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2001-08-25 00:24:01 by Martin Nilsson <>

Tagdoc fixes

Rev: server/modules/tags/rxmltags.pike:1.283

7:   #define _rettext RXML_CONTEXT->misc[" _rettext"]   #define _ok RXML_CONTEXT->misc[" _ok"]    - constant cvs_version = "$Id: rxmltags.pike,v 1.282 2001/08/24 20:49:44 mast Exp $"; + constant cvs_version = "$Id: rxmltags.pike,v 1.283 2001/08/25 00:24:01 nilsson Exp $";   constant thread_safe = 1;   constant language = roxen->language;   
4924: Inside #if defined(manual)
   <p>Propagate the cache settings to the surrounding <tag>cache</tag>    tag, if there is any. Useful to locally add depends to a cache    without introducing a new cache level. If there is no surrounding -  <tag>cache</tag> tag, this argument is ignored. +  <tag>cache</tag> tag, this argument is ignored.</p>   </attr>      <attr name=nohash>
6729: Inside #if defined(manual)
  //----------------------------------------------------------------------      "if#module":#"<desc plugin='plugin'><p><short> -  Enables true if the selected module is enabled in the current -  server.</short></p> +  Returns true if the selected module is enabled in the current +  server. This is useful when you are developing RXML applications +  that you plan to move to other servers, to ensure that all required +  modules are added.</short></p>   </desc>      <attr name='module' value='name'><p>    The \"real\" name of the module to look for, i.e. its filename -  without extension.</p> +  without extension and without directory path.</p>   </attr>",      //----------------------------------------------------------------------