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2002-02-27 17:41:19 by Marcus Wellhardh <>

Removed signal handler for SIGUSR1 and SIGUSR2 for describing all pike threads. This was a problem with java modules. Java modules sometimes generated random pike thread dumps. To dump pike backtrace use SIGQUIT on unix and SIGBREAK on NT.

Rev: server/base_server/roxen.pike:1.782

6:   // Per Hedbor, Henrik Grubbström, Pontus Hagland, David Hedbor and others.   // ABS and suicide systems contributed freely by Francesco Chemolli    - constant cvs_version="$Id: roxen.pike,v 1.781 2002/02/27 17:25:23 mast Exp $"; + constant cvs_version="$Id: roxen.pike,v 1.782 2002/02/27 17:41:19 wellhard Exp $";      // The argument cache. Used by the image cache.   ArgCache argcache;
4330:    catch(signal(signum("SIGHUP"),async_sig_start(reload_all_configurations,1)));       // Signals which cause Roxen to dump the thread state -  foreach( ({ "SIGBREAK", "SIGQUIT", "SIGUSR1", "SIGUSR2", }), string sig) +  foreach( ({ "SIGBREAK", "SIGQUIT" }), string sig)    catch( signal(signum(sig),async_sig_start(describe_all_threads,-1)));       start_time=time(); // Used by the "uptime" info later on.