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2002-01-10 23:19:07 by Per Hedbor <>

All that is needed, except a fresh MPlayer source, that is

Rev: modules/newmplayer/.cvsignore:1.1
Rev: modules/newmplayer/
Rev: modules/newmplayer/
Rev: modules/newmplayer/infiltrate.pike:1.1
Rev: modules/newmplayer/mplayer.c:1.1
Rev: modules/newmplayer/pike_vo.h:1.1
Rev: modules/newmplayer/vo_pike.c:1.1
Rev: modules/newmplayer/vo_pike2.c:1.1

10:   # Files containing CVS ids follow.   # Remove the corresponding line before committing   # changes to these files. + /modules/newmplayer/ foreign_ident   /modules/subtitles/ foreign_ident   /modules/subtitles/libsub/ foreign_ident