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2008-07-14 14:03:26 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Don't require pike to be in /usr/local/bin.

Rev: tools/cp.pike:1.5
Rev: tools/grep:1.4
Rev: tools/install:1.13
Rev: tools/mkdir:1.7
Rev: tools/mv.pike:1.5
Rev: tools/nm:1.5
Rev: tools/pntld:1.24
Rev: tools/rntany:1.4
Rev: tools/rntcc:1.31
Rev: tools/rntcl:1.42
Rev: tools/rntcl64:1.2
Rev: tools/rntecl:1.14
Rev: tools/rnticl:1.3
Rev: tools/sprsh:1.4
Rev: tools/sprsh-load-balancer:1.3
Rev: tools/windump:1.2


2001-09-23 05:54:28 by Fredrik Hübinette (Hubbe) <>

first revision

Rev: tools/windump:1.1