-01-21 21:14:34 by Martin Nilsson <>

<help> is now also ssi-safe.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.73

2000-01-21 20:52:56 by Martin Nilsson <>

Help produces prettier results now.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.72

2000-01-21 15:19:17 by Martin Nilsson <>

Use extend_scope instead of add_scope. Small fix for help.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.71


2000-01-19 16:52:27 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed problem with registering new style tags properly at module

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.70


2000-01-18 18:12:31 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixes for API changes in RXML.pmod.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.69

2000-01-18 10:51:46 by Martin Nilsson <>

Move page scope to rxmltags and make the roxen scope read only.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.68


2000-01-14 05:35:58 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Just a small name change.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.67
Rev: server/etc/modules/RXML.pmod/module.pmod:1.17

2000-01-14 05:27:24 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed bugs with nesting new and old style tags. Better rxml error
handling. Fixed update of the tag set when a parser module is
reloaded. Some fixes to variable entity initialization.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.66


2000-01-13 15:34:36 by Martin Nilsson <>

Some minor fixes and removal of the list-tags tag. <help> is doing a fine job at listing tags.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.65

2000-01-13 00:33:52 by Martin Nilsson <>

First try with entity variables.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.64


2000-01-12 14:30:01 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Updates for API changes in RXML.TagSet.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.63

2000-01-12 08:30:58 by Martin Nilsson <>

Made some defines nicer and made <help> work.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.62


2000-01-11 02:02:55 by Martin Stjernholm <>

"rx:" is now an optional prefix to all tags and containers. Only
enable some low-level compatibility characteristics wrt parse_html()
when parse_html_compat is set (the module compat.pike sets it when
it's started).

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.61


2000-01-10 21:52:41 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed some parser nesting issues.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.60

2000-01-10 19:27:47 by Martin Nilsson <>

Hook up rxml help functions to rxmlhelp. Only dummy functions so far.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.59

2000-01-10 18:47:50 by Martin Nilsson <>

Disable help for now.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.58

2000-01-10 10:10:10 by Martin Nilsson <>

Set the right order of define entities replace arrays...

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.57


2000-01-08 12:10:21 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed rxml variable entity parsing in compatibility mode. Some code to
handle rxml error reporting.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.56

2000-01-08 03:53:09 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Better way to handle propagation to overridden tags, as suggested by

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.55


2000-01-07 05:11:40 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Don't do query_tag_callers() etc in modules whose tags already are

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.54

2000-01-07 04:55:54 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Changed tag_line to the new parser rxml for testing.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.53

2000-01-07 02:32:43 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Reverted a rather silly name change.

Rev: server/base_server/module.pike:1.63
Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.52
Rev: server/etc/modules/RXML.pmod/PXml.pike:1.7
Rev: server/etc/modules/RXML.pmod/module.pmod:1.8
Rev: server/etc/modules/RXML.pmod/refs.pmod:1.3


2000-01-05 19:38:12 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Disabled entity parsing in parse_rxml(); it doesn't work too well with
repeated parsing.. :\

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.51

2000-01-05 18:09:19 by Per Hedbor <>

Include request_trace.h instead of having identical #defines in the file

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.50

2000-01-05 17:46:20 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Now uses the RXML.pmod parser. Beware!

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.49


1999-12-27 23:52:41 by Martin Nilsson <>

Bugfix and improvment of <define tag> and <define container>

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.48


1999-12-18 13:23:28 by Martin Nilsson <>

Moved <version> from rxmlparse.pike

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.47

1999-12-18 13:14:22 by Martin Nilsson <>

Speed up compatibility warnings

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.46


1999-12-11 21:29:40 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Some more security fixes.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.45


1999-12-08 12:24:14 by Per Hedbor <>

Fixes for the fhttp protocol module

Rev: server/base_server/roxen.pike:1.367
Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.44
Rev: server/protocols/fhttp.pike:2.2

1999-12-08 02:31:53 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed bug where a redefined user tag got the same default arguments as
the previous one.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.43


1999-12-07 22:48:42 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Security fix.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.42

1999-12-07 22:01:54 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Better parse_html() emulation that correctly tracks changes in the
tag/container mappings.

Rev: server/base_server/roxen.pike:1.365
Rev: server/base_server/roxenloader.pike:1.124
Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.41

1999-12-07 14:26:05 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Use lazy entity ends in Parser.HTML.

Rev: server/base_server/roxenloader.pike:1.123
Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.40


1999-12-06 04:55:44 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Use new compatibility mode in Parser.HTML.

Rev: server/base_server/roxenloader.pike:1.119
Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.39


1999-11-29 22:11:42 by Per Hedbor <>

More progress in my quest for eradication of 'object id' (should be RequestID id).

Rev: server/base_server/http.pike:1.30
Rev: server/base_server/proxyauth.pike:1.5
Rev: server/base_server/roxenlib.pike:1.130
Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.38
Rev: server/base_server/state.pike:1.10
Rev: server/base_server/wizard.pike:1.103


1999-11-24 01:59:04 by Per Hedbor <>

Explicitly destruct the parser

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.37


1999-11-23 09:43:44 by Per Hedbor <>

Added _sprintf to all classes that did not already have it

Rev: server/base_server/configuration.pike:1.227
Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.36

1999-11-23 06:41:41 by Per Hedbor <>

Added _sprintf() to all classes, use roxenloader.<whatever> instead of lambda functions for the parse_html emulation

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.35


1999-11-22 00:17:42 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Fixed bug in match_user().

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.34

1999-11-22 00:13:52 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Fixed type-error.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.33


1999-11-11 05:25:06 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed bug where a string as tag or container def to parse_html() etc didn't work.

Rev: server/base_server/roxenloader.pike:1.108
Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.32


1999-10-18 21:13:40 by Per Hedbor <>

Fixed tag_use somewhat

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.31

1999-10-18 17:10:03 by Martin Nilsson <>

Renamed successful and failed to true and false. Also their actions are no longer hardcoded but actually depends on previous actions...

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.30


1999-10-16 02:58:37 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Kludge to fix the proper semantics for the <define> and <undefine>
tags when using Parse.HTML.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.29


1999-10-08 12:42:16 by Martin Nilsson <>

Moved for and foreach from rxml to rxmltags as Marcus suggested

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.28


1999-09-09 23:38:09 by Martin Nilsson <>

Some improvements of define and if time. Made strlen work.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.27


1999-08-22 13:38:54 by Martin Nilsson <>

Made it possibe for for loops to count down. Also added some infinite loop prevention.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.26


1999-08-20 16:47:44 by Martin Nilsson <>

Better RXML debug and compatibility functionality.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.25


1999-08-19 23:45:53 by Per Hedbor <>

Added 'trimwhites' and 'noparse' to the user containers. Optimized <if group=...> and <if user=...> somewhat for the case when no user is present at all (id->auth == 0). Trimmed the CACHE() times somewhat. Small optimizations (all roxen->foo changed to for compile-time function binding)

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.24


1999-08-16 18:56:40 by Marcus Wellhardh <>

Fixed a bug in tag_foreach - backtrace if no arguments.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.23

1999-08-16 17:35:36 by Martin Nilsson <>

Made user ifs usable, I hope.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.22


1999-08-15 23:24:42 by David Hedbor <>

Fixed a lower_case of an int and the 'persistant defines' problem (with use)

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.21


1999-08-13 15:14:34 by Martin Nilsson <>

Bugfix for ifs.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.20


1999-08-07 21:39:18 by Martin Nilsson <>

Added operators =, ==, !=, < and > to IfIs. Removed some unnecessary m_deletes

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.19


1999-08-06 03:14:17 by Per Hedbor <>

No more infinite recursion

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.18


1999-08-01 22:40:03 by Martin Nilsson <>

Readded r 1.13

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.17


1999-07-27 22:12:51 by David Hedbor <>

(re?)added <if exists>

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.16

1999-07-27 19:00:04 by David Hedbor <>

reverted to previous version.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.15

1999-07-27 18:58:29 by David Hedbor <>

reverted to previous version.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.14


1999-07-26 11:30:15 by Martin Nilsson <>

Some code to make it possible to define attribute's default value in a more XML compliant way. Also enables ISO expanded date format in if statements

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.13


1999-07-24 20:08:38 by Martin Nilsson <>

Bugfixed <true> and <false> which also fixes <if>. Added support for case attribute.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.12


1999-07-21 01:30:49 by David Hedbor <>

true/false are tags, not containers

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.11


1999-06-11 13:50:45 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed double parsing in a lot of tags that does parse_rxml() on the contents
one way or the other but doesn't return the result in an array: trace,
cache, formoutput, gauge, default, recursive-output, catch, sqloutput, and
internal tags in directories2 and atlas.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.10
Rev: server/modules/directories/directories2.pike:1.14
Rev: server/modules/graphics/atlas/atlas.pike:1.2
Rev: server/modules/tags/htmlparse.pike:1.175
Rev: server/modules/tags/sqltag.pike:1.35


1999-05-20 02:10:55 by David Hedbor <>

fixed <if defined=...> (misc=1)

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.9


1999-05-19 07:07:58 by Peter Bortas <>

Removed unused, ugly code.

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.8


1999-05-08 00:50:00 by Per Hedbor <>

Fixed '<if not>' and added '<if successful>' and '<if failed>'

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.7


1999-04-22 09:28:46 by Per Hedbor <>

Rewrote the <if> tag from scratch, and added a <cond> tag

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.6


1999-02-16 20:46:25 by Marcus Comstedt <>

Reenabled <number> which had got lost somewhere on the way...

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/tags/htmlparse.pike:1.160


1999-01-30 09:53:06 by Per Hedbor <>

Fix for tag_callers==0

Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.4


1998-11-22 17:07:05 by Per Hedbor <>


Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.3


1998-11-19 10:22:28 by Per Hedbor <>

More changes

Rev: server/base_server/fonts.pike:1.26
Rev: server/base_server/roxen.pike:1.253
Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.2
Rev: server/modules/filesystems/cvsfs.pike:1.18
Rev: server/modules/graphics/graphic_text.pike:1.157


1998-11-18 04:54:36 by Per Hedbor <>

Better locale support, moved parse_rxml to the configuration object, started workd on the new configuration interface

Rev: server/base_server/cache.pike:1.22
Rev: server/base_server/config/describers.pike:1.58
Rev: server/base_server/config/low_describers.pike:1.28
Rev: server/base_server/configlocale.pike:1.1
Rev: server/base_server/configuration.pike:1.167
Rev: server/base_server/fonts.pike:1.25
Rev: server/base_server/mainconfig.pike:1.116
Rev: server/base_server/module.pike:1.36
Rev: server/base_server/module_support.pike:1.19
Rev: server/base_server/roxen.pike:1.252
Rev: server/base_server/roxenlib.pike:1.89
Rev: server/base_server/roxenloader.pike:1.80
Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.1
Rev: server/base_server/wizard.pike:1.77
Rev: server/config_actions/cachestatus.pike:1.4
Rev: server/config_actions/debuginformation.pike:1.16
Rev: server/config_actions/feature_list.pike:1.4
Rev: server/config_actions/flush.pike:1.7
Rev: server/config_actions/listfonts.pike:1.4
Rev: server/config_actions/problems.pike:1.12
Rev: server/config_actions/reloadconfiginterface.pike:1.9
Rev: server/etc/include/roxen.h:1.8
Rev: server/etc/roxen_master.pike:1.49
Rev: server/modules/directories/indexfiles.pike:1.7
Rev: server/modules/filters/auto_gzip.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/graphics/business_graphics/business.pike:1.110
Rev: server/modules/graphics/counter.pike:1.22
Rev: server/modules/graphics/graphic_text.pike:1.156
Rev: server/modules/graphics/pimage.pike:1.12
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/rimage.pike:1.8
Rev: server/modules/logging/home_logger.pike:1.19
Rev: server/modules/misc/gtext_creator.pike:1.1
Rev: server/modules/misc/language.pike:1.17
Rev: server/modules/misc/mirrorserver.pike:1.14
Rev: server/modules/proxies/ftpgateway.pike:1.26
Rev: server/modules/proxies/gopher.pike:1.15
Rev: server/modules/proxies/wais.pike:1.12
Rev: server/modules/scripting/cgi.pike:1.106
Rev: server/modules/scripting/pikescript.pike:1.30
Rev: server/modules/tags/doc/graphic_text:1.5
Rev: server/modules/tags/htmlparse.pike:1.153
Rev: server/modules/tags/lpctag.pike:1.19
Rev: server/modules/tags/wizard_tag.pike:1.18
Rev: server/protocols/ftp.pike:1.97
Rev: server/protocols/http.pike:1.121
Rev: server/start:1.54