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2001-09-21 08:54:18 by Johan Sundström <>

Eeek! Balanced tags are terribly neccessary.

Rev: server/base_server/image_cache.xml:1.7

224:    Keep n pixels from the beginning of the Y scale.</p>   </attr>    - <attr name=crop value='x1,y1-x2,y2|auto|guides-cross|guides-region'><p> + <attr name='crop' value='x1,y1-x2,y2|auto|guides-cross|guides-region'><p>    Crops the image by using several differen methods. The simplest is to only    specify the area to be cropped with x,y-x,y coordinates. By instead    selecting "auto" the image will be cropped so that as many pixels as possible
251:   <### crop='50,28-150,92'/>   </ex>    -  <p> +    </attr>      <h3>Format specific attributes</h3>