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2001-01-29 05:41:26 by Per Hedbor <>

Removed the need for module_doc_locale and module_name_locale, now uses module_doc and module_name directly. Also added localization to some modules that did not have it before.

Rev: server/modules/compat/compat.pike:1.55
Rev: server/modules/compat/sqldb.pike:1.3
Rev: server/modules/database/SQLuserdb.pike:1.25
Rev: server/modules/database/sqltag.pike:1.73
Rev: server/modules/directories/directories.pike:1.91
Rev: server/modules/directories/indexfiles.pike:1.19
Rev: server/modules/examples/auth.pike:1.6
Rev: server/modules/examples/common_api.pike:1.7
Rev: server/modules/examples/fnord.pike:1.14
Rev: server/modules/examples/newstyle_fnord.pike:1.11
Rev: server/modules/filesystems/filesystem.pike:1.95
Rev: server/modules/filesystems/incoming.pike:1.14
Rev: server/modules/filesystems/restrictedfs.pike:1.18
Rev: server/modules/filesystems/secure_fs.pike:1.25
Rev: server/modules/filesystems/tarfs.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/filesystems/userfs.pike:1.63
Rev: server/modules/security/auth_httpbasic.pike:1.4
Rev: server/modules/security/auth_httpcookie.pike:1.4
Rev: server/modules/security/userdb_system.pike:1.3
Rev: server/modules/tags/obox.pike:1.33
Rev: server/modules/tags/rxmltags.pike:1.197
Rev: server/modules/tags/sizer.pike:1.4

4:   // of a container.      // This variable is shown in the configinterface as the version of the module. - constant cvs_version = "$Id: fnord.pike,v 1.13 2000/11/27 06:17:13 per Exp $"; + constant cvs_version = "$Id: fnord.pike,v 1.14 2001/01/29 05:40:30 per Exp $";      // Tell Roxen that this module is threadsafe. That is there is no   // request specific data in global variables.
85:      // Some constants that are needed to register the module in the RXML parser.   constant module_type = MODULE_TAG; - LocaleString module_name_locale = LOCALE(1,"Fnord!"); - LocaleString module_doc_locale = + LocaleString module_name = LOCALE(1,"Fnord!"); + LocaleString module_doc =    LOCALE(2,"Adds an extra container tag, &lt;fnord&gt; that's supposed "    "to make things invisible unless the \"fnord\" prestate is present."    "<p>This module is here as an example of how to write a "