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2012-02-14 16:48:55 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Added a flag to run tests in single threaded mode.

Useful to avoid test suite noise in some cases where we don't wish to plug
all the thread races.

Rev: server/etc/test/tests/pike_test_common.pike:1.17
Rev: server/modules/configuration/roxen_test.pike:1.91

1:   int current_test, tests_failed;   int verbose;    + constant single_thread = 0; + // If this constant is set then the test will run in the backend + // thread while all handler threads are on hold (which implies the + // background_run queue is on hold as well). Otherwise tests are run + // in one handler thread while another one is free to execute + // background jobs right away. +    void create( int vb ) { verbose = vb; }