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2001-07-25 15:14:58 by Johan Sundström <>

Still mostly horrible <gtext> examples, but some just got a little
less horrible. I just couldn't stand them any longer. :-]

Rev: server/modules/graphics/graphic_text.pike:1.272

1:   // This is a roxen module. Copyright © 1996 - 2000, Roxen IS.   //    - constant cvs_version="$Id: graphic_text.pike,v 1.271 2001/07/16 00:01:01 nilsson Exp $"; + constant cvs_version="$Id: graphic_text.pike,v 1.272 2001/07/25 15:14:58 jhs Exp $";      #include <module.h>   inherit "module";
116: Inside #if defined(manual)
   negative values for distance is possible, but you might have to add    'spacing'.</p>    <ex type=vert> - <gtext scale=\"0.8\" fgcolor=\"#FF6600\" bshadow=\"1\">&lt;gtext - bshadow=1&gt;</gtext><br /> -  - <gtext scale=\"0.8\" fgcolor=\"#FF6600\" bshadow=\"2\">&lt;gtext - bshadow=2&gt;</gtext> + <gtext scale=\"0.8\" fgcolor=\"#FF6600\" + bshadow=\"1\">&lt;gtext bshadow=1&gt;</gtext> + <br /><gtext scale=\"0.8\" fgcolor=\"#FF6600\" + bshadow=\"2\">&lt;gtext bshadow=2&gt;</gtext>    </ex>   </attr>   
176: Inside #if defined(manual)
  <attr name='ghost' value='dist,blur,color'><p>    Apply a ghost effect. Cannot be used together with shadow or magic    coloring.</p> -  <ex type='vert'> - <gtext spacing=\"2\" crop=\"\" ghost=\"1,1,red\">ghost=1,1,red</gtext> - <gtext spacing=\"2\" crop=\"\" ghost=\"1,3,blue\">ghost=1,3,blue</gtext> - <gtext spacing=\"2\" crop=\"\" bshadow=\"1\" opaque=\"90\" ghost=\"-1,1,yellow\"> - ghost=-1,1,yellow opaque=90 bshadow=1</gtext> -  </ex> +  <ex type='vert'><gtext spacing=\"2\" crop=\"\" ghost=\"1,1,red\">ghost=1,1,red</gtext></ex>   </attr>      <attr name='glow' value='color'><p>
291: Inside #if defined(manual)
   Draw a blured black drop-shadow behind the text. Using 0 as distance    does not currently place the shadow directly below the text. Using negative    values for distance is possible,</p> -  <ex type=vert> - <gtext scale=\"0.8\" fgcolor=\"blue\" shadow=\"40,0\">&lt;gtext - shadow=40,0&gt;</gtext><br /> -  - <gtext scale=\"0.8\" fgcolor=\"blue\" shadow=\"40,2\">&lt;gtext - shadow=40,2&gt;</gtext><br /> -  </ex> +  <ex type=vert><gtext scale=\"0.8\" fgcolor=\"blue\" + shadow=\"40,0\">&lt;gtext shadow=40,0&gt;</gtext> + <br /><gtext scale=\"0.8\" fgcolor=\"blue\" + shadow=\"40,2\">&lt;gtext shadow=40,2&gt;</gtext></ex>   </attr>      <attr name='size' value='width,height'><p>
332: Inside #if defined(manual)
   It is probably a good idea to increase the 'quant' value when    using this argument.</p>    <ex type=vert> - <gtext quant=\"128\" textscale=\"blue,red,black,darkgreen\" - >Blue, red, black, darkgreen</gtext> + <gtext quant=\"128\" textscale=\"blue,white,red,darkgreen\" + >Blue, white, + red, darkgreen</gtext>    </ex>   </attr>      <attr name='texture' value='path'><p>    Uses the specified images as a field texture.</p>   <ex type=hor> - <gtext font=\"yikes\" fontsize=\"100\" + <gtext font=\"\" fontsize=\"100\"   texture=\"/internal-roxen-squares\">A</gtext>   </ex>   </attr>
470: Inside #if defined(manual)
   Same as for any <tag>gtext</tag> attribute, except for the    highlighted image.</p>    - <ex type=vert> - <gtext fgcolor=\"blue\" magic-glow=\"yellow\" magic=\"\">Magic attribute</gtext> -  </ex> + <ex type=vert><gtext fgcolor=\"blue\" magic=\"\" + magic-glow=\"red\" magic-fg=\"white\">Mouse me!</gtext></ex>   </attr>      <attr name='noxml'><p>
496: Inside #if defined(manual)
   wraping functionality of this example cannot be shown as the size of    the browser window is determined by the largest example box. </p>    -  <ex type='vert'> - <gtext scale=\"0.4\" split=\"\">Make each word..</gtext> -  </ex> +  <ex type='vert'><gtext scale=\"0.4\" split=\"\">One image per character.</gtext></ex>   </attr>      <attr name='submit'><p>