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2006-01-11 03:10:49 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Changed the wml-url encoding test to conform to the new url encoding
function and wrote notes about that I haven't been able to check the WAP/WML
standard on how to deal with this case.

Rev: server/etc/modules/Roxen.pmod:1.204
Rev: server/etc/test/tests/rxml/RoxenTest_BaseRXML.xml:1.72

2752:      <test>   <rxml><set variable="var.x">&lt;$%a#å</set>&var.x:wml-url;</rxml> + <!-- +  Behavior in 4.0 and earlier - strings with only ISO 8859-1 chars are +  encoded straight off by the wml-url encoding while wider strings +  first are UTF-8 encoded. I don't know what the WAP/WML standard says +  about this. /mast +     <result>%3c%24%25a%23%e5</result> -  + --> + <result>%3c%24%25a%23%c3%a5</result>   </test>