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1999-11-27 13:26:30 by Martin Nilsson <>

Moved to compat

Rev: server/modules/tags/compat.pike:1.12(DEAD)

1999-11-27 07:50:32 by Per Hedbor <>

Normal users might want to enable the 'log all old rxml calls in the event log' variable

Rev: server/modules/tags/compat.pike:1.11


1999-10-19 23:20:58 by Martin Nilsson <>

Moved code from compat back to rxmltags. I thought I had a better solution, but I didn't

Rev: server/modules/tags/compat.pike:1.10
Rev: server/modules/tags/rxmltags.pike:1.27


1999-10-17 22:48:50 by Martin Nilsson <>

Relies on function names instead of query*callers

Rev: server/modules/tags/compat.pike:1.9


1999-10-10 12:09:35 by Martin Nilsson <>

Removed cset altogether since per wants it in rxmltags. To bad the name cset sucks from a usability point of view.

Rev: server/modules/tags/compat.pike:1.8

1999-10-10 11:45:52 by Martin Nilsson <>

Fix for cset

Rev: server/modules/tags/compat.pike:1.7


1999-10-09 17:22:29 by Martin Nilsson <>

Moved a lot of compatibility code to this module

Rev: server/modules/tags/compat.pike:1.6


1999-09-25 22:57:20 by Martin Nilsson <>

Now also working..

Rev: server/modules/tags/check_spelling.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/tags/compat.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/tags/countdown.pike:1.16
Rev: server/modules/tags/ssi.pike:1.7
Rev: server/modules/tags/ximg.pike:1.7

1999-09-25 15:06:38 by Martin Nilsson <>

I see no reason why this isn't thread safe.

Rev: server/modules/tags/check_spelling.pike:1.4
Rev: server/modules/tags/compat.pike:1.4
Rev: server/modules/tags/countdown.pike:1.15
Rev: server/modules/tags/ssi.pike:1.6
Rev: server/modules/tags/ximg.pike:1.6


1999-08-12 13:05:13 by Martin Nilsson <>

Completely whacked the signature tag since it did not work at all. Added log stuff to preparse.

Rev: server/modules/tags/compat.pike:1.3


1999-07-26 13:16:39 by Martin Nilsson <>

Moved signature to compatibility module.

Rev: server/modules/tags/compat.pike:1.2
Rev: server/modules/tags/htmlparse.pike:1.180


1999-04-22 14:18:44 by Per Hedbor <>

Old tags

Rev: server/modules/tags/compat.pike:1.1