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2000-03-16 03:01:23 by Martin Nilsson <>

Updated documentation

Rev: server/modules/graphics/graphic_text.pike:1.215

1:   // This is a roxen module. Copyright © 1996 - 2000, Roxen IS.   //    - constant cvs_version="$Id: graphic_text.pike,v 1.214 2000/03/16 01:35:36 mast Exp $"; + constant cvs_version="$Id: graphic_text.pike,v 1.215 2000/03/16 03:01:23 nilsson Exp $";      #include <module.h>   inherit "module";
50: Inside #if defined(manual)
  </attr>      <attr name=bevel value=width> -  Draws a bevel box. +  Draws a bevel-box around the text. +  <ex type=vert> + <gtext bevel=\"2\">Ok</gtext> +  </ex>   </attr>      <attr name=bgcolor value=color>
67: Inside #if defined(manual)
  </attr>      <attr name=bgturbulence value=frequency,color;frequency,color...> -  Apply a turbulence effect. +  Apply a turbulence effect on the background.   </attr>      <attr name=black>
84: Inside #if defined(manual)
   negative values for distance is possible, but you might have to add    'spacing'.    <ex type=vert> - <gtext scale=\"0.8\" fgcolor=\"#FF6600\" quant=\"200\" bshadow=\"1\">&lt;gtext bshadow=1&gt;</gtext><br /> - <gtext scale=\"0.8\" fgcolor=\"#FF6600\" quant=\"200\" bshadow=\"2\">&lt;gtext bshadow=2&gt;</gtext> + <gtext scale=\"0.8\" fgcolor=\"#FF6600\" bshadow=\"1\">&lt;gtext bshadow=1&gt;</gtext><br /> + <gtext scale=\"0.8\" fgcolor=\"#FF6600\" bshadow=\"2\">&lt;gtext bshadow=2&gt;</gtext>    </ex>   </attr>      <attr name=chisel>    Make the text look like it has been cut into the background.    <ex type=vert> - <gtext bold=\"\" quant=\"200\" ypad=\"-40%\" xpad=\"-20%\" chisel=\"\" talign=\"center\" + <gtext bold=\"\" ypad=\"-40%\" xpad=\"-20%\" chisel=\"\" talign=\"center\"   opaque=\"70\" fgcolor=\"gold\" bevel=\"2\" background=\"tiles.jpg\"> Chisel   opaque=70</gtext>    </ex>
102: Inside #if defined(manual)
   Remove all white-space around the image   </attr>    - <attr name=encoding> -  + <attr name=encoding value=string> +  Choose with which charset the text is encoded with.   </attr>      <attr name=fadein value=blur,steps,delay,initialdelay>
112: Inside #if defined(manual)
     <attr name=fgcolor value=color>    Sets the text color. -  +     <ex type=vert>   <gtext fgcolor=\"#0080FF\">#0080FF</gtext>    </ex>   </attr>    - <attr name=font> + <attr name=font value=string>      </attr>    - <attr name=font_size> + <attr name=font_size value=int>      </attr>    - <attr name=format> -  + <attr name=format value=string> +  Set the image format, e.g. \"png\".   </attr>      <attr name=fs>
141: Inside #if defined(manual)
   Apply a ghost effect. Cannot be used together with shadow or magic    coloring.    <ex type=vert> - <gtext spacing=\"2\" crop=\"\" quant=\"200\" ghost=\"1,1,red\">ghost=1,1,red</gtext> - <gtext spacing=\"2\" crop=\"\" quant=\"200\" ghost=\"1,3,blue\">ghost=1,3,blue</gtext> + <gtext spacing=\"2\" crop=\"\" ghost=\"1,1,red\">ghost=1,1,red</gtext> + <gtext spacing=\"2\" crop=\"\" ghost=\"1,3,blue\">ghost=1,3,blue</gtext>   <gtext spacing=\"2\" crop=\"\" bshadow=\"1\" opaque=\"90\" ghost=\"-1,1,yellow\">ghost=-1,1,yellow opaque=90 bshadow=1</gtext>    </ex>   </attr>
152: Inside #if defined(manual)
   better on a dark background, where a real 'glow' effect can be    achieved.    <ex type=vert> - <gtext quant=\"200\" glow=\"red\">&lt;gtext glow=red&gt;</gtext> + <gtext glow=\"red\">&lt;gtext glow=red&gt;</gtext>    </ex>   </attr>   
180: Inside #if defined(manual)
  </attr>      <attr name=narrow> -  +  Use a narroe version of the font, if available.   </attr>      <attr name=nfont value=fontname>
213: Inside #if defined(manual)
  </attr>      <attr name=nowhitespace> -  +  Removes all whitespaces before and after the real text.   </attr>      <attr name=opaque value=percentage> -  Generate text with this amount of opaqueness. 100% is default. -  <ex> - <gtext fgcolor=\"blue\" opaque=\"50\">Opaque</gtext> +  Sets the 'opaque' value of the color used to draw the text. Default is 100%. +  In the example below, notice how the text color mixes with the two background colors +  <ex type=vert> + <gtext scale=\"0.6\" textbox=\"100,pink,-11\" bgcolor=\"lightblue\" +  notrans=\"\" opaque=\"40\" fgcolor=\"black\">&lt;Demonstration of opaque text&gt;</gtext>    </ex>   </attr>    - <attr name=outline> -  + <attr name=outline value=color,extra-radius> +  Draw an outline around the text. Quite useful when combined with textscale. +  <ex type=vert> + <gtext xspacing=\"4\" textscale=\"red,red,yellow,yellow\" outline=\"black,1\">black, 2 pixels</gtext> +  </ex>   </attr>      <attr name=pressed>    Inverts the direction of the bevel box, to make it look like a button -  that is pressed down. +  that is pressed down. The magic modifier will do this automatically.   </attr>      <attr name=quant value=number> -  Use this number of colors in the generated image. For GIF images, -  fewer colors implies smaller images but also aliasing effects. It is -  advisable to use powers of 2 to optimize the palette allocation. +  Quantifies the image with this number of colors. Using a lower number will decrease +  the image (file)size, but make the text look more 'edgy', and if you use complex +  backgrounds or image textures, more colors will be neded. At most 255 colors can +  be used, and less than 2 is quite useless. It is advisable to use powers of 2 to +  optimize the palette allocation. +  <ex type=vert> + <gtext quant=\"2\">A</gtext> + <gtext quant=\"6\">A</gtext> + <gtext quant=\"20\">A</gtext> + <gtext quant=\"200\">A</gtext> +  </ex>   </attr>      <attr name=rescale>
263: Inside #if defined(manual)
  </attr>      <attr name=shadow value=intensity,distance> -  Draw a drop-shadow with the specified intensity and distance. The -  intensity is specified as a percentage. +  Draw a blured black drop-shadow behind the text. Using 0 as distance +  does not currently place the shadow directly below the text. Using negative +  values for distance is possible, +  <ex type=vert> + <gtext scale=\"0.8\" fgcolor=\"blue\" shadow=\"40,0\">&lt;gtext shadow=40,0&gt;</gtext><br /> + <gtext scale=\"0.8\" fgcolor=\"blue\" shadow=\"40,2\">&lt;gtext shadow=40,2&gt;</gtext><br /> +  </ex>   </attr>      <attr name=size value=width,height>
282: Inside #if defined(manual)
  <attr name=textbelow value=color>    Place the text centered in a box of the given color below the image    area. Useful together with background to make captions for images. +  <ex type=vert> + <gtext scale=\"0.5\" background=\"internal-roxen-roxen\" textbelow=\"#c0c0c0\">Roxen</gtext> +  </ex>   </attr>      <attr name=textbox value=opaque,color>    Draw a box with an opaque value below the text of the specified color.   </attr>    -  + <attr name=textscale value=color,color,color,color> +  Apply a color filter to the text. The colors are, +  respectively, upper left, lower left, upper right and lower right. +  It is probably a good idea to increase the 'quant' value when +  using this argument. +  <ex type=vert> + <gtext textscale=\"blue,red,black,darkgreen\">Blue, red, black, darkgreen</gtext> +  </ex> + </attr> +    <attr name=texture value=path>    Uses the specified images as a field texture.   </attr>
302: Inside #if defined(manual)
  </attr>      <attr name=xpad value=percentage> -  Increases padding between characters. +  Sets the padding between characters. +  <ex type=vert> + <gtext xpad=\"-30%\" scale=\"0.6\">&lt;gtext xpad=-30%&gt;</gtext><br /> + <gtext xpad=\"-10%\" scale=\"0.6\">&lt;gtext xpad=-10%&gt;</gtext><br /> + <gtext scale=\"0.6\">&lt;gtext&gt;</gtext><br /> + <gtext xpad=\"10%\" scale=\"0.6\">&lt;gtext xpad=10%&gt;</gtext><br /> + <gtext xpad=\"30%\" scale=\"0.6\">&lt;gtext xpad=30%&gt;</gtext><br /> +  </ex>   </attr>      <attr name=xsize value=number>
313: Inside #if defined(manual)
   Sets the horizontal spacing.   </attr>    - <attr name=ypad> -  + <attr name=ypad value=percentage> +  Sets the padding beteen lines.   </attr>      <attr name=ysize value=number>
379: Inside #if defined(manual)
  <attr name=magic-attribute value=value> Same as for any    <tag>gtext</tag> attribute, except for the highlighted image.    <ex type=vert> - <gtext fgcolor=\"blue\" magic-fgcolor=\"darkgreen\" magic=\"\">Magic_attribute</gtext> + <gtext fgcolor=\"blue\" magic-glow=\"yellow\" magic=\"\">Magic_attribute</gtext>    </ex>   </attr>      <attr name=noxml> -  +  Do not terminate the image tag with \"/\".   </attr>      <attr name=split>
509:    }       if( args->afont ) -  font = resolve_font((args->afont||args->font)+" "+(args->font_size||32)); +  font = resolve_font((args->afont||args->font)+" "+(args["font-size"]||32));    else    {    int bold=0, italic=0;
519:    if(args->black) bold=2;    if(args->italic) italic=1;    font = get_font(args->font||"default", -  (int)(args->font_size||args["font-size"])||32, +  (int)args["font-size"]||32,    bold,    italic,    lower_case(args->talign||"left"),
631:    "fgcolor",    "fs",    "font", -  "font_size", +  "font-size",    "format",    "ghost",    "glow",