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1996-12-03 02:04:09 by Per Hedbor <>


Rev: server/base_server/config/draw_things.pike:1.6
Rev: server/base_server/mainconfig.pike:1.16
Rev: server/etc/newconfig.html:1.2
Rev: server/etc/restart.html:1.2
Rev: server/etc/shutdown.html:1.2

2:   <head>   <title>Roxen restarting</title>   </head> - <body background=/image/background.jpg bgcolor=#f0e0a0 -  text=#000000 link=#0000f0 vlink=#0000f0 alink=#00f000> +     - <img src=/image/roxen.gif alt="Roxen restart"> - <hr noshade> +     - <h1>Restart</h1> - <font color=darkblue> + <body bgcolor=#002050 text=#ffffff link=#ffffaa vlink=#ffffaa alink=#f0e0f0> + <font color=yellow><h1>Restart</h1></font> + <font color=lightblue>   Roxen will restart automatically.      <p><i>You might see the old process for a while in the process table when
17:   for all connections to finish, the process will go away after at most   15 minutes.</i>   </font> - <hr noshade> +    </body>   </html>