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2016-05-13 14:49:32 by Pontus Östlund <>

rxml.pike: The variable id->misc->defines->theme_language which is set in the preferred language analyzer (if the defvar propagate language is true) module upon first-try, and then used later on in language aware tags, was discarded in RXMLTagSet()->rxml_prepare_context() which is run after first-try. RXMLTagSet()->rxml_prepare_context() now checks if id->misc->defines->theme_language is set and re-sets it in the new id->misc->define created in rxml_prepare_context().

111:    misc->language = defines->language;    misc->present_languages = defines->present_languages;    +  if (defines->theme_language) +  misc->theme_language = defines->theme_language; +     id->misc->defines = misc;    }    else