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2015-12-02 10:26:14 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

RoxenPatch: Added support for automatic fetch of patch clusters.

This adds a new global setting: "Auto Patching: Automatically import
patches", which when enabled causes the server to poll for new patch
clusters once every hour.

Fixes some of [bug 7602 (#7602)].

979: Inside #if defined(ENABLE_OUTGOING_PROXY)
   LOCALE(1058, "Proxy: Proxy password"), TYPE_STRING,    LOCALE(1059, "Password for proxy authorization."));   #endif +  +  defvar("auto_fetch_rxps", 0, +  LOCALE(0, "Auto Patching: Automatically import patches"), +  TYPE_FLAG, +  LOCALE(0, "Automatically fetch and import patches to the server " +  "from"));   }