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1999-08-30 09:29:37 by Per Hedbor <>

Merged difference from roxen global variables

Rev: server/base_server/global_variables.pike:1.2

17:   {    int p;    +     globvar("set_cookie", 0, "Set unique user id cookies", TYPE_FLAG,    #"If set to Yes, all users of your server whose clients support   cookies will get a unique 'user-id-cookie', this can then be
252:    TYPE_FILE|VAR_MORE,    "In this file, the server will write out it's PID, and the PID "    "of the start script. $pid will be replaced with the pid, and " -  "$uid with the uid of the user running the process."); +  "$uid with the uid of the user running the process.\n" +  "<p>Note: It will be overridden by the command line option.");    deflocaledoc("svenska", "pidfile", "ProcessIDfil",    "I den här filen sparas roxen processid och processidt "    "for roxens start-skript. $uid byts ut mot användaridt för "
676:    0,    lambda(){ return QUERY(argument_cache_in_db); });    +  +  +     setvars(retrieve("Variables", 0));       for(p = 1; p < argc; p++)