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2000-09-21 02:46:10 by Johan Schön <>

More legalese for the world

Rev: server/font_handlers/rbf-license.txt:1.1

1: + The file named 'rbf' (File) that is distributed in the Roxen WebServer + 2.X and higher (Roxen WebServer) includes font technology from Bitstream Inc., + Massachutes, USA, which owns the full proprietary rights to + the File. Accordingly this particluar File is not released under the GPL.    -  + Roxen Internet Software AB, Sweden, has licensed this font technology + from BitStream Inc. and the File is for internal Roxen WebServer use only. +  + You are free to use Roxen WebServer including the File and to + redsitribute the Roxen WebServer including the File as long as the + File resides unmodified in the same location and is used internally in + Roxen WebServer only. +  + You are under no circumstances allowed to use or copy the File outside + the Roxen WebServer, or even try to decrypt, reverse engineer the File + or similar. +    Newline at end of file added.