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2011-12-21 00:58:45 by Jonas Wallden <>


Rev: server/base_server/configuration.pike:1.720
Rev: server/base_server/global_variables.pike:1.126
Rev: server/config_interface/actions/debug_info.pike:1.47
Rev: server/config_interface/boxes/server_status.pike:1.8
Rev: server/config_interface/boxes/snmp_status.pike:1.3
Rev: server/config_interface/dbs/browser.pike:1.85
Rev: server/config_interface/dbs/new_group.pike:1.14
Rev: server/config_interface/sites/drop_site.pike:1.22
Rev: server/translations/ces/admin_tasks.xml:1.33
Rev: server/translations/ces/roxen_config.xml:1.56
Rev: server/translations/deu/admin_tasks.xml:1.33
Rev: server/translations/deu/roxen_config.xml:1.66
Rev: server/translations/eng/admin_tasks.xml:1.34
Rev: server/translations/eng/roxen_config.xml:1.62
Rev: server/translations/hun/admin_tasks.xml:1.27
Rev: server/translations/hun/roxen_config.xml:1.52
Rev: server/translations/jpn/admin_tasks.xml:1.27
Rev: server/translations/jpn/roxen_config.xml:1.52
Rev: server/translations/nld/admin_tasks.xml:1.33
Rev: server/translations/nld/roxen_config.xml:1.57
Rev: server/translations/swe/admin_tasks.xml:1.32
Rev: server/translations/swe/roxen_config.xml:1.72

1:   // This file is part of Roxen WebServer.   // Copyright © 1996 - 2009, Roxen IS. - // $Id: global_variables.pike,v 1.125 2011/04/28 09:14:37 liin Exp $ + // $Id: global_variables.pike,v 1.126 2011/12/21 00:46:45 jonasw Exp $      // #pragma strict_types   #define DEFVAR mixed...:object
968: Inside #if defined(ENABLE_OUTGOING_PROXY)
     #ifdef ENABLE_OUTGOING_PROXY    defvar("use_proxy", 0, -  LOCALE(0, "Proxy: Use proxy (experimental)"), TYPE_FLAG, -  LOCALE(0, "Use proxy for outgoing requests. E.g. when browsing " +  LOCALE(1052, "Proxy: Use proxy (experimental)"), TYPE_FLAG, +  LOCALE(1053, "Use proxy for outgoing requests. E.g. when browsing "    "external web sites through the Linkbrowser or when Insert "    "cached-href fetches data from an external location."));       defvar("proxy_url", "", -  LOCALE(0, "Proxy: Proxy URL"), TYPE_STRING, -  LOCALE(0, "The URL of the proxy to use for outgoing requests.")); +  LOCALE(1054, "Proxy: Proxy URL"), TYPE_STRING, +  LOCALE(1055, "The URL of the proxy to use for outgoing requests."));       defvar("proxy_username", "", -  LOCALE(0, "Proxy: Proxy username"), TYPE_STRING, -  LOCALE(0, "Username for proxy authorization.")); +  LOCALE(1056, "Proxy: Proxy username"), TYPE_STRING, +  LOCALE(1057, "Username for proxy authorization."));       defvar("proxy_password", "", -  LOCALE(0, "Proxy: Proxy password"), TYPE_STRING, -  LOCALE(0, "Password for proxy authorization.")); +  LOCALE(1058, "Proxy: Proxy password"), TYPE_STRING, +  LOCALE(1059, "Password for proxy authorization."));   #endif   }