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2003-03-09 18:11:59 by Per Hedbor <>

Added --no-ssl option.


21:    '--once')    once=1    ;; +  '--nossl'|'--no-sll') +  DEFINES="-DNOSSL $DEFINES" +  ;;    '--debug'|'--with-debug'|'--enable-debug')    DEBUG=1    DEFINES="-DVP_DEBUG $DEFINES"
44:    .B--offlineB.: Indicate that there is no network connection    available. Disables metaserver access.    .B--debugB.: Output more debug information +  .B--no-sslB.: Run without SSL-support. A normal HTTP-port will +  opened instead of a HTTPS-port.    .B--onceB.: Run the server only once, in the foreground.    The default behaviour is to run it in a loop in the    background.