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2017-06-21 12:16:34 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge branch 'patches/bug7602' into grubba/patchsystem

Note: This makes this branch no longer compatible with Roxen 5.2 and earlier.

* patches/bug7602: (117 commits)
RoxenPatch: Complain but proceed when the CA list is empty.
RoxenPatch: The patch cluster is fetched over HTTPS...
RoxenPatch: Support relative URLs from the HTTPS action.
Config IF: Reordered settings somewhat.
Config IF: Join the tabs "Auto {Restart,Patching}" to "Auto Maintenance".
RoxenPatch: Revert the patch installation on manual restart option.
RoxenPatch: Don't apply pending patches on signal exit.
RoxenPatch: More permission filtering.
RoxenPatch: Fixed some NULL-dereferences and calls.
RoxenPatch: Complain if not running a dist.
RoxenPatch: Use HTTPS to fetch the patch cluster.
RoxenPatch: Added control of patch installation to the restart action.
RoxenPatch: Added option to automatically install patches on restart.
RoxenPatch: Throw proper errors instead of arrays with a single string.
RoxenPatch: Clean up the debug log output somewhat.
RoxenPatch: The refresh fetch now also tries If-Modified-Since.
RoxenPatch: The ETag refresh fetch now actually works.
RoxenPatch: Added support for automatic fetch of patch clusters.
RoxenPatch: Perform refresh fetch of the patch cluster.
RoxenPatch: Inhibit "Import from Roxen" without VERSION.DIST.


2015-12-01 14:45:01 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge commit '5ee4d2b88e3e12d1622f9a161e9a29484cbf6e4c' into patches/bug7602

Bump base version to Roxen 5.2.335.


2015-10-23 13:54:40 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge commit '8a2ce4a87' into patches/bug7582

* commit '8a2ce4a87': (7413 commits)


2014-05-16 09:57:21 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge commit '64ea9f116367427932716bbbb417bd3f20b99feb' into patches/pike8.0

* commit '64ea9f116367427932716bbbb417bd3f20b99feb': (904 commits)
Roxen 5.4.1.

Updates the base version for the Pike 8.0 patches to Roxen 5.4.1.


2013-03-04 14:05:47 by Anders Johansson <>

No more foreign_idents.

More pain than they are worth.


2003-07-11 15:47:24 by 0

Fix for paths containing space characters.

Rev: server/start:1.204
Rev: start:1.4

2003-07-11 15:47:24 by 0

Fix for paths containing space characters.

Rev: server/start:1.204
Rev: start:1.4


2003-01-26 02:29:57 by Martin Nilsson <>

roxen -> ChiliMoon

Rev: server/modules/tags/writefile.pike:1.13
Rev: start:1.4


2001-10-19 09:38:53 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Fixed quoting bug.

Rev: start:1.3


2001-09-13 13:43:12 by Fredrik Noring <>

Fixed [bug 2259] which makes it possible to start this start script without doing cd to its directory first.

Rev: start:1.2


2001-02-02 12:08:40 by Fredrik Noring <>

*** empty log message ***

Rev: start:1.1