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2008-08-05 12:07:56 by Martin Stjernholm <>

5.0 compat changes: <if> now complains if no attribute matches a
plugin. URL encodings now use uppercase hex chars.

Rev: server/etc/test/tests/rxml/RoxenTest_BaseRXML.xml:1.81

169:   <comment>Define/undefine</comment>   <test>   <rxml><define if='x'>3</define><if x='3'>1</if><undefine if='x'/><if x='3'>1</if><else>0</else></rxml> - <result>10</result> + <glob>1[Error (parse): *]</glob>   </test>      <test>
1537:      <test>   <rxml><if q>X</if><else>Y</else></rxml> - <result>Y</result> + <glob>[Error (parse): *]</glob>   </test>      <test>
2755:      <test>   <rxml><if rxml_test="xyz">1</if><use package="test_rxml_package"/><if rxml_test="xyz">2</if><if rxml_test="a">3</if></rxml> - <result>2</result> + <glob>[Error (parse): *]2</glob>   </test>      <test>   <rxml><if rxml_test2="abc">1</if><use package="test_rxml_package"/><if rxml_test2="abc">2</if><if rxml_test2="a">3</if></rxml> - <result></result> + <glob>[Error (parse): *][Error (parse): *][Error (parse): *]</glob>   </test>      <test>
2921:   </test>      <test> - <rxml><set variable="var.x">&lt;$%a#å</set>&var.x:wml-url;</rxml> + <rxml><set variable="var.x">&lt;$%a#å</set><case case="lower">&var.x:wml-url;</case></rxml>   <!--    Behavior in 4.0 and earlier - strings with only ISO 8859-1 chars are    encoded straight off by the wml-url encoding while wider strings