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2019-10-02 11:13:40 by Karl Gustav Sterneberg <>

Merge branch 'patches/ws562' into patches/ws558

* patches/ws562: (9454 commits)
VFS: find_above(): Don't add to cache if no cache key. [WS-562]
Perform negative caching of (typically) htaccess files for 5 seconds.
Fixed request trace nesting inconsistency.
FTP: Allow anonymous ftp without TLS even when TLS required.
FTP: Added support for the CCC command.
FTP: Default to PROT P for FTPS.
FTP: Allow FEAT before login.
FTP: Fixed bug in MLSD/MLST handling.
FTP: Extended AUTH TLS config option.
FTP: Fixed SSL data connection.
Pike 8.0: Temporary workaround for SSL/TLS API change.
FTP: Fixed typo in PBSZ error message.
FTP: Support ending the TLS control connection with REIN.
FTP: Added configuration flag to require AUTH TLS.
FTP: Support AUTH TLS (RFC 4217).
FTP: The ftp server is always the server side of TLS.
FTP: Splitted send() into low_send() and send().
Pike 8.0: More SSL/TLS API changes.
FTP: Prepare for supporting AUTH TLS (RFC 4217).
Protocols: Added StartTLSProtocol.


2018-01-03 09:41:43 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge branch 'feature/CMS-297-secure-sitebuilder-cookie' into patches/ws-135

* feature/CMS-297-secure-sitebuilder-cookie: (804 commits)


2017-05-29 12:26:57 by Pontus Östlund <>



2017-05-23 19:33:18 by Pontus Östlund <>

Most of the UI is now rewritten.


2015-10-23 13:54:40 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge commit '8a2ce4a87' into patches/bug7582

* commit '8a2ce4a87': (7413 commits)


2014-05-16 09:57:21 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge commit '64ea9f116367427932716bbbb417bd3f20b99feb' into patches/pike8.0

* commit '64ea9f116367427932716bbbb417bd3f20b99feb': (904 commits)
Roxen 5.4.1.

Updates the base version for the Pike 8.0 patches to Roxen 5.4.1.


2011-12-21 00:58:45 by Jonas Wallden <>


Rev: server/base_server/configuration.pike:1.720
Rev: server/base_server/global_variables.pike:1.126
Rev: server/config_interface/actions/debug_info.pike:1.47
Rev: server/config_interface/boxes/server_status.pike:1.8
Rev: server/config_interface/boxes/snmp_status.pike:1.3
Rev: server/config_interface/dbs/browser.pike:1.85
Rev: server/config_interface/dbs/new_group.pike:1.14
Rev: server/config_interface/sites/drop_site.pike:1.22
Rev: server/translations/ces/admin_tasks.xml:1.33
Rev: server/translations/ces/roxen_config.xml:1.56
Rev: server/translations/deu/admin_tasks.xml:1.33
Rev: server/translations/deu/roxen_config.xml:1.66
Rev: server/translations/eng/admin_tasks.xml:1.34
Rev: server/translations/eng/roxen_config.xml:1.62
Rev: server/translations/hun/admin_tasks.xml:1.27
Rev: server/translations/hun/roxen_config.xml:1.52
Rev: server/translations/jpn/admin_tasks.xml:1.27
Rev: server/translations/jpn/roxen_config.xml:1.52
Rev: server/translations/nld/admin_tasks.xml:1.33
Rev: server/translations/nld/roxen_config.xml:1.57
Rev: server/translations/swe/admin_tasks.xml:1.32
Rev: server/translations/swe/roxen_config.xml:1.72


2010-05-06 12:51:48 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Improved diagnostics when there are no active SNMP ports.

Rev: server/config_interface/boxes/snmp_status.pike:1.2

2010-05-06 12:26:34 by Fredrik Noring <>

Added for SNMP: Status box under Home tab

Rev: server/config_interface/boxes/snmp_status.pike:1.1

2010-05-06 11:09:33 by Fredrik Noring <>

Added for SNMP: Status box under Home tab

Rev: server/config_interface/boxes/snmp_status.pike:1.1