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2015-12-03 11:06:07 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

RoxenPatch: Added option to automatically install patches on restart.

Adds the global setting "Auto Patching: Automatically apply patches",
which causes any imported patches to be installed before the server
is restarted. This can be used to delay installation of patches to
the nest scheduled service window.

Fixes some more of [bug 7602 (#7602)].

985:    TYPE_FLAG,    LOCALE(0, "Automatically fetch and import patches to the server "    "from")); +  defvar("patch_on_restart", 0, +  LOCALE(0, "Auto Patching: Automatically apply patches"), +  TYPE_FLAG, +  LOCALE(0, "Automatically apply any imported patches when the " +  "server is restarted."));   }