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2000-04-06 01:49:51 by Mattias Wingstedt <>

o Nicer descriptions

Rev: server/modules/database/INFO:1.1
Rev: server/modules/database/SQLuserdb.pike:1.17
Rev: server/modules/database/sqldb.pike:1.6
Rev: server/modules/database/sqltag.pike:1.57
Rev: server/modules/filesystems/INFO:1.2
Rev: server/modules/filesystems/cvsfs.pike:1.22(DEAD)
Rev: server/modules/filesystems/filesystem.pike:1.79
Rev: server/modules/filesystems/incoming.pike:1.9
Rev: server/modules/filesystems/restrictedfs.pike:1.13
Rev: server/modules/filesystems/secure_fs.pike:1.19
Rev: server/modules/filesystems/userfs.pike:1.55
Rev: server/modules/misc/SQLuserdb.pike:1.17(DEAD)
Rev: server/modules/misc/sqldb.pike:1.6(DEAD)
Rev: server/modules/tags/sqltag.pike:1.57(DEAD)
Rev: server/more_modules/cvsfs.pike:1.22

8:   inherit "roxenlib";   inherit "socket";    - constant cvs_version= "$Id: filesystem.pike,v 1.78 2000/04/03 03:50:18 per Exp $"; + constant cvs_version= "$Id: filesystem.pike,v 1.79 2000/04/06 01:49:40 wing Exp $";   constant thread_safe=1;      #include <module.h>
35:   #endif      constant module_type = MODULE_LOCATION; - constant module_name = "Filesystem"; + constant module_name = "File system";   constant module_doc = - ("This is a virtual filesystem. Use it to make files available to " -  "the users of your WWW-server. If you want to serve any 'normal' " -  "files from your server, you will have to have at least one filesystem.") ; + ("This is the basic file system module that makes it possible to mount a " +  "directory structure on the virtual file system of your site.") ;   constant module_unique = 0;      int redirects, accesses, errors, dirlists;
78:   void create()   {    defvar("mountpoint", "/", "Mount point", TYPE_LOCATION|VAR_INITIAL, -  "This is where the module will be inserted in the "+ -  "namespace of your server."); +  "Where the module will be mounted in the site's virtual file " +  "system.");       defvar("searchpath", "NONE", "Search path", TYPE_DIR|VAR_INITIAL, -  "This is where the module will find the files in the real "+ -  "file system."); +  "The directory that contains the files.");       defvar(".files", 0, "Show hidden files", TYPE_FLAG|VAR_MORE, -  "If set, hidden files will be shown in dirlistings and you " -  "will be able to retrieve them."); +  "If set, hidden files, ie files that begin with a '.', " +  "will be shown in directory listings." );       defvar("dir", 1, "Enable directory listings per default", TYPE_FLAG|VAR_MORE, -  "If set, you have to create a file named .www_not_browsable " -  "or .nodiraccess in a directory to disable directory listings." -  " If unset, a file named .www_browsable in a directory will " -  "_enable_ directory listings.\n"); +  "If set, it will be possible to get a directory listings from " +  "directories in this file system. It is possible to force a " +  "directory to never be browsable by putting a " +  "<tt>.www_not_browsable</tt> or a <tt>.nodiraccess</tt> file " +  "in it. Similarly it is possible to let a directory be browsable, " +  "even if the file system is not, by putting a " +  "<tt>.www_browsable</tt> file in it.\n");       defvar("tilde", 0, "Show backup files", TYPE_FLAG|VAR_MORE, -  "If set, files ending with '~' or '#' or '.bak' will "+ +  "If set, files ending with '~', '#' or '.bak' will "+    "be shown in directory listings");       defvar("put", 0, "Handle the PUT method", TYPE_FLAG, -  "If set, PUT can be used to upload files to the server."); +  "If set, it will be possible to upload files with the HTTP " +  "method PUT, or through FTP.");       defvar("delete", 0, "Handle the DELETE method", TYPE_FLAG, -  "If set, DELETE can be used to delete files from the " -  "server."); +  "If set, it will be possible to delete files with the HTTP " +  "method DELETE, or through FTP.");       defvar("check_auth", 1, "Require authentication for modification",    TYPE_FLAG, -  "Only allow authenticated users to use methods other than " -  "GET and POST. If unset, this filesystem will be a <em>very</em> " -  "public one (anyone can edit files located on it)"); +  "Only allow users authenticated by a authentication module to " +  "use methods that can modify the files, such as PUT or DELETE. " +  "If this is not set the file system will be a <b>very</b> public " +  "one since anyone will be able to edit files.");       defvar("stat_cache", 0, "Cache the results of stat(2)",    TYPE_FLAG|VAR_MORE, -  "This can speed up the retrieval of files up to 70% if you " -  "use NFS, but it does use some memory.\n" -  "<p>Also note that the cached results are only rechecked when the " -  "file is fetched with the no-cache pragma (produced e.g. by " -  "Alt-Ctrl-Reload in Netscape), when the module is reloaded " -  "or when the cached entry has expired. " -  "Thus, it's not recommended to use this on filesystems that " +  "A performace option that can speed up retrieval of files from " +  "NFS with up to 70%. In turn it uses some memory and the file " +  "system might not notice that files have changed unless it gets " +  "a pragma no-cache request (produced e.g. by " +  "Alt-Ctrl-Reload in Netscape) or the module is reloaded. " +  "Therefore this option should not be used on file systems that "    "change a lot.");       defvar("access_as_user", 0, "Access file as the logged in user",    TYPE_FLAG|VAR_MORE, -  "Access file as the logged in user. This is useful for eg " -  "named-ftp.<br>\n" -  "WARNING: This can have severe impact on performance when using " -  "threads, since all threads need to be locked every time such " -  "an access is done."); +  "If set, the module will access files as the authenticated user. " +  "This assumes that a authentication module which imports the " +  "users from the operating systems, such as the <i>User database</i> " +  "module is used. This option is very useful for named FTP sites, " +  "but it will have severe performance impacts since all threads " +  "will be locked for each access.");       defvar("no_symlinks", 0, "Forbid access to symlinks", TYPE_FLAG|VAR_MORE, -  "Forbid access to paths containing symbolic links.<br>\n" -  "Note: This can cause <em>a lot</em> of lstat system calls to be " -  "performed and can make the server much slower."); +  "It set, the file system will not follow symbolic links. This " +  "option can lower performace by a lot." );    -  defvar("charset", "iso-8859-1", "File charset", TYPE_STRING, -  "The charset the files on disk have."); +  defvar("charset", "iso-8859-1", "File contents charset", TYPE_STRING, +  "The charset of the contents of the files on this file system. " +  "This variable makes it possible for Roxen to use any text file, " +  "no matter what charset it is written in. If necessary, Roxen will " +  "convert to Unicode before processing the file.");       defvar("path_encoding", "iso-8859-1", "Filename charset", TYPE_STRING, -  "The charset the filenames on disk have."); +  "The charset of the file names of the files on this file system. " +  "Unlike the <i>File contents charset</i> variable, this might not " +  "work for all charsets simply because not all browsers support " +  "anything other characters than ASCII or ISO-8859-1 in URLs.");       defvar("internal_files", ({}), "Internal files", TYPE_STRING_LIST,    "A list of glob patterns that matches files which should be " -  "considered internal. Internal files can't be requested directly " -  "from a client, won't show up in directory listings and can " -  "never be uploaded, moved or deleted from a client. They can " -  "only be accessed internally, e.g. with the RXML " -  "<tt>&lt;insert&gt;</tt> and <tt>&lt;use&gt;</tt> tags."); +  "considered internal. Internal files cannot be requested directly " +  "from a browser, won't show up in directory listings and can " +  "never be uploaded, moved or deleted by a browser. They can " +  "only be accessed internally, e.g. with the RXML tags " +  "<tt>&lt;insert&gt;</tt> and <tt>&lt;use&gt;</tt>.");   }      string path;