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2022-08-26 14:33:03 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge branch 'patches/packages' into patches/pi-158

* patches/packages:
Loader: Support nesting of packages.
Add test module path when running self tests.
Always add packages dirs to module directories.
Added support for pike-modules in test directory.
Loader: Added lget_dir().


2022-08-18 10:29:46 by Karl Gustav Sterneberg <>

Add test module path when running self tests.


2022-08-16 12:24:45 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge branch 'patches/pi-158' into 7.0

* patches/pi-158:
Start script: Add support for start option --customer.
Loader: Load all customers when in self-test mode.
Loader: Add start option --package.
Start script: Improved diagnostics for --program.

2022-08-16 12:24:17 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge branch 'patches/pi-158' into devel

* patches/pi-158:
Start script: Add support for start option --customer.
Loader: Load all customers when in self-test mode.
Loader: Add start option --package.
Start script: Improved diagnostics for --program.

2022-08-16 12:21:51 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Start script: Add support for start option --customer.

Fixes [PI-158].

2022-08-16 12:18:35 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Loader: Add start option --package.

2022-08-16 12:15:56 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Start script: Improved diagnostics for --program.

Print the pike command line when in verbose mode.


2021-12-16 20:55:42 by 0

Roxen EP self-test tuning: Disable REP_ZAP_GARBAGE due to too many false
positives. Enable NO_SQL_DEBUG to brings back RAM caching of basic DB
objects to better match real-world behavior and speed up some very slow


2021-02-17 12:27:56 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Testsuite: Enable REP_ZAP_GARBAGE in an attempt to catch [REP-84].


2020-01-13 08:31:25 by Karl Gustav Sterneberg <>

Merge branch 'patches/ws581' into devel

* patches/ws581:
Fixed day and month length to 2 digits in roxenloader.pike
Added a comment in roxenloader.pike listing files that are affected by indentation width change. [WS-581]
Adjust log indentation. [WS-581]
Added date to timestamp in debug log. [WS-581]

2020-01-13 08:31:12 by Karl Gustav Sterneberg <>

Merge branch 'patches/ws581' into 6.2

* patches/ws581:
Fixed day and month length to 2 digits in roxenloader.pike
Added a comment in roxenloader.pike listing files that are affected by indentation width change. [WS-581]
Adjust log indentation. [WS-581]
Added date to timestamp in debug log. [WS-581]


2019-12-10 12:08:04 by Karl Gustav Sterneberg <>

Adjust log indentation. [WS-581]

Sync with

commit 78c239e6272a6240840b6dad9450e4ca6c3c9a7e (origin/patches/ws581)
Author: Karl Gustav Sterneberg <>
Date: Tue Dec 10 10:41:49 2019 +0100

Added date to timestamp in debug log. [WS-581]

2019-12-10 11:18:51 by Karl Gustav Sterneberg <>

Merge branch 'kg/WS-168-webdav' into patches/ws581

* kg/WS-168-webdav: (65 commits)
Testsuite [WebDAV]: Complain if Connection: keep-alive is lost.
WebDAV Testsuite: Put debug messages behind DAV_DEBUG.
Testsuite [WebDAV]: Fixed a bug in a testcase.
Testsuite [WebDAV]: Fixed some bugs in a testcase.
Testsuite [WebDAV]: Added special testcase for case insensitive environments.
Testsuite [WebDAV]: Added test for testing lock functionality.
Testsuite [WebDAV]: Fix handling of IPv4 ANY.
Testsuite [WebDAV]: Use keep-alive.
Testsuite [WebDAV] [NT]: Fix test_x_move_file() some more.
Testsuite [WebDAV] [NT]: More fixes of test_x_special_chars().
Testsuite [WebDAV] [NT]: Avoid illegal characters in filenames.
Start [NT]: Fixed argument order for testsuite setup command.
Start [NT]: Remove some redundant quoting.
Start [NT]: Even more fixes...
Start [NT]: More formatting fixes...
Start [NT]: Inline stracat().
Start [NT]: Declare the hOut handle before using it...
Start [NT]: Add self test modules to the module path.
Start [NT]: Adjust log indentation.
Start [NT]: Require threads.


2019-10-24 10:17:11 by Karl Gustav Sterneberg <>

Run self tests with '-DDEBUG_REP_SES_TRACK'.


2019-10-02 11:13:40 by Karl Gustav Sterneberg <>

Merge branch 'patches/ws562' into patches/ws558

* patches/ws562: (9454 commits)
VFS: find_above(): Don't add to cache if no cache key. [WS-562]
Perform negative caching of (typically) htaccess files for 5 seconds.
Fixed request trace nesting inconsistency.
FTP: Allow anonymous ftp without TLS even when TLS required.
FTP: Added support for the CCC command.
FTP: Default to PROT P for FTPS.
FTP: Allow FEAT before login.
FTP: Fixed bug in MLSD/MLST handling.
FTP: Extended AUTH TLS config option.
FTP: Fixed SSL data connection.
Pike 8.0: Temporary workaround for SSL/TLS API change.
FTP: Fixed typo in PBSZ error message.
FTP: Support ending the TLS control connection with REIN.
FTP: Added configuration flag to require AUTH TLS.
FTP: Support AUTH TLS (RFC 4217).
FTP: The ftp server is always the server side of TLS.
FTP: Splitted send() into low_send() and send().
Pike 8.0: More SSL/TLS API changes.
FTP: Prepare for supporting AUTH TLS (RFC 4217).
Protocols: Added StartTLSProtocol.


2019-04-05 09:39:31 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge branch 'patches/ws438' into 6.1

* patches/ws438:
Start: Fixed signal handling issue --without-daemon.

2019-04-05 09:38:42 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge branch 'patches/ws438' into 6.2

* patches/ws438:
Start: Fixed signal handling issue --without-daemon.


2019-03-29 16:58:24 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge branch 'patches/ws438' into devel

* patches/ws438:
Start: Fixed signal handling issue --without-daemon.

2019-03-29 16:54:44 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Start: Fixed signal handling issue --without-daemon.

When running --without-daemon an extra level of sub-shells
caused signals to the top-level shell to be lost.

Also adds some internal documentation.

Fixes [WS-438].


2018-07-11 07:54:58 by Pontus Östlund <>

Merge branch 'devel' into ponost/admin-if-17

* devel: (60 commits)
Version bumped to 6.3.7 by buildsystem.
DBManager: Added --defaults-file directive in lots of places.
DBManager: Added some line-breaks.
DBs: Use query_mysql_config_file().
DBs: Added roxenloader.query_mysql_config_file().
MariaDB/MySQL: Support blacklisting of versions.
MariaDB: Bump supported version to 10.3.*.
DBManager: Added some (disabled) diagnostics.
DBManager: Support upgrading to MariaDB 10.3.x.
Adding .vscode to .gitignore
Testsuite [WebDAV]: Test some kanji symbols.
Testsuite [WebDAV]: Label the symbol test filenames.
Testsuite [WebDAV]: Fix test_x_ls() some more for NT.
Testsuite [WebDAV] [NT]: Potential fix for test_x_ls() failing on NT.
Testsuite [WebDAV]: Added some diagnostics.
Testsuite [WebDAV]: Added filesystem_behavior().
Discern between "failed on X" and "zero failures" for easier searching in the output log.
WebDAV testsuite: use as default IP, which works better on NT.
Added an "Elasticsearch client" to test modules. Will be used by Archive and Print test (setup) code. [EP-809]
Added etc/test/modules to path when running test setup scripts. [EP-809]


2018-06-21 07:39:26 by Karl Gustav Sterneberg <>

Added etc/test/modules to path when running test setup scripts. [EP-809]


2018-06-20 12:43:53 by Karl Gustav Sterneberg <>

Added etc/test/modules to path when running test setup scripts. [EP-809]


2018-05-18 09:37:38 by Pontus Östlund <>

Merge branch 'devel' into ponost/admin-if-17

* devel: (182 commits)
Version bumped to 6.2.137 by buildsystem.
Version bumped to 6.2.136 by buildsystem.
Version bumped to 6.2.135 by buildsystem.
Version bumped to 6.2.134 by buildsystem.
XML Test Tags: Added tag "testsuite". [CMS-439]
Version bumped to 6.2.133 by buildsystem.
Testsuite [WebDAV] [NT]: Fix test_x_move_file() some more.
Filesystem [NT]: Fixed the MOVE destination filename some more.
Version bumped to 6.2.132 by buildsystem.
Testsuite [WebDAV] [NT]: More fixes of test_x_special_chars().
Filesystem [NT]: Fix issue where MOVE lost case of the destination.
Filesystem [NT]: Added some more filename validation on NT.
Version bumped to 6.2.131 by buildsystem.
Version bumped to 6.2.130 by buildsystem.
Filesystem: Fixed typo.
Roxen [NT]: Look some more at Stdio.__HAVE_UTF8_FS__.
Documentation: Added some notes about Unicode-NFC normalization.
HTTP: Fixed path normalization issue.
Loader: Make the utf8_string type available.
Version bumped to 6.2.129 by buildsystem.


2018-05-16 12:27:05 by Stefan Wallström <>

Merge branch 'feature/module-hot-reload' into devel


2018-04-18 22:37:54 by Pontus Östlund <>

Hot reload: Support a list of comma separated modules.

It's also possible to specify for which configuration the module/s should be hot reloaded.

--module-hot-reload=mod1[,mod2[,mod3[, ...]]]
--module-hot-reload-conf=conf1[,conf2[,conf3[ ...]]]


2018-04-17 19:52:04 by Pontus Östlund <>

Added module hot reload as start flag.

./start --once --module-hot-reload=module1 --module-hot-reload=module2 ...

Note that the module will be reloaded in all configurations it resides.


2018-04-13 12:20:37 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge branch 'kg/WS-168-webdav' into devel

* kg/WS-168-webdav:
Start [NT]: Add self test modules to the module path.
Start [NT]: Adjust log indentation.
Start [NT]: Require threads.
Start [NT]: Pass defines to the self test setup script too.

2018-04-13 12:15:29 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Start [NT]: Add self test modules to the module path.

Also make the path relative to $SELF_TEST_DIR.

Sync with

commit 7372564b9e913a95c131531c3041de58460bfa82
Author: Karl Gustav Sterneberg <>
Date: Tue Feb 27 15:03:13 2018 +0100

Add test module path when running self tests.


2018-04-03 13:14:40 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge branch 'kg/WS-168-webdav' into devel

* kg/WS-168-webdav: (32 commits)
Testsuite [WebDAV]: Commented out non used code.
Testsuite [WebDAV]: Fixed case insensitive normalization.
Revert "Testsuite [WebDAV]: Working also directly against filesystem when preparing testdir."
Testsuite [WebDAV]: Renamed some testcases. / KG & Grubba
Testsuite [WebDAV]: Working also directly against filesystem when preparing testdir.
Testsuite [WebDAV]: Removed some duplicated code.
Testsuite [WebDAV]: Removed some superfluous use of "ASSERT_CALL()".
Testsuite [WebDAV]: Removed code committed by mistake.
Testsuite [WebDAV]: Refactored some copy and move tests.
Testsuite [WebDAV]: Adjusted expectations for partial success.
Testsuite [WebDAV]: Fixed tests of move of partially locked sources.
Testsuite [WebDAV]: Fixed several delete of locks tests.
Testsuite [WebDAV]: Fixed bug in low_recursive_unlock().
Testsuite [WebDAV]: Improved if-header generation.
Testsuite [WebDAV]: Refactored charset enc./case sensitive put test.
Testsuite [WebDAV]: Converted tabs to spaces.
Testsuite [WebDAV]: Fixed issues with the *_col_fails_partly tests.
Testsuite [WebDAV]: Fixed multiple testsuite bugs.
Testsuite [WebDAV]: Multiple fixes for case-sensitive filesystems.
Testsuite [WebDAV]: Added path normalization to filesystem_*().

2018-04-03 13:11:47 by Karl Gustav Sterneberg <>

Add test module path when running self tests.


2018-03-16 12:57:44 by Karl Gustav Sterneberg <>

Merge branch 'devel' into kg/WS-168-webdav

* devel: (1803 commits)
Loader [MariaDB]: Set sql_mode in my.cnf.
DBManager: Use CREATE USER with MariaDB 10.2 and later.
WebDAV: Use urn:uuid: namespace for locks.
Version bumped to 6.2.94 by buildsystem.
APIs: Roxen.lookup_real_path_case_insens() now assumes utf-8 fs.
APIs: Improved ambiguity recovery in lookup_real_path_case_insens().
APIs: Roxen.lookup_real_path_case_insens() now survives NFD.
FTP: Normalize filenames to NFC.
APIs: find_dir() now normalizes paths to NFC.
HTTP: Normalize paths to Unicode NFC.
Fixes bug [WS-172] where an empty initial prestate issued an internal server error.
Loader: Remove the global __pragma_save_parent__.
Version bumped to 6.2.93 by buildsystem.
Use string_to_utf8 rather than Charset.Encoder when possible.
Added more verifications in test base class. [WS-168]
Adding support for copy and move between different mount points. [WS-168]
Broke out parent class from RoxenTest_webdav.pike [WS-168]
Version bumped to 6.2.92 by buildsystem.
Fixed FIXME comment in RoxenTest_webdav.pike. [WS-168]
Version bumped to 6.2.91 by buildsystem.


2018-03-15 11:35:22 by Karl Gustav Sterneberg <>

Merge branch 'devel' into kg/WS-168-webdav

* devel: (1803 commits)
Loader [MariaDB]: Set sql_mode in my.cnf.
DBManager: Use CREATE USER with MariaDB 10.2 and later.
WebDAV: Use urn:uuid: namespace for locks.
Version bumped to 6.2.94 by buildsystem.
APIs: Roxen.lookup_real_path_case_insens() now assumes utf-8 fs.
APIs: Improved ambiguity recovery in lookup_real_path_case_insens().
APIs: Roxen.lookup_real_path_case_insens() now survives NFD.
FTP: Normalize filenames to NFC.
APIs: find_dir() now normalizes paths to NFC.
HTTP: Normalize paths to Unicode NFC.
Fixes bug [WS-172] where an empty initial prestate issued an internal server error.
Loader: Remove the global __pragma_save_parent__.
Version bumped to 6.2.93 by buildsystem.
Use string_to_utf8 rather than Charset.Encoder when possible.
Added more verifications in test base class. [WS-168]
Adding support for copy and move between different mount points. [WS-168]
Broke out parent class from RoxenTest_webdav.pike [WS-168]
Version bumped to 6.2.92 by buildsystem.
Fixed FIXME comment in RoxenTest_webdav.pike. [WS-168]
Version bumped to 6.2.91 by buildsystem.

2018-03-15 11:20:49 by Karl Gustav Sterneberg <>

Add test module path when running self tests.


2018-02-27 14:03:13 by Karl Gustav Sterneberg <>

Add test module path when running self tests.


2018-01-03 09:41:43 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge branch 'feature/CMS-297-secure-sitebuilder-cookie' into patches/ws-135

* feature/CMS-297-secure-sitebuilder-cookie: (804 commits)


2017-11-20 14:51:58 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge commit '8468d07e63a61e80c5a7916ab61c0f25135ac2fc' into patches/ftp

Synch with Roxen 6.0/6.1 split.

* commit '8468d07e63a61e80c5a7916ab61c0f25135ac2fc': (428 commits)


2017-11-17 10:17:43 by Karl Gustav Sterneberg <>

Merge branch 'devel' into kg/archive-client


2017-10-05 17:34:09 by Pontus Östlund <>

Merge branch 'devel' into ponost/admin-if-17


2017-10-02 09:39:54 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge branch 'patches/ws71' into 6.1

* patches/ws71:
Start script: Add option --mysql-only.


2017-09-29 15:59:34 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge branch 'patches/ws71' into devel

* patches/ws71:
Start script: Add option --mysql-only.

2017-09-29 15:56:22 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Start script: Add option --mysql-only.

This is an option used to start/stop the embedded MySQL/MariaDB
without also starting Roxen.

Fixes [WS-71].


2017-01-19 08:24:49 by 0

Modify log timestamps to always print absolute time, and to display uptime
every 5 lines. [WS-4]

2017-01-19 08:21:31 by 0

Modify log timestamps to always print absolute time, and to display uptime
every 5 lines. [WS-4]


2016-05-17 08:59:39 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge branch 'patches/bug7689' into 5.4

* patches/bug7689:
Start script: Use a subshell for the restart.

2016-05-17 08:59:11 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge branch 'patches/bug7689' into 6.0

* patches/bug7689:
Start script: Use a subshell for the restart.

2016-05-17 08:58:24 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge branch 'patches/bug7689' into devel

* patches/bug7689:
Start script: Use a subshell for the restart.

2016-05-17 08:56:43 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Start script: Use a subshell for the restart.

Fixes [bug 7689 (#7689)].


2015-10-23 13:54:40 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge commit '8a2ce4a87' into patches/bug7582

* commit '8a2ce4a87': (7413 commits)


2015-05-06 14:33:36 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge branch 'patches/bug7488' into 5.5

* patches/bug7488:
Start: Added --without-daemon.

2015-05-06 10:24:07 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge branch 'patches/bug7488' into devel

* patches/bug7488:
Start: Added --without-daemon.

2015-05-06 10:19:59 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Start: Added --without-daemon.

This inhibits the detaching of the roxen process from the start script,
and is needed to support some startup systems, notably launchd.

Fixes some of [bug 7488 (#7488)].


2015-04-28 12:32:58 by 0

New RAM cache is the only one we have.

2015-04-28 12:32:58 by 0

Require threads.


2014-08-08 12:39:09 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge branch 'patches/pike8.0' into patches/bug4594

* patches/pike8.0: (230 commits)
Pike 8.0: More SSL/TLS API changes.
FTPS: Fixed support for Pike 8.0.
Roxen: Use the current names for the ASN1 classes.
SNMP: The LDAP private ASN.1 classes aren't available in Pike 8.0.
SNMP: The fields tag and cls are variables in Pike 8.0.
Pike 8.0: More SSL changes.
Pike 8.0: Improved robustness when upgrading old certs.
Pike 8.0: Upgrade old automatic X.509v1 certs to X.509v3.
Pike 8.0: Fixed SSL port binding with new API.
Pike 8.0: Take advantage of the improved SSL support.
Pike 8.0: Add support for some new SSL features.
Pike 8.0: #if efun() is obsolete since 10 years back.
Pike 8.0: String.Buffer contains a sprintf().
Pike 8.0: Unset variables are UNDEFINED.
Roxen 5.4.1.
ABS: List the pending call_outs.
Fix warnings generated by Pike 8.0.
DB browser: add support for custom DB field formatters in owning modules.
DBManager.module_table_info: Consider all module entries from the DB.
Added transliteration module.



2014-05-16 09:57:21 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge commit '64ea9f116367427932716bbbb417bd3f20b99feb' into patches/pike8.0

* commit '64ea9f116367427932716bbbb417bd3f20b99feb': (904 commits)
Roxen 5.4.1.

Updates the base version for the Pike 8.0 patches to Roxen 5.4.1.


2014-02-24 14:51:15 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge branch '5.4' into devel

* 5.4:
ConfigIF: Improved argument validation in drop_site.
Version bumped to 5.4.44 by buildsystem.
Version bumped to 5.4.1 by distmaker.
ntstart: Bumped version to 5.4.0.
DBManager: Disabled some debug.
DBManager: Fixed some documentation typos.
DBManager: Add some more perms to read-only users.
DBManager: Added set_perms_in_user_table()
Start: Improved robustness. Fixes [bug 6980 (#6980)].
HTTP: Added some DWIM for wide strings.
Core: Added compat level for 5.4.
ConfigIF: Display the git sha.
D'oh, typo in last fix.
Amend fix for [bug 6938 (#6938)] by fixing SQL LONGBLOB type.
ImageCache: Do not mess with the global variable...
Fixed another typo.
ImageCache: Fixed typo.
ImageCache: Allow for larger images.
MySQL: Increase max_allowed_packet to 128 MB.
FSGC: Added links to the owning config and module.
FSGC: Added refresh button to the status display.
FSGC: Moved the FSGC status to a task.
FSGC; Group gcs by owning module.
FSGC: Status display changes.
FSGC: Improved styling and layout.


2014-01-24 12:43:26 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge branch 'patches/bug6980 (#6980)' into 5.4

* patches/bug6980 (#6980):
Start: Improved robustness. Fixes [bug 6980 (#6980)].

2014-01-24 12:41:57 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Start: Improved robustness. Fixes [bug 6980 (#6980)].


2013-09-30 14:43:42 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge branch 'patches/bug6572' into devel

* patches/bug6572:
Start: Add some extra stuff to the module path if existing.
FSGC: Fixed compatibility with Pike 7.8.

2013-09-30 14:42:28 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge branch 'patches/bug6572' into 5.2

* patches/bug6572:
Start: Add some extra stuff to the module path if existing.
FSGC: Fixed compatibility with Pike 7.8.

2013-09-30 11:38:04 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Start: Add some extra stuff to the module path if existing.

The FSGC needs the Filesystem.Monitor module, which currently
(Pike 7.8) is provided by the feedimport module. As the
package system isn't yet in use in dists, it needs to be added
to the module path by the start-script. When the package system
is in use this is done when the package directories are added
by the roxenloader.

Fixes some more of [bug 6572 (#6572)].


2013-01-22 17:48:28 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge branch 'patches/bug6670' into devel

* patches/bug6670:
Start: Move more functionality from init scripts to start script.

2013-01-22 17:46:55 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge branch 'patches/bug6670' into 5.2

* patches/bug6670:
Start: Move more functionality from init scripts to start script.

2013-01-22 17:40:21 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Start: Move more functionality from init scripts to start script.

The init scripts were messing around with the Roxen pid file
performing work that the start script was already doing, but
with bugs that the start script had fixed.

Adds two new options to the start script:

--restart Restarts (or starts) the server.

--signal Sends a signal to the running Roxen process.

Fixes [bug 6670 (#6670)].


2012-09-27 12:44:12 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Start: Start pike in a consistent way. Fixes [bug 6516 (#6516)] #14.

Start pike with eval "\"$pike\" $PIKEARGS $DEFINES..." in all places.
Previously there were a few places that used $PIKE and many that did
not use eval. This could cause quoting-level problems. [bug 6516 (#6516)] #14.

Rev: server/start:1.249

2012-09-27 10:04:49 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Start: Fixed several issues with --stop.

* The server process (if any) is now shut down even if its
start script already has died. Fixes [bug 6516 (#6516)] #12.

* --stop now no longer starts the server if the pid file is missing.

* Somewhat improved robustness against pid reuse.

* Fixed typo [bug 6516 (#6516)] #11.

Rev: server/start:1.248


2012-09-26 15:44:15 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Start: More pid-file handling fixes. Fixes [bug 6516 (#6516)].

* Improved robustness of pid-file locking.

* There were several typos of shell function names.

* The alternative pid-file lock location (/tmp/) wasn't checked properly.

Rev: server/start:1.247


2012-09-21 08:17:54 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Start: Potential fix for [bug 6516 (#6516)] #7.

Rev: server/start:1.246


2012-09-20 11:27:10 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Start-script: Pid-file handling fixes.

* The pid file locks are now associated with a configuration. This
is to fix the issue mentioned in [bug 6516 (#6516)] #4.

* When attempting to start Roxen, both pids in the pid file are now checked.

* Fixed issue where the start script could terminate on some operating
systems (eg Solaris) when not run as root.

* Fixed issue where start --program could zap valid pid files.

* Added cleanup of stale pid files in some more cases.

* Fixed some typos in the previous commit.

* Verbose mode now actually differs from the default mode.

* Added some documentation of the internal start-script variables.

Fixes [bug 6516 (#6516)].

Rev: server/start:1.245


2012-09-17 16:38:46 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Start-script: Refactored pid file handling. Fixes [bug 6516 (#6516)].

The start script now creates a lockfile in /var/run/ (if possible,
otherwise in /tmp/), that is checked for presence before trusting
the pids in the pid file. Since /var/run/ and /tmp/ are cleared
on reboot this should protect against pid conflicts due to reuse.

Rev: server/start:1.244


2012-01-17 10:52:44 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Start script: Increased paranoia regarding causes for kill -0 failing.

Rev: server/start:1.243


2011-03-21 00:17:43 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Added --valgrind.

Rev: server/start:1.242


2011-01-24 16:36:41 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Pass defines to the self test setup script too.

Rev: server/start:1.241


2011-01-21 00:23:25 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Let NEW_RAM_CACHE be permanently defined to keep compat with code that
tests for it.

Rev: server/start:1.240


2011-01-20 17:23:46 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Removed the old RAM cache implementation.

(-DNEW_RAM_CACHE no longer necessary.)

Rev: server/base_server/cache.pike:1.140
Rev: server/base_server/configuration.pike:1.711
Rev: server/base_server/global_variables.pike:1.124
Rev: server/base_server/roxen.pike:1.1078
Rev: server/base_server/roxenloader.pike:1.444
Rev: server/config_interface/actions/cachestatus.pike:1.27
Rev: server/modules/tags/rxmltags.pike:1.640
Rev: server/start:1.239
Rev: server/tools/ntroxen/startdll/cmdline.cpp:1.24


2010-11-03 10:13:09 by Stefan Wallström <>

Fixed error in help text

Rev: server/start:1.238


2010-10-13 13:05:26 by Stefan Wallström <>

Enable new ram cache and HTTP compression by default. Arguments --disable-new-ram-cache and --disable-http-compression to disable. [bug 5744 (#5744)]

Rev: server/start:1.237


2009-08-31 15:08:32 by Fredrik Noring <>

Enable threads for all Mac OS X versions (including Snow Leopard)

Rev: server/start:1.230


2009-08-05 16:07:12 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Added check for presence of mysql-location.txt.

Rev: server/start:1.236


2009-06-25 10:56:21 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Added an option --mysql-log-queries to get the mysql query log directly into
the debug log.

Rev: server/base_server/roxenloader.pike:1.422
Rev: server/start:1.235


2009-04-24 18:27:47 by Jonas Wallden <>

Enable threads on OS X 10.6 as well.

Rev: server/start:1.234


2009-03-24 12:28:58 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Fixed issue with too high debug level for --self-test-quiet.

Rev: server/start:1.233


2009-01-09 12:41:08 by Martin Stjernholm <>

No noise from the signal handler when using --program.

Rev: server/start:1.232


2008-06-18 21:15:57 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Added --pikeargs to be able to send arbitrary arguments to pike.

Rev: server/start:1.231


2008-03-21 13:48:56 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Added missing -P directive.

Rev: server/start:1.230


2007-06-12 06:24:21 by Martin Jonsson <>

Don't shut down MySQL after execution when we are called with the --program argument.

Rev: server/start:1.229

2007-06-12 06:24:17 by Martin Jonsson <>

Don't shut down MySQL after execution when we are called with the --program argument.

Rev: server/start:1.229


2007-05-28 08:46:21 by Martin Jonsson <>

Use the correct path for the MySQL pidfile when the ROXEN_DATADIR environment variable is used.

Rev: server/start:1.228

2007-05-28 08:45:52 by Martin Jonsson <>

Use the correct path for the MySQL pidfile when the ROXEN_DATADIR environment variable is used.

Rev: server/start:1.228


2006-11-15 16:33:10 by Anders Johansson <>

Fixed typo preventing --generations form working. RT #8470

Rev: server/start:1.227

2006-11-15 16:33:10 by Anders Johansson <>

Fixed typo preventing --generations form working. RT #8470

Rev: server/start:1.227


2006-09-11 14:30:38 by Marcus Wellhardh <>

Fixed [Bug 4230 (#4230)]. Implemented support for multiple instances in the Download Debug Log Button.

Rev: server/base_server/roxenloader.pike:1.378
Rev: server/config_interface/actions/debug_summary.pike:1.13
Rev: server/start:1.226


2006-07-17 15:30:39 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Added --generations.

Rev: server/start:1.225


2005-12-21 14:03:33 by Fredrik Noring <>

Use ROXEN_DATADIR, ROXEN_LICENSEDIR etc. Added --stop option to stop a server.

Rev: server/start:1.224


2005-11-18 16:44:03 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Removed obsolete FIXME.

Rev: server/start:1.223

2005-11-18 16:43:50 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Removed obsolete FIXME.

Rev: server/start:1.223

2005-11-18 16:43:06 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Now enables threads on Solaris 10 too.

Rev: server/start:1.222

2005-11-18 16:42:16 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Now enables threads on Solaris 10 too.

Rev: server/start:1.222


2004-08-11 15:18:46 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

check_owner is now aware that the gid could be numeric.

Rev: server/start:1.221


2004-05-20 15:03:19 by Stephen R. van den Berg <>

VARDIR is configurable now

Rev: server/start:1.214

2004-05-20 13:44:17 by Stephen R. van den Berg <>

Doubts about check_owner

Rev: server/start:1.213

2004-05-20 12:47:15 by Stephen R. van den Berg <>

=Update doc

Rev: server/start:1.212

2004-05-20 12:44:56 by Stephen R. van den Berg <>

=Anyone using the init.d script, has root rights, usually

Rev: server/start:1.211
Rev: server/tools/init.d_chilimoon:1.2


2004-05-16 02:51:46 by Martin Nilsson <>


Rev: server/start:1.210


2004-05-14 18:31:39 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Minor change in --once handling.

Rev: server/start:1.220

2004-05-14 09:13:50 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Only pass along --once to roxenloader.
No need to set LC_COLLATE.

Rev: server/start:1.219

2004-05-14 07:37:26 by Fredrik Noring <>

Hopefully disables buggy sorting by forcing LC_COLLATE to C. Still buggy on NT.

Rev: server/start:1.218


2004-05-04 15:03:16 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Now passes --once along to the main process.

Rev: server/start:1.217


2004-03-25 13:38:14 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Don't unconditionally remove dumps in self test. It should work just
as well from dumps too.

Rev: server/start:1.216


2004-03-11 18:46:33 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Try #2.

Rev: server/start:1.215

2004-03-11 18:26:59 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Pass along $DEFINES to setup_nsr.pike.

Rev: server/start:1.214


2004-02-04 15:39:29 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Better check to decide whether a _roxen_pid file should be used or
not, so that it works even when the server is started with --once.

Rev: server/start:1.213


2003-12-03 12:16:31 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

More paranoia.

Rev: server/start:1.212

2003-12-03 10:57:04 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

More fixes.

Rev: server/start:1.211

2003-12-03 10:56:09 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Fixed another typo.

Rev: server/start:1.210

2003-12-03 10:53:09 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Fixed typo.

Rev: server/start:1.209

2003-12-03 10:45:42 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Give MySQL up to 5 minutes to shutdown.

Rev: server/start:1.208


2003-10-13 14:20:42 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Potential fix for [bug 3527 (#3527)].

Rev: server/start:1.207


2003-09-24 10:57:04 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Now uses bin/setup_nsr.pike if it exists.

Rev: server/start:1.206


2003-09-18 17:56:47 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Set breakpoints on debug_fatal and pike_gdb_breakpoint by default when
--gdb is used.

Rev: server/start:1.205


2003-07-11 15:47:24 by Jonas Wallden <>

Fix for paths containing space characters.

Rev: server/start:1.204
Rev: start:1.4

2003-07-11 15:47:24 by Jonas Wallden <>

Fix for paths containing space characters.

Rev: server/start:1.204
Rev: start:1.4


2003-04-14 16:57:41 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Moved add of $LOCALDIR/pike_modules from roxenloader.pike to here.

Rev: server/start:1.203


2003-03-25 14:00:22 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Log the server start command into the debug log too since it's very
useful to see the defines in bug reports.

Rev: server/start:1.202


2003-03-03 16:58:50 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed quoting problem in check_owner that could make the script interpret a
directory as a group id.

Rev: server/start:1.201

2003-03-03 16:58:49 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed quoting problem in check_owner that could make the script interpret a
directory as a group id.

Rev: server/start:1.198

2003-03-03 16:58:48 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed quoting problem in check_owner that could make the script interpret a
directory as a group id.

Rev: server/start:1.195


2003-02-06 15:43:32 by Jonas Wallden <>

Another cosmetic fix.

Rev: server/start:1.200


2003-02-05 13:34:06 by Jonas Wallden <>

A bunch of typographic fixes.

Rev: server/base_server/roxen.pike:1.822
Rev: server/base_server/roxenloader.pike:1.333
Rev: server/start:1.199


2003-01-23 16:40:13 by Martin Nilsson <>

No longer duplicates --remove-dumped for every restart. (1.197)

Rev: server/start:1.209


2003-01-14 22:12:56 by Martin Nilsson <>

Don't depend on plugins for now.

Rev: server/start:1.208


2003-01-13 15:14:08 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed the truss option. Added an strace variant of it.

Rev: server/start:1.198


2002-12-16 14:37:52 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Fixed typo.

Rev: server/start:1.197

2002-12-16 09:43:54 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

No longer duplicates --remove-dumped for every restart.

Rev: server/start:1.196


2002-11-17 18:41:10 by Martin Nilsson <>

Roxen -> ChiliMoon

Rev: server/bin/functions:1.13
Rev: server/start:1.207
Rev: server/tools/init.d_chilimoon:1.1
Rev: server/tools/init.d_roxen:1.30(DEAD)


2002-11-03 20:06:42 by Martin Nilsson <>

Don't set VARDIR if already defined. Fixed bug in server dependency check.

Rev: server/start:1.206


2002-10-30 19:10:49 by Martin Nilsson <>

Fixed too early update of server dependencies.

Rev: server/server_core/loader.pike:1.358
Rev: server/start:1.205

2002-10-30 04:01:52 by Martin Nilsson <>

Updated stale dump files heuristics.

Rev: server/start:1.204


2002-10-24 00:29:41 by Martin Nilsson <>

Don't shutdown already running mysqls if we fail to open any ports.
Fixes [bug 3267 (#3267)]. [1.195]

Rev: server/start:1.203


2002-10-23 16:37:26 by Martin Nilsson <>

roxen.pike -> core.pike

Rev: server/server_core/core.pike:1.826
Rev: server/server_core/global_variables.pike:1.97
Rev: server/server_core/loader.pike:1.348
Rev: server/server_core/roxen.pike:1.826(DEAD)
Rev: server/start:1.202

2002-10-23 14:59:02 by Martin Nilsson <>

roxenloader -> loader

Rev: server/server_core/loader.pike:1.346
Rev: server/server_core/roxenloader.pike:1.346(DEAD)
Rev: server/start:1.201


2002-10-22 00:18:11 by Martin Nilsson <>

Internet Server -> ChiliMoon

Rev: server/data/example_pages/eng/index.html:1.7
Rev: server/data/example_pages/template:1.4
Rev: server/data/include/version.h:1.540
Rev: server/modules/tags/javascript_support/scripts/CrossPlatform.js:1.12
Rev: server/modules/tags/javascript_support/scripts/DragDrop.js:1.5
Rev: server/modules/tags/javascript_support/scripts/DynamicLoading.js:1.12
Rev: server/modules/tags/javascript_support/scripts/Popup.js:1.20
Rev: server/modules/tags/javascript_support/scripts/Scroll.js:1.6
Rev: server/plugins/arg_cache/replicate.pike:1.17
Rev: server/plugins/font_handlers/builtin.pike:1.15
Rev: server/plugins/font_handlers/compactimgfile.pike:1.8
Rev: server/plugins/font_handlers/freetype.pike:1.21
Rev: server/plugins/font_handlers/imagedir.pike:1.14
Rev: server/plugins/font_handlers/imagetar.pike:1.9
Rev: server/plugins/font_handlers/old.pike:1.13
Rev: server/plugins/font_handlers/ttf.pike:1.17
Rev: server/plugins/protocols/http.pike:1.383
Rev: server/server_core/admin_userdb.pike:1.57
Rev: server/server_core/basic_defvar.pike:1.34
Rev: server/server_core/cache.pike:1.85
Rev: server/server_core/disk_cache.pike:1.65
Rev: server/server_core/emit_object.pike:1.7
Rev: server/server_core/fonts.pike:1.88
Rev: server/server_core/global_variables.pike:1.96
Rev: server/server_core/hosts.pike:1.33
Rev: server/server_core/html.pike:1.19
Rev: server/server_core/http.pike:1.57
Rev: server/server_core/javamodule.pike:1.7
Rev: server/server_core/module.pike:1.134
Rev: server/server_core/module_support.pike:1.122
Rev: server/server_core/newdecode.pike:1.33
Rev: server/server_core/prototypes.pike:1.59
Rev: server/server_core/read_config.pike:1.67
Rev: server/server_core/roxen.pike:1.823
Rev: server/server_core/roxenlib.pike:1.217
Rev: server/server_core/roxenloader.pike:1.345
Rev: server/server_core/rxml.pike:1.328
Rev: server/server_core/rxmlhelp.pike:1.61
Rev: server/server_core/socket.pike:1.25
Rev: server/server_core/state.pike:1.22
Rev: server/server_core/supports.pike:1.28
Rev: server/server_core/throttler.pike:1.13
Rev: server/server_core/wizard.pike:1.145
Rev: server/start:1.200


2002-10-14 11:50:07 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Don't shutdown already running mysqls if we fail to open any ports.
Fixes [bug 3267 (#3267)].

Rev: server/base_server/roxen.pike:1.808
Rev: server/start:1.195


2002-10-01 23:18:16 by Martin Nilsson <>

base_server -> server_core

Rev: server/base_server/admin_userdb.pike:1.56(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/basic_defvar.pike:1.33(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/cache.pike:1.84(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/configuration.pike:1.536(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/disk_cache.pike:1.63(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/emit_object.pike:1.6(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/fastpipe.pike:1.10(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/fonts.pike:1.86(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/global_variables.pike:1.95(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/highlight_pike.pike:1.7(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/hosts.pike:1.32(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/html.pike:1.18(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/http.pike:1.56(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/image_cache.xml:1.7(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/javamodule.pike:1.6(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/language.pike:1.41(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/module.pike:1.133(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/module_support.pike:1.120(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/newdecode.pike:1.32(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/prototypes.pike:1.58(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/proxyauth.pike:1.10(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/read_config.pike:1.66(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/roxen.pike:1.821(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/roxenlib.pike:1.216(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/roxenloader.pike:1.342(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.326(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/rxmlhelp.pike:1.60(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/slowpipe.pike:1.16(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/snmpagent.pike:1.22(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/socket.pike:1.24(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/state.pike:1.21(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/supports.pike:1.27(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/throttler.pike:1.12(DEAD)
Rev: server/base_server/wizard.pike:1.144(DEAD)
Rev: server/server_core/admin_userdb.pike:1.56
Rev: server/server_core/basic_defvar.pike:1.33
Rev: server/server_core/cache.pike:1.84
Rev: server/server_core/configuration.pike:1.536
Rev: server/server_core/disk_cache.pike:1.63
Rev: server/server_core/emit_object.pike:1.6
Rev: server/server_core/fastpipe.pike:1.10(DEAD)
Rev: server/server_core/fonts.pike:1.86
Rev: server/server_core/global_variables.pike:1.95
Rev: server/server_core/highlight_pike.pike:1.7(DEAD)
Rev: server/server_core/hosts.pike:1.32
Rev: server/server_core/html.pike:1.18
Rev: server/server_core/http.pike:1.56
Rev: server/server_core/image_cache.xml:1.7
Rev: server/server_core/javamodule.pike:1.6
Rev: server/server_core/language.pike:1.41
Rev: server/server_core/module.pike:1.133
Rev: server/server_core/module_support.pike:1.120
Rev: server/server_core/newdecode.pike:1.32
Rev: server/server_core/prototypes.pike:1.58
Rev: server/server_core/proxyauth.pike:1.10(DEAD)
Rev: server/server_core/read_config.pike:1.66
Rev: server/server_core/roxen.pike:1.821
Rev: server/server_core/roxenlib.pike:1.216
Rev: server/server_core/roxenloader.pike:1.342
Rev: server/server_core/rxml.pike:1.326
Rev: server/server_core/rxmlhelp.pike:1.60
Rev: server/server_core/slowpipe.pike:1.16(DEAD)
Rev: server/server_core/snmpagent.pike:1.22
Rev: server/server_core/socket.pike:1.24
Rev: server/server_core/state.pike:1.21
Rev: server/server_core/supports.pike:1.27
Rev: server/server_core/throttler.pike:1.12
Rev: server/server_core/wizard.pike:1.144
Rev: server/start:1.199


2002-06-14 16:05:05 by Johan Sundström <>

Roxen WebServer -> Internet Server

Rev: local/README:1.2
Rev: server/base_server/basic_defvar.pike:1.31
Rev: server/base_server/cache.pike:1.80
Rev: server/base_server/config_userdb.pike:1.49
Rev: server/base_server/configuration.pike:1.524
Rev: server/base_server/disk_cache.pike:1.62
Rev: server/base_server/emit_object.pike:1.6
Rev: server/base_server/fastpipe.pike:1.9
Rev: server/base_server/fonts.pike:1.84
Rev: server/base_server/global_variables.pike:1.93
Rev: server/base_server/highlight_pike.pike:1.6
Rev: server/base_server/hosts.pike:1.32
Rev: server/base_server/html.pike:1.16
Rev: server/base_server/http.pike:1.56
Rev: server/base_server/javamodule.pike:1.6
Rev: server/base_server/module.pike:1.132
Rev: server/base_server/module_support.pike:1.113
Rev: server/base_server/newdecode.pike:1.31
Rev: server/base_server/prototypes.pike:1.54
Rev: server/base_server/read_config.pike:1.64
Rev: server/base_server/roxen.pike:1.806
Rev: server/base_server/roxenlib.pike:1.216
Rev: server/base_server/roxenloader.pike:1.335
Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.326
Rev: server/base_server/rxmlhelp.pike:1.58
Rev: server/base_server/slowpipe.pike:1.15
Rev: server/base_server/socket.pike:1.24
Rev: server/base_server/state.pike:1.21
Rev: server/base_server/supports.pike:1.26
Rev: server/base_server/throttler.pike:1.11
Rev: server/base_server/wizard.pike:1.142
Rev: server/bin/create_configif.pike:1.42
Rev: server/config_interface/sites/create_site_with_template.pike:1.29
Rev: server/config_interface/whatsnew.html:1.33
Rev: server/data/example_pages/eng/index.html:1.6
Rev: server/data/example_pages/template:1.3
Rev: server/data/test/config/Test_server_1:1.10
Rev: server/modules/configuration/roxen_test.pike:1.54
Rev: server/modules/icecast/pl_common.pike:1.9
Rev: server/modules/logging/roxen_network.pike:1.10
Rev: server/modules/misc/robots.txt.pike:1.4
Rev: server/modules/tags/additional_rxml.pike:1.23
Rev: server/modules/tags/javascript_support/scripts/CrossPlatform.js:1.11
Rev: server/modules/tags/javascript_support/scripts/DragDrop.js:1.4
Rev: server/modules/tags/javascript_support/scripts/DynamicLoading.js:1.11
Rev: server/modules/tags/javascript_support/scripts/Popup.js:1.19
Rev: server/modules/tags/javascript_support/scripts/Scroll.js:1.5
Rev: server/modules/tags/rxmltags.pike:1.375
Rev: server/pike_modules/StateHandler.pmod:1.10
Rev: server/plugins/arg_cache/replicate.pike:1.16
Rev: server/plugins/font_handlers/builtin.pike:1.14
Rev: server/plugins/font_handlers/compactimgfile.pike:1.6
Rev: server/plugins/font_handlers/freetype.pike:1.18
Rev: server/plugins/font_handlers/imagedir.pike:1.13
Rev: server/plugins/font_handlers/imagetar.pike:1.8
Rev: server/plugins/font_handlers/old.pike:1.12
Rev: server/plugins/font_handlers/ttf.pike:1.14
Rev: server/plugins/protocols/http.pike:1.371
Rev: server/start:1.198
Rev: server/tools/ntroxen/startdll/cmdline.cpp:1.20
Rev: server/tools/ntroxen/startdll/roxen.cpp:1.16
Rev: server/tools/roxenis.mib:1.4


2002-06-05 10:18:18 by Martin Nilsson <>

Moved etc to data

Rev: server/base_server/basic_defvar.pike:1.30
Rev: server/base_server/configuration.pike:1.518
Rev: server/base_server/global_variables.pike:1.89
Rev: server/base_server/roxen.pike:1.797
Rev: server/base_server/roxenloader.pike:1.329
Rev: server/bin/buildenv.pike:1.8
Rev: server/bin/create_configif.pike:1.41
Rev: server/bin/functions:1.11
Rev: server/data/.cvsignore:1.2
Rev: server/data/Makefile:1.3
Rev: server/data/
Rev: server/data/contenttypes:1.2
Rev: server/data/example_pages/eng/fonts.html:1.2
Rev: server/data/example_pages/eng/help.html:1.1
Rev: server/data/example_pages/eng/index.html:1.5
Rev: server/data/example_pages/index.html:1.2
Rev: server/data/example_pages/template:1.2
Rev: server/data/extensions:1.49
Rev: server/data/include/config.h:1.32
Rev: server/data/include/config_interface.h:1.10
Rev: server/data/include/module.h:1.55
Rev: server/data/include/module_constants.h:1.5
Rev: server/data/include/request_trace.h:1.10
Rev: server/data/include/roxen.h:1.23
Rev: server/data/include/security.h:1.1
Rev: server/data/include/stat.h:1.5
Rev: server/data/include/timers.h:1.1
Rev: server/data/include/udp.h:1.2
Rev: server/data/include/variables.h:1.12
Rev: server/data/include/version.h:1.538
Rev: server/data/maps/worldmap:1.1
Rev: server/data/modref.xml:1.1
Rev: server/data/more_extensions/apache:1.2
Rev: server/data/more_extensions/chemical:1.3
Rev: server/data/more_extensions/inlinetypes:1.2
Rev: server/data/mysql-template.tar:1.3
Rev: server/data/randomtext/README:1.1
Rev: server/data/randomtext/company:1.2
Rev: server/data/randomtext/poetry:1.2
Rev: server/data/roxen_master.pike:1.126
Rev: server/data/supports:1.91
Rev: server/data/test/config/Test_server_1:1.8
Rev: server/data/test/filesystem/10k.raw:1.1
Rev: server/data/test/filesystem/1k.raw:1.1
Rev: server/data/test/filesystem/hidden.inv:1.1
Rev: server/data/test/filesystem/index.html:1.1
Rev: server/data/test/filesystem/test1.html:1.1
Rev: server/data/test/filesystem/test_rxml_package:1.1
Rev: server/data/test/scripts/functions.pike:1.1
Rev: server/data/test/scripts/setup.pike:1.2
Rev: server/data/test/tests/RoxenTest_argcache.pike:1.4
Rev: server/data/test/tests/RoxenTest_base.pike:1.7
Rev: server/data/test/tests/RoxenTest_help.pike:1.4
Rev: server/data/test/tests/db/RoxenTest_dbbase.pike:1.1
Rev: server/data/test/tests/db/RoxenTest_dbmanager.pike:1.7
Rev: server/data/test/tests/echo.pike:1.2
Rev: server/data/test/tests/ftp/RoxenTest_ftp.pike:1.2
Rev: server/data/test/tests/ftp/ftp_test.pike:1.3
Rev: server/data/test/tests/http/RoxenTest_InternalImg.pike:1.1
Rev: server/data/test/tests/http/RoxenTest_http.pike:1.5
Rev: server/data/test/tests/http/http010.pike:1.2
Rev: server/data/test/tests/http/http09.pike:1.3
Rev: server/data/test/tests/http/http10.pike:1.8
Rev: server/data/test/tests/http/http_common.pike:1.7
Rev: server/data/test/tests/http/internal.pike:1.3
Rev: server/data/test/tests/http/ping.pike:1.2
Rev: server/data/test/tests/pike_async_process_test_common.pike:1.5
Rev: server/data/test/tests/pike_test_common.pike:1.10
Rev: server/data/test/tests/rxml/RoxenTest_BaseRXML.xml:1.48
Rev: server/data/test/tests/rxml/RoxenTest_Compat.xml:1.2
Rev: server/data/test/tests/rxml/RoxenTest_PikeTag.xml:1.1
Rev: server/data/test/tests/rxml/RoxenTest_RXMLTags.xml:1.28
Rev: server/data/test/tests/rxml/RoxenTest_SQLtag.xml:1.3
Rev: server/data/test/tests/rxml/RoxenTest_SessionTag.xml:1.2
Rev: server/data/test/tests/rxml/RoxenTest_Tablify.xml:1.1
Rev: server/data/test/tests/rxml/RoxenTest_WashHtmlTag.xml:1.2
Rev: server/data/test/tests/rxml/RoxenTest_Wiretap.xml:1.1
Rev: server/data/test/tests/userdbmodules/RoxenTest_userdbs.pike:1.6
Rev: server/etc/.cvsignore:1.2(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/Makefile:1.3(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/
Rev: server/etc/contenttypes:1.2(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/example_pages/eng/fonts.html:1.2(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/example_pages/eng/help.html:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/example_pages/eng/index.html:1.5(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/example_pages/index.html:1.2(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/example_pages/template:1.2(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/extensions:1.49(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/include/config.h:1.32(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/include/config_interface.h:1.10(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/include/module.h:1.55(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/include/module_constants.h:1.5(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/include/request_trace.h:1.10(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/include/roxen.h:1.23(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/include/security.h:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/include/stat.h:1.5(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/include/timers.h:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/include/udp.h:1.2(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/include/variables.h:1.12(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/include/version.h:1.538(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/maps/worldmap:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/modref.xml:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/more_extensions/apache:1.2(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/more_extensions/chemical:1.3(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/more_extensions/inlinetypes:1.2(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/mysql-template.tar:1.3(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/randomtext/README:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/randomtext/company:1.2(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/randomtext/poetry:1.2(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/roxen_master.pike:1.126(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/supports:1.91(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/test/config/Test_server_1:1.8(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/test/filesystem/10k.raw:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/test/filesystem/1k.raw:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/test/filesystem/hidden.inv:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/test/filesystem/index.html:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/test/filesystem/test1.html:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/test/filesystem/test_rxml_package:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/test/scripts/functions.pike:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/test/scripts/setup.pike:1.2(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/test/tests/RoxenTest_argcache.pike:1.4(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/test/tests/RoxenTest_base.pike:1.7(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/test/tests/RoxenTest_help.pike:1.4(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/test/tests/db/RoxenTest_dbbase.pike:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/test/tests/db/RoxenTest_dbmanager.pike:1.7(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/test/tests/echo.pike:1.2(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/test/tests/ftp/RoxenTest_ftp.pike:1.2(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/test/tests/ftp/ftp_test.pike:1.3(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/test/tests/http/RoxenTest_InternalImg.pike:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/test/tests/http/RoxenTest_http.pike:1.5(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/test/tests/http/http010.pike:1.2(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/test/tests/http/http09.pike:1.3(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/test/tests/http/http10.pike:1.8(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/test/tests/http/http_common.pike:1.7(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/test/tests/http/internal.pike:1.3(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/test/tests/http/ping.pike:1.2(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/test/tests/pike_async_process_test_common.pike:1.5(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/test/tests/pike_test_common.pike:1.10(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/test/tests/rxml/RoxenTest_BaseRXML.xml:1.48(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/test/tests/rxml/RoxenTest_Compat.xml:1.2(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/test/tests/rxml/RoxenTest_PikeTag.xml:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/test/tests/rxml/RoxenTest_RXMLTags.xml:1.28(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/test/tests/rxml/RoxenTest_SQLtag.xml:1.3(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/test/tests/rxml/RoxenTest_SessionTag.xml:1.2(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/test/tests/rxml/RoxenTest_Tablify.xml:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/test/tests/rxml/RoxenTest_WashHtmlTag.xml:1.2(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/test/tests/rxml/RoxenTest_Wiretap.xml:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/test/tests/userdbmodules/RoxenTest_userdbs.pike:1.6(DEAD)
Rev: server/modules/configuration/config_filesystem.pike:1.110
Rev: server/modules/configuration/roxen_test.pike:1.53
Rev: server/modules/examples/common_api.pike:1.9
Rev: server/modules/misc/contenttypes.pike:1.24
Rev: server/modules/misc/randomtext.pike:1.8
Rev: server/modules/tags/rxmltags.pike:1.373
Rev: server/pike_modules/DBManager.pmod:1.55
Rev: server/pike_modules/Map.pmod:1.5
Rev: server/start:1.197

2002-06-05 00:13:51 by Martin Nilsson <>

Set up module, program and include paths correctly.

Rev: server/etc/modules/.autodoc:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/modules/DBManager.pmod:1.54(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/modules/Dims.pmod:1.11(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/modules/ExtScript.pmod:1.15(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/modules/GText.pmod:1.14(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/modules/HTML.pmod:1.5(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/modules/JavaModule.pmod:1.23(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/modules/LazyImage.pmod/CoordinateSystem.pike:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/modules/LazyImage.pmod/Legend.pike:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/modules/LazyImage.pmod/module.pmod:1.6(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/modules/License.pmod:1.17(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/modules/Map.pmod:1.4(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/modules/RXML.pmod/PEnt.pike:1.23(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/modules/RXML.pmod/PExpr.pike:1.2(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/modules/RXML.pmod/PXml.pike:1.63(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/modules/RXML.pmod/module.pmod:1.285(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/modules/RXML.pmod/refs.pmod:1.12(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/modules/RXML.pmod/utils.pmod:1.29(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/modules/Roxen.pmod:1.142(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/modules/RoxenDebug.pmod:1.4(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/modules/RoxenRPC.pmod/Client.pike:1.15(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/modules/RoxenRPC.pmod/HTTP.pmod/Client.pike:1.8(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/modules/RoxenRPC.pmod/HTTP.pmod/Server.pike:1.4(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/modules/RoxenRPC.pmod/Server.pike:1.18(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/modules/Servlet.pmod:1.26(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/modules/SloppyDOM.pmod:1.5(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/modules/StateHandler.pmod:1.9(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/modules/VFS.pmod:1.4(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/modules/Variable.pmod/Date.pike:1.7(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/modules/Variable.pmod/Email.pike:1.11(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/modules/Variable.pmod/Image.pike:1.4(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/modules/Variable.pmod/Language.pike:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/modules/Variable.pmod/MapLocation.pike:1.3(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/modules/Variable.pmod/Mapping.pike:1.6(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/modules/Variable.pmod/Schedule.pike:1.5(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/modules/Variable.pmod/Upload.pike:1.4(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/modules/Variable.pmod/VerifiedPassword.pike:1.2(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/modules/Variable.pmod/VerifiedString.pike:1.5(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/modules/Variable.pmod/VerifiedText.pike:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/modules/Variable.pmod/module.pmod:1.77(DEAD)
Rev: server/pike_modules/.autodoc:1.1
Rev: server/pike_modules/DBManager.pmod:1.54
Rev: server/pike_modules/Dims.pmod:1.11
Rev: server/pike_modules/ExtScript.pmod:1.15
Rev: server/pike_modules/GText.pmod:1.14
Rev: server/pike_modules/HTML.pmod:1.5
Rev: server/pike_modules/JavaModule.pmod:1.23
Rev: server/pike_modules/LazyImage.pmod/CoordinateSystem.pike:1.1
Rev: server/pike_modules/LazyImage.pmod/Legend.pike:1.1
Rev: server/pike_modules/LazyImage.pmod/module.pmod:1.6
Rev: server/pike_modules/License.pmod:1.17
Rev: server/pike_modules/Map.pmod:1.4
Rev: server/pike_modules/RXML.pmod/PEnt.pike:1.23
Rev: server/pike_modules/RXML.pmod/PExpr.pike:1.2
Rev: server/pike_modules/RXML.pmod/PXml.pike:1.63
Rev: server/pike_modules/RXML.pmod/module.pmod:1.285
Rev: server/pike_modules/RXML.pmod/refs.pmod:1.12
Rev: server/pike_modules/RXML.pmod/utils.pmod:1.29
Rev: server/pike_modules/Roxen.pmod:1.142
Rev: server/pike_modules/RoxenDebug.pmod:1.4
Rev: server/pike_modules/RoxenRPC.pmod/Client.pike:1.15
Rev: server/pike_modules/RoxenRPC.pmod/HTTP.pmod/Client.pike:1.8
Rev: server/pike_modules/RoxenRPC.pmod/HTTP.pmod/Server.pike:1.4
Rev: server/pike_modules/RoxenRPC.pmod/Server.pike:1.18
Rev: server/pike_modules/Servlet.pmod:1.26
Rev: server/pike_modules/SloppyDOM.pmod:1.5
Rev: server/pike_modules/StateHandler.pmod:1.9
Rev: server/pike_modules/VFS.pmod:1.4
Rev: server/pike_modules/Variable.pmod/Date.pike:1.7
Rev: server/pike_modules/Variable.pmod/Email.pike:1.11
Rev: server/pike_modules/Variable.pmod/Image.pike:1.4
Rev: server/pike_modules/Variable.pmod/Language.pike:1.1
Rev: server/pike_modules/Variable.pmod/MapLocation.pike:1.3
Rev: server/pike_modules/Variable.pmod/Mapping.pike:1.6
Rev: server/pike_modules/Variable.pmod/Schedule.pike:1.5
Rev: server/pike_modules/Variable.pmod/Upload.pike:1.4
Rev: server/pike_modules/Variable.pmod/VerifiedPassword.pike:1.2
Rev: server/pike_modules/Variable.pmod/VerifiedString.pike:1.5
Rev: server/pike_modules/Variable.pmod/VerifiedText.pike:1.1
Rev: server/pike_modules/Variable.pmod/module.pmod:1.77
Rev: server/start:1.196


2002-06-03 20:36:11 by Per Hedbor <>

Now it runs with the new directory names. Also, create_configif now compiles.

Rev: server/base_server/configuration.pike:1.517
Rev: server/base_server/roxen.pike:1.796
Rev: server/base_server/roxenloader.pike:1.326
Rev: server/bin/create_configif.pike:1.40
Rev: server/bin/mkdir:1.5
Rev: server/data/images/.cvsignore:1.2
Rev: server/data/images/back.gif:1.3
Rev: server/data/images/back.png:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/check-check.gif:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/check-check.png:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/check-cross.gif:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/check-cross.png:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/check-empty-dim.gif:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/check-empty-dim.png:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/check-empty.gif:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/check-empty.png:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/colsel-small.jpg:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/colsel.jpg:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/count_0.gif:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/count_0.png:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/count_1.gif:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/count_1.png:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/count_2.gif:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/count_2.png:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/count_3.gif:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/count_3.png:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/database_small.gif:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/database_small.png:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/dir/binary.gif:1.2
Rev: server/data/images/dir/image.gif:1.2
Rev: server/data/images/dir/menu.gif:1.2
Rev: server/data/images/dir/movie.gif:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/dir/sound.gif:1.2
Rev: server/data/images/dir/text.gif:1.2
Rev: server/data/images/dir/unknown.gif:1.2
Rev: server/data/images/dot.gif:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/dot.png:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/down.gif:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/down.png:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/err_1.gif:1.4
Rev: server/data/images/err_1.png:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/err_2.gif:1.4
Rev: server/data/images/err_2.png:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/err_3.gif:1.4
Rev: server/data/images/err_3.png:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/eval.gif:1.2
Rev: server/data/images/fold.gif:
Rev: server/data/images/fold.png:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/fold2.gif:1.2
Rev: server/data/images/fold2.png:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/gbutton.xcf:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/help.gif:1.2
Rev: server/data/images/help.png:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/ihfc.gif:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/ihfc.png:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/next.gif:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/next.png:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/padlock.gif:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/page-not-found-sorry.gif:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/page-not-found-sorry.png:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/page-not-found.gif:1.2
Rev: server/data/images/page-not-found.png:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/pike.gif:1.2
Rev: server/data/images/pike.png:1.2
Rev: server/data/images/power-large-black.gif:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/power-large-black.png:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/power-large-white.gif:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/power-large-white.png:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/power-medium-black.gif:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/power-medium-black.png:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/power-medium-white.gif:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/power-medium-white.png:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/power-small-black.gif:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/power-small-black.png:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/power-small-white.gif:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/power-small-white.png:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/power.gif:1.5
Rev: server/data/images/power.png:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/roxen-small.gif:1.4
Rev: server/data/images/roxen-small.png:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/roxen.gif:1.8
Rev: server/data/images/roxen.png:1.2
Rev: server/data/images/sort-asc.gif:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/sort-asc.png:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/sort-desc.gif:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/sort-desc.png:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/squares.png:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/tab_frame.xcf:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/tabframe.xcf:1.5
Rev: server/data/images/table_small.gif:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/testimage.jpg:1.2
Rev: server/data/images/tile.gif:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/tile.png:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/unfold.gif:
Rev: server/data/images/unfold.png:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/unfold2.gif:1.2
Rev: server/data/images/unfold2.png:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/unit.gif:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/up.gif:1.3
Rev: server/data/images/up.png:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/urtavla.png:1.2
Rev: server/data/images/webserver.gif:1.1
Rev: server/data/images/webserver.png:1.1
Rev: server/mkdir:1.5(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/.cvsignore:1.2(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/back.gif:1.3(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/back.png:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/check-check.gif:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/check-check.png:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/check-cross.gif:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/check-cross.png:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/check-empty-dim.gif:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/check-empty-dim.png:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/check-empty.gif:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/check-empty.png:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/colsel-small.jpg:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/colsel.jpg:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/count_0.gif:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/count_0.png:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/count_1.gif:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/count_1.png:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/count_2.gif:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/count_2.png:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/count_3.gif:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/count_3.png:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/database_small.gif:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/database_small.png:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/dir/binary.gif:1.2(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/dir/image.gif:1.2(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/dir/menu.gif:1.2(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/dir/movie.gif:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/dir/sound.gif:1.2(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/dir/text.gif:1.2(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/dir/unknown.gif:1.2(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/dot.gif:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/dot.png:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/down.gif:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/down.png:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/err_1.gif:1.4(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/err_1.png:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/err_2.gif:1.4(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/err_2.png:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/err_3.gif:1.4(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/err_3.png:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/eval.gif:1.2(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/fold.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/fold.png:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/fold2.gif:1.2(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/fold2.png:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/gbutton.xcf:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/help.gif:1.2(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/help.png:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/ihfc.gif:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/ihfc.png:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/next.gif:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/next.png:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/padlock.gif:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/page-not-found-sorry.gif:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/page-not-found-sorry.png:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/page-not-found.gif:1.2(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/page-not-found.png:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/pike.gif:1.2(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/pike.png:1.2(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/power-large-black.gif:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/power-large-black.png:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/power-large-white.gif:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/power-large-white.png:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/power-medium-black.gif:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/power-medium-black.png:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/power-medium-white.gif:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/power-medium-white.png:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/power-small-black.gif:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/power-small-black.png:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/power-small-white.gif:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/power-small-white.png:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/power.gif:1.5(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/power.png:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/roxen-small.gif:1.4(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/roxen-small.png:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/roxen.gif:1.8(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/roxen.png:1.2(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/sort-asc.gif:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/sort-asc.png:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/sort-desc.gif:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/sort-desc.png:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/squares.png:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/tab_frame.xcf:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/tabframe.xcf:1.5(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/table_small.gif:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/testimage.jpg:1.2(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/tile.gif:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/tile.png:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/unfold.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/unfold.png:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/unfold2.gif:1.2(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/unfold2.png:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/unit.gif:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/up.gif:1.3(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/up.png:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/urtavla.png:1.2(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/webserver.gif:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/roxen-images/webserver.png:1.1(DEAD)
Rev: server/start:1.195


2002-05-18 18:15:49 by Jonas Wallden <>

Darwin uname -r apparently returns versions in the 5.x range nowadays so
adjust thread enabling accordingly.

Rev: server/start:1.194

2002-05-18 18:15:45 by Jonas Wallden <>

Darwin uname -r apparently returns versions in the 5.x range nowadays so
adjust thread enabling accordingly.

Rev: server/start:1.192


2002-04-16 10:48:52 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Some help text improvements.

Rev: server/start:1.193


2002-04-02 14:35:05 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Enable threads by default on Linux.

Rev: server/start:1.192


2002-01-03 13:07:29 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Clean up the pid file at server version change.
Fixes [bug 2639 (#2639)].

Rev: server/start:1.191

2002-01-03 13:07:12 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Clean up the pid file at server version change.
Fixes [bug 2639 (#2639)].

Rev: server/start:1.191


2001-11-21 22:35:14 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fix for the problem with wrong ROXEN_PID in combination with
backgrounded eval. (It's actually kinda fun puzzling out these
horrible sh script kludges. ;)

Rev: server/start:1.190

2001-11-21 22:26:21 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fix for the problem with wrong ROXEN_PID in combination with
backgrounded eval. (It's actually kinda fun puzzling out these
horrible sh script kludges. ;)

Rev: server/start:1.190

2001-11-21 10:06:57 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Avoid ' in the help text, only because it upsets the font locking in Emacs.

Rev: server/start:1.189

2001-11-21 10:06:56 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Avoid ' in the help text, only because it upsets the font locking in Emacs.

Rev: server/start:1.189


2001-11-15 12:04:14 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Added support for $LOCALDIR/restart_rc.
Fixes [bug 2530 (#2530)].

Rev: server/start:1.188


2001-11-09 14:28:07 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Now by default shuts down mysql when Roxen is shut down.
Fixes [bug 2222 (#2222)].

Rev: server/start:1.187


2001-10-19 11:00:46 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Fixed quoting in many places.
Potential fix for [bug 1073 (#1073)] and [bug 992 (#992)].

Rev: server/start:1.186


2001-10-15 17:29:58 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Backport of --program fix from Roxen 2.2.

Rev: server/start:1.135

2001-10-15 17:27:10 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Pass arguments after --program along to the program and not to pike.

Rev: server/start:1.185


2001-10-04 15:04:23 by Per Hedbor <>

New option: --offline, disables DNS and some other code (e.g., most content boxes in the configuration interface)

Rev: server/start:1.184


2001-09-25 15:27:19 by Marcus Wellhardh <>

Added support to run sitebuilder self test after webserver self test. Moved copying of test configuration from webserver start script to test setup script.

Rev: server/etc/test/scripts/functions.pike:1.1
Rev: server/etc/test/scripts/setup.pike:1.2
Rev: server/start:1.183


2001-09-20 20:00:47 by Martin Nilsson <>

Make --self-test implicate debug mode. (Or should it only be active when --tests-verbose is present?)

Rev: server/start:1.182


2001-09-19 14:02:52 by Jonas Wallden <>

Enabled threads by default on Darwin 1.4 or later.

Rev: server/start:1.181


2001-09-04 12:37:27 by Honza Petrous <>

Added --with-snmp-agent.

Rev: server/start:1.180


2001-08-14 09:45:00 by Stefan Wallström <>

Make GDB ignore those thread related signals for Linux.

Rev: server/start:1.179


2001-08-13 22:50:18 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Removed some unnecessary noise.

Rev: server/start:1.178

2001-08-13 21:47:38 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Run the roxen process in the background also in normal --once mode, to
avoid sending the SIGINT signal directly to roxen and its
subprocesses. Testing (Solaris 7) shows that this works to avoid a
premature shutdown of the mysql subprocess, but the roxen process
itself still gets the SIGINT. Odd, but it helps a bit anyway.

Rev: server/start:1.177


2001-08-10 14:44:43 by Jonas Wallden <>

Small fix for --self-test-dir.

Rev: server/start:1.176

2001-08-10 14:21:29 by Marcus Wellhardh <>

Moved setup code to pike for more compatibility.

Rev: server/etc/test/scripts/setup.pike:1.1
Rev: server/etc/test/scripts/
Rev: server/start:1.175

2001-08-10 09:08:25 by Marcus Wellhardh <>

Added new argument --self-test-dir to specify alternative test directory. Moved self test setup code to an external file.

Rev: server/start:1.174


2001-08-06 16:44:37 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Changed the default debugging level to exclude MODULE_DEBUG, since it
nowadays adds some runtime overhead. Introduced new argument
--module-debug to add it. --once also implies --module-debug.
[COMPAT] note: This change ought to be in the release notes.

Rev: server/start:1.173


2001-07-31 07:38:42 by Per Hedbor <>

Added --strip-backslash option. Ported from 2.1 (ported from 2.2)

Rev: server/start:1.113


2001-07-09 21:06:43 by Martin Nilsson <>

Added --keep-mysql to avoid the annoying 2+ seconds delay during shutdown.

Rev: server/start:1.172


2001-07-02 02:53:18 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Print "Start script terminated" as close as possible to when that
actually happens.

Rev: server/start:1.171

2001-07-02 01:45:36 by Martin Nilsson <>

Readded the extra kill-mysql-when-running-selftest code.

Rev: server/start:1.170


2001-06-30 14:04:44 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Don't log with the line prefix when running self tests.

Rev: server/bin/functions:1.5
Rev: server/start:1.169


2001-06-29 01:01:16 by Martin Nilsson <>

No need to kill mysql servers before the self test is run.

Rev: server/start:1.168


2001-06-28 15:49:35 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Avoid recursive invocations of signal_exit.

Rev: server/start:1.167

2001-06-28 15:33:24 by Martin Stjernholm <>

No noise from the mysql kill.

Rev: server/start:1.166


2001-06-27 18:58:47 by Per Hedbor <>

Shut down mysql when the start script terminates

Rev: server/start:1.165


2001-06-26 18:41:20 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Pass arguments like --assembler-debug and --optimizer-debug to pike.

Rev: server/start:1.164


2001-06-20 11:53:12 by Fredrik Noring <>

Fixed (some) quotation bugs.

Rev: server/start:1.163


2001-06-09 14:58:48 by Martin Nilsson <>

Moved test directory

Rev: server/etc/test/config/Test_server_1:1.4
Rev: server/etc/test/tests/rxml/RoxenTest_BaseRXML.xml:1.23
Rev: server/modules/configuration/roxen_test.pike:1.27
Rev: server/start:1.162


2001-06-06 21:04:49 by Per Hedbor <>

New option to the start script (unix only, always on on NT): --strip-backslash, causes all \ in the URL to be transformed to /. Useful for compatibility reasons on unix, quite nessesary for security reasons on NT.

Rev: server/base_server/configuration.pike:1.433
Rev: server/start:1.161

2001-06-06 21:04:30 by Per Hedbor <>

New option to the start script (unix only, always on on NT): --strip-backslash, causes all \ in the URL to be transformed to /. Useful for compatibility reasons on unix, quite nessesary for security reasons on NT.

Rev: server/base_server/configuration.pike:1.391
Rev: server/base_server/roxen.pike:1.578
Rev: server/start:1.134


2001-05-17 01:20:52 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Pass on -p to Pike.

Rev: server/start:1.160


2001-05-16 09:49:27 by Per Hedbor <>

Another --once misspelling added.

Rev: server/start:1.159


2001-04-07 11:45:31 by Per Hedbor <>

Now works with Pike 7.2 and Pike 7.3

Rev: server/base_server/configuration.pike:1.183
Rev: server/base_server/roxen.pike:1.374
Rev: server/base_server/roxenloader.pike:1.95
Rev: server/etc/roxen_master.pike:1.51
Rev: server/modules/graphics/business_graphics/business.pike:1.112
Rev: server/modules/graphics/cimg.pike:1.2
Rev: server/modules/graphics/graphic_text.pike:1.169
Rev: server/modules/graphics/pimage.pike:1.12
Rev: server/modules/logging/home_logger.pike:1.19
Rev: server/modules/misc/upgrade_proxy.pike:1.7
Rev: server/modules/proxies/ftpgateway.pike:1.26
Rev: server/modules/scripting/cgi.pike:1.137
Rev: server/modules/scripting/pikescript.pike:1.32
Rev: server/modules/tags/countdown.pike:1.11
Rev: server/modules/tags/htmlparse.pike:1.196
Rev: server/modules/tags/lisp.pike:1.13
Rev: server/modules/tags/sqltag.pike:1.37
Rev: server/protocols/http.pike:1.136
Rev: server/server_templates/bare.pike:1.3
Rev: server/server_templates/basic.pike:1.2
Rev: server/server_templates/ftp.pike:1.4
Rev: server/server_templates/manualserver.pike:1.6
Rev: server/server_templates/proxy.pike:1.5
Rev: server/server_templates/standard.pike:1.7
Rev: server/start:1.59


2001-03-27 18:37:40 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed a bug causing chgrp/chmod of the whole server tree at every
start when running as a different user. Only chmod to read permissions
to the group in the server tree.

Rev: server/start:1.158

2001-03-27 18:20:34 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed a bug causing chgrp/chmod of the whole server tree at every
start when running as a different user.

Rev: server/start:1.133


2001-03-24 03:03:19 by Per Hedbor <>

Fixed [Bug 1394 (#1394)]

Rev: server/start:1.157


2001-03-23 03:39:52 by Per Hedbor <>

Implemented the suggestion in [Bug 1347 (#1347)]: It's now possible to specify the debuglog location with --debug-log=...

Rev: server/start:1.156


2001-03-20 15:18:55 by Fredrik Noring <>

Do not fuzz about changing to the same dir.

Rev: server/start:1.155


2001-03-17 02:27:22 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Create a partial pid file already in the start script, to minimize races.
Also use the pid file to avoid starting duplicate servers in the start

Compatibility note: The start script now always has a fallback for the pid
file setting, to make the detection mentioned above effective. That renders
the pid file setting in Global Variables ineffective, and it has therefore
been removed. Installations which it therefore need to move it to the start
script command line, or the ROXEN_PID_FILE environment variable.

Rev: server/base_server/global_variables.pike:1.67
Rev: server/base_server/roxen.pike:1.655
Rev: server/start:1.154


2001-03-06 11:43:34 by Peter Bortas <>

Fail when unable to create var-dir.

Rev: server/start:1.153


2001-02-26 18:42:28 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Pass through the -a flag to Pike.

Rev: server/start:1.152


2001-02-02 13:03:44 by Per Hedbor <>

Set the exit code correctly when running --once, and added a missing &

Rev: server/start:1.151

2001-02-02 12:08:24 by Fredrik Noring <>

Fixed quote bug and added Roxen version change functionality.

Rev: server/start:1.150


2001-02-01 02:54:55 by Per Hedbor <>

Once a --program option has been parsed, just send on the --help and --version arguments to the program instead of showing the version or help. Fixes [Bug 1067 (#1067)]. Also added tests to verify that the startscript keeps on passing the arguments as mentioned above.

Rev: server/etc/test/tests/RoxenTest_base.pike:1.4
Rev: server/etc/test/tests/echo.pike:1.2
Rev: server/start:1.149


2001-01-31 08:04:01 by Per Hedbor <>

Make sure the exitcode is 1 if roxen exits with non-zero exit-code when do_pipe is set. Specifically, this is used in --self-test-quiet.

Rev: server/start:1.148

2001-01-31 07:32:36 by Per Hedbor <>

Added --self-test-verbose and --self-test-quiet options

Rev: server/start:1.147

2001-01-31 04:26:18 by Per Hedbor <>

Be better at wiping old testsuite installation

Rev: server/start:1.146


2001-01-19 18:31:25 by Per Hedbor <>

Oups. Wrong order of arguments to find caused overzealous caching of .o files

Rev: server/start:1.145


2001-01-13 23:51:16 by Per Hedbor <>

Remove .o-files more often

Rev: server/start:1.132


2001-01-03 05:58:45 by Per Hedbor <>

Optimized (from 1.4 to 0.3 seconds for a normal roxen start)

Rev: server/bin/functions:1.2
Rev: server/start:1.144


2001-01-01 08:30:34 by Martin Nilsson <>

There is no .o-files anymore. Changed printout

Rev: server/start:1.143


2000-12-30 10:30:14 by Per Hedbor <>

Less on disk -- more in mysql

Rev: server/base_server/config_userdb.pike:1.17
Rev: server/base_server/roxen.pike:1.596
Rev: server/base_server/roxenloader.pike:1.218
Rev: server/etc/roxen_master.pike:1.109
Rev: server/start:1.142

2000-12-30 10:10:23 by Martin Nilsson <>

Small fix for database support. Copy test_rxml_package into system package directory when running self test

Rev: server/start:1.141

2000-12-30 05:19:55 by Per Hedbor <>

Use common functions

Rev: server/start:1.140


2000-12-11 04:11:16 by Per Hedbor <>

Check more files than the pike binary to determine when it's time to remove all .o files.

Rev: server/start:1.139


2000-11-20 08:37:04 by Per Hedbor <>

Better debugprintouts

Rev: server/start:1.138

2000-11-20 08:34:41 by Per Hedbor <>

even better. :-)

Rev: server/start:1.137

2000-11-20 08:12:16 by Per Hedbor <>


Rev: server/start:1.136

2000-11-20 07:48:27 by Per Hedbor <>

Set the fd limit somewhat higher than the default value

Rev: server/start:1.135


2000-11-16 10:58:36 by Per Hedbor <>

Removed the rather non-useful --with-keep-alive and --without-keep-alive, since they won't work anymore (keep-alive is always defined)

Rev: server/start:1.134

2000-11-16 10:58:06 by Per Hedbor <>

synchronized start script with 2.2, except the --self-test option.

Rev: server/start:1.131

2000-11-16 10:56:19 by Per Hedbor <>

Some added magic for chmod/chgrp/chown support.

Rev: server/start:1.133


2000-11-11 04:27:06 by Martin Nilsson <>

Start self test with --self-test

Rev: server/start:1.132


2000-10-30 18:57:56 by Per Hedbor <>

Added --with-security

Rev: server/start:1.131


2000-10-02 16:34:09 by Jonas Wallden <>

Workaround for MacOS X uname -m which returns string with space.

Rev: server/etc/roxen_master.pike:1.102
Rev: server/start:1.130

2000-10-02 16:34:04 by Jonas Wallden <>

Workaround for MacOS X uname -m which returns string with space.

Rev: server/etc/roxen_master.pike:1.102
Rev: server/start:1.130


2000-09-28 02:21:53 by Per Hedbor <>

Added date-stamp of pike binary to detect when it's time to remove .o files

Rev: server/start:1.129


2000-09-25 07:55:02 by Per Hedbor <>

Include ls -lL of pike binary in version info, thus removing .o files when pike is changed even if the version has not been changed

Rev: server/start:1.129


2000-09-24 01:49:17 by Per Hedbor <>

Added support for --debug-without=...

Rev: server/start:1.128


2000-09-07 23:49:48 by Fredrik Noring <>

Always create $LOCALDIR/environment even if nothing was found during the buildenv.pike check.

Rev: server/start:1.127


2000-09-01 14:11:17 by Per Hedbor <>

The notice about Solaris >= 2.5.1 is sort of out of date. Also, it's messy. :-)

Rev: server/start:1.126

2000-09-01 12:42:46 by Martin Nilsson <>

Annoy people with the full, sillycapsed name

Rev: server/start:1.125


2000-08-31 11:35:00 by Fredrik Noring <>

Added --silent-start argument.

Rev: server/start:1.124

2000-08-31 01:50:41 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Made the start script respond to SIGINT and SIGTERM, and shut down
Roxen properly on them. Various other small changes.

Rev: server/start:1.123


2000-08-29 23:28:32 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Removed some obsolete localinstall and PIKE_MODULE_PATH stuff. Search $PATH
for $PIKE. When --gdb is used and $pike is a script, run it with a --gdb
argument instead of feeding it to gdb, which will surely fail.

Rev: server/start:1.122


2000-08-17 01:16:06 by Per Hedbor <>

Added options to control the RAM cache

Rev: server/protocols/http.pike:1.250
Rev: server/start:1.121


2000-08-09 02:34:34 by Per Hedbor <>

Unified depug report routing added (dp) same as 'echo >&2'

Rev: server/start:1.120

2000-08-09 01:30:25 by Per Hedbor <>

Do not be too glad to cd around the place. This probably fixes the 'No index Void in RXML bug' when having symlinks somewhere in the path.

Rev: server/start:1.119


2000-08-02 15:21:32 by Marcus Comstedt <>

Now adds all jars found in java/classes to CLASSPATH.

Rev: server/start:1.118


2000-07-10 19:53:28 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Somewhat improved diagnostics.

Rev: server/start:1.117


2000-06-26 18:46:31 by Andreas Sigfridsson <>

Reverted to 1.114 (--autoreload broke stuff)

Rev: server/start:1.116

2000-06-26 17:49:49 by Andreas Sigfridsson <>

Added --autoreload switch

Rev: server/start:1.115


2000-06-05 17:55:01 by Emils Klotins <>

Fixed infinite loop bug when the debug log directory is deleted.
Thanks to Emils Klotins <>.

Rev: server/start:1.114


2000-05-17 17:42:45 by Martin Nilsson <>

Fix for NT

Rev: server/base_server/roxen.pike:1.485
Rev: server/modules/configuration/config_tags.pike:1.84
Rev: server/modules/filters/htaccess.pike:1.61
Rev: server/start:1.113

2000-05-17 15:26:38 by Martin Nilsson <>

Fix for NT

Rev: server/base_server/roxen.pike:1.485
Rev: server/modules/configuration/config_tags.pike:1.84
Rev: server/modules/filters/htaccess.pike:1.61
Rev: server/start:1.112


2000-04-25 12:05:25 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Small beautification.

Rev: server/start:1.112


2000-04-05 14:44:08 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Fixed "pike not found" error.

Rev: server/start:1.111


2000-04-03 03:47:43 by Per Hedbor <>

Change the permissions of the dumpfile directory to allow any user to write there, but o+s so that only the owner may delete files

Rev: server/start:1.110


2000-04-01 12:26:30 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Now complains if it can't create $VARDIR/.

Rev: server/start:1.109


2000-03-31 16:45:03 by Leif Stensson <>

Fixed a bad "if" test.

Rev: server/start:1.108

2000-03-31 02:26:04 by Martin Nilsson <>

Resetting -DSER

Rev: server/start:1.107


2000-03-30 19:57:38 by Leif Stensson <>

Added a call to bin/buildenv.pike to build the "../local/environment"
file if it doesn't already exist.

Rev: server/start:1.106


2000-03-29 17:09:11 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Improved portability of --version.

Rev: server/start:1.105


2000-03-28 21:09:39 by Johan Sundström <>

Configuration Interface => Administration Interface

Rev: CHANGES:1.155
Rev: examples/sqluserdb/documentation.html:1.3
Rev: server/base_server/configuration.pike:1.292
Rev: server/base_server/module.pike:1.89
Rev: server/base_server/roxen.pike:1.470
Rev: server/base_server/roxenloader.pike:1.163
Rev: server/config_interface/standard/themes/README:1.4
Rev: server/config_interface/standard/welcome.txt:1.3
Rev: server/config_interface/standard/whatsnew.html:1.9
Rev: server/etc/include/config.h:1.21
Rev: server/etc/supports:1.81
Rev: server/java/src/com/roxen/roxen/
Rev: server/modules/configuration/INFO:1.2
Rev: server/modules/configuration/config_filesystem.pike:1.32
Rev: server/modules/configuration/config_tags.pike:1.70
Rev: server/modules/configuration/config_userdb.pike:1.32
Rev: server/modules/graphics/graphic_text.pike:1.226
Rev: server/modules/ldap/ldapuserauth.pike:1.18
Rev: server/modules/logging/home_logger.pike:1.23
Rev: server/modules/misc/SQLuserdb.pike:1.16
Rev: server/modules/tags/rxmltags.pike:1.107
Rev: server/start:1.104
Rev: server/tools/roxenstarter/roxenstarter.cpp:1.4


2000-03-24 20:17:12 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Fixed typo.

Rev: server/start:1.103

2000-03-24 20:08:37 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Paranoia fix.

Rev: server/start:1.102

2000-03-24 20:08:14 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Fixed bug when $LOCALDIR doesn't exist.

Rev: server/start:1.101

2000-03-24 19:09:05 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Moved environment from etc/environment to ../local/environment.
Put ../local and ../var in variables LOCALDIR and VARDIR.

Rev: server/start:1.100


2000-03-13 06:08:25 by Per Hedbor <>

o Precompiled files now in ../var/roxen-version/precompiled/machine/

o If ../local/bin/{pike,roxen} exists, use them instead of the ones in

o .o files are removed in each loop in the restart loop if
--remove-dumped is specified.

o ../local/{include,pike_modules} are now searched for include files
and modules, respectively.

o ../local/base_server is added to the program path if it exists.

Rev: server/start:1.99


2000-03-10 18:07:24 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Reverted the broken handling of the enable/disable threads arguments
(wonder how Per thought it should work).

Rev: server/etc/include/config.h:1.20
Rev: server/start:1.98


2000-02-29 22:52:32 by Peter Bortas <>

Fixed --version by telling it to use version.h

Rev: server/start:1.97


2000-02-17 05:26:13 by Per Hedbor <>

Fixed bug (no space after sed -e), and exit if no pike binary is found

Rev: server/start:1.96


2000-02-16 23:46:29 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Report full exec command in log when not using --quiet and --once. We
want to log that by default for support reasons.

Rev: server/start:1.95

2000-02-16 09:52:15 by Per Hedbor <>

Trimmed the messages somewhat

Rev: server/start:1.94


2000-02-14 23:49:30 by Martin Nilsson <>

Moved release flag.

Rev: server/etc/include/module.h:1.32
Rev: server/start:1.93

2000-02-14 16:19:32 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed an inaccurate message.

Rev: server/start:1.92


2000-02-08 07:57:12 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Removed -rt from debug arguments when --debug is given, since it doesn't
work well enough yet.

Rev: server/start:1.91


2000-02-04 04:55:39 by Per Hedbor <>

Only remove precompiled files that are used by _this_ roxen, and save roxen arguments and pike version in the precompiled/arch/ directory

Rev: server/start:1.90


2000-02-02 20:42:53 by Per Hedbor <>

s/ Challenger//

Rev: server/base_server/roxen.pike:1.407
Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.93
Rev: server/config_interface/standard/template:1.26
Rev: server/etc/include/version.h:1.3
Rev: server/modules/proxies/gopher.pike:1.18
Rev: server/modules/proxies/proxy.pike:1.42
Rev: server/modules/tags/accessed.pike:1.19
Rev: server/modules/tags/sqltag.pike:1.43
Rev: server/modules/tags/wizard_tag.pike:1.20
Rev: server/protocols/ftp.pike:2.26
Rev: server/start:1.89


2000-01-27 18:21:23 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Improved behaviour with some permission problems.

Rev: server/start:1.88


1999-12-21 16:48:14 by Per Hedbor <>

Lowered default debug level (-rt is only enabled when roxen is started with --debug)

Rev: server/start:1.87


1999-12-19 00:34:12 by Marcus Comstedt <>

Added necessary classes for Java Roxen module support to CLASSPATH.

Rev: server/start:1.86


1999-12-13 05:10:44 by Per Hedbor <>

When running with --once, recirect stderr to stdout (it's easier to pipe the output to <insert your favourite pager here> this way)

Rev: server/start:1.85

1999-12-13 05:01:23 by Per Hedbor <>

When running with debug, enable -rt by default. Also enable -w.

Rev: server/start:1.84


1999-12-06 22:53:00 by Martin Stjernholm <>

.remove_dumped_mark is not used anymore.

Rev: server/start:1.83


1999-11-24 17:33:16 by Per Hedbor <>

Only delete .o files in the 'precompiled' directory

Rev: server/start:1.82


1999-11-19 01:24:52 by Marcus Comstedt <>

Modified CLASSPATH assignment to match new servlet code location.

Rev: server/start:1.81


1999-11-03 20:19:32 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Added support for the -w option.

Rev: server/start:1.80


1999-10-08 17:20:34 by Per Hedbor <>

Only remove .o files if program == base_server/roxenloader.pike

Rev: server/start:1.79


1999-09-10 22:08:17 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Handle files outside the roxen tree with --remove-dumped.

Rev: server/base_server/roxen.pike:1.326
Rev: server/start:1.78

1999-09-10 19:58:05 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed termcap use in help text (rmso doesn't exit bold mode but
"standout mode" (usually reverse video)).

Rev: server/start:1.77


1999-09-06 12:40:36 by Per Hedbor <>

Fixed --remove-old-dot-o-files

Rev: server/start:1.76


1999-09-05 02:19:34 by Per Hedbor <>

Automatically remove .o files if pike arguments or pike version change

Rev: server/start:1.75

1999-09-05 01:34:43 by Per Hedbor <>

Align debug messages with the roxen debug log, and change it so that there is only one place to change if the debug log format changes

Rev: server/start:1.74


1999-09-02 18:30:52 by Per Hedbor <>

Added THREADS when running with --enable-threads

Rev: server/start:1.73


1999-08-30 09:36:58 by Per Hedbor <>

Added a --truss-c option

Rev: server/start:1.72


1999-08-19 23:43:49 by Per Hedbor <>

Made keep-alive the default state of things, added --without-keep-alive

Rev: server/start:1.71


1999-08-11 06:26:54 by Peter Bortas <>

Now takes --version from roxen.pike to eliminate redundance. This should also make that switch usefull for the first time.

Rev: server/start:1.58


1999-08-06 16:40:57 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

--version now extract version information from base_server/roxen.pike.

Rev: server/start:1.70


1999-08-05 22:51:16 by Peter Bortas <>

Changed to useing absolute path. nessisary for intraseek to work.

Rev: server/start:1.69


1999-07-21 21:33:51 by Marcus Comstedt <>

Environment and CLASSPATH setting imported from 1.3.

Rev: server/start:1.68

1999-07-21 21:31:39 by Marcus Comstedt <>

Automatic CLASSPATH setting.

Rev: server/start:1.57


1999-06-06 20:22:26 by Peter Bortas <>

Added support for setting variables from start. Handy for setting up
two servers from the same configuration but with diffrent ports or
some such.

Rev: server/base_server/configuration.pike:1.178
Rev: server/base_server/roxen.pike:1.345
Rev: server/start:1.56


1999-05-25 20:45:46 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Fixed bug with --gdb

Rev: server/start:1.67

1999-05-25 15:53:28 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Add debug macros also when using --once.

Rev: server/start:1.66


1999-05-22 23:46:47 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Sleep 1 second instead of 5 between restarts.

Rev: server/start:1.55


1999-04-24 17:52:20 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Do not meddle with pike paths at all when PIKE_NO_DEFAULT_PATHS is

Rev: server/start:1.65

1999-04-24 17:49:22 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Do not meddle with pike paths if PIKE_NO_DEFAULT_PATHS is defined.

Rev: server/start:1.54


1999-04-22 09:18:00 by Per Hedbor <>

Added some more arguments. Added fallback for pike 0.5 (for some reason. :-)) Added 'VERSION' and 'BUILD' variables. Should be updated automatically by make dist.

Rev: server/start:1.64


1999-04-14 15:23:46 by Marcus Comstedt <>

Environment setup stage added to installation procedure.

Rev: server/bin/install.pike:1.36
Rev: server/etc/env.d/informix.pike:1.1
Rev: server/etc/env.d/oracle.pike:1.2
Rev: server/start:1.53

1999-04-14 15:23:44 by Marcus Comstedt <>

Environment setup stage added to installation procedure.

Rev: server/bin/install.pike:1.35
Rev: server/etc/.cvsignore:1.2
Rev: server/etc/env.d/oracle.pike:1.1
Rev: server/start:1.52


1999-02-07 16:51:30 by Peter Bortas <>

Fixed --pid-file.

Rev: server/base_server/roxen.pike:1.288
Rev: server/start:1.51


1998-11-28 21:43:50 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Fixed a few more argument passing bugs.

Rev: server/start:1.63

1998-11-28 21:36:46 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Added some help for --verbose and --quiet.

Rev: server/start:1.62

1998-11-28 21:27:37 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Added flags for specifying the verbosity level.

Rev: server/start:1.61

1998-11-28 21:13:53 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Fixed yet another argument passing bug.

Rev: server/start:1.60

1998-11-28 21:08:14 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Fixed argument passing bug.

Rev: server/start:1.59

1998-11-28 20:46:03 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Modified the argument parsing somewhat.

Rev: server/start:1.58

1998-11-28 13:40:57 by Per Hedbor <>

added roxendir variable, fixes for --once

Rev: server/start:1.57


1998-11-22 21:15:10 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>


Rev: server/start:1.56

1998-11-22 17:05:43 by Per Hedbor <>

no longer sleeps, and some fixes, works with ./install now

Rev: server/start:1.55


1998-11-18 04:54:36 by Per Hedbor <>

Better locale support, moved parse_rxml to the configuration object, started workd on the new configuration interface

Rev: server/base_server/cache.pike:1.22
Rev: server/base_server/config/describers.pike:1.58
Rev: server/base_server/config/low_describers.pike:1.28
Rev: server/base_server/configlocale.pike:1.1
Rev: server/base_server/configuration.pike:1.167
Rev: server/base_server/fonts.pike:1.25
Rev: server/base_server/mainconfig.pike:1.116
Rev: server/base_server/module.pike:1.36
Rev: server/base_server/module_support.pike:1.19
Rev: server/base_server/roxen.pike:1.252
Rev: server/base_server/roxenlib.pike:1.89
Rev: server/base_server/roxenloader.pike:1.80
Rev: server/base_server/rxml.pike:1.1
Rev: server/base_server/wizard.pike:1.77
Rev: server/config_actions/cachestatus.pike:1.4
Rev: server/config_actions/debuginformation.pike:1.16
Rev: server/config_actions/feature_list.pike:1.4
Rev: server/config_actions/flush.pike:1.7
Rev: server/config_actions/listfonts.pike:1.4
Rev: server/config_actions/problems.pike:1.12
Rev: server/config_actions/reloadconfiginterface.pike:1.9
Rev: server/etc/include/roxen.h:1.8
Rev: server/etc/roxen_master.pike:1.49
Rev: server/modules/directories/indexfiles.pike:1.7
Rev: server/modules/filters/auto_gzip.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/graphics/business_graphics/business.pike:1.110
Rev: server/modules/graphics/counter.pike:1.22
Rev: server/modules/graphics/graphic_text.pike:1.156
Rev: server/modules/graphics/pimage.pike:1.12
Rev: server/modules/graphics/rimage/rimage.pike:1.8
Rev: server/modules/logging/home_logger.pike:1.19
Rev: server/modules/misc/gtext_creator.pike:1.1
Rev: server/modules/misc/language.pike:1.17
Rev: server/modules/misc/mirrorserver.pike:1.14
Rev: server/modules/proxies/ftpgateway.pike:1.26
Rev: server/modules/proxies/gopher.pike:1.15
Rev: server/modules/proxies/wais.pike:1.12
Rev: server/modules/scripting/cgi.pike:1.106
Rev: server/modules/scripting/pikescript.pike:1.30
Rev: server/modules/tags/doc/graphic_text:1.5
Rev: server/modules/tags/htmlparse.pike:1.153
Rev: server/modules/tags/lpctag.pike:1.19
Rev: server/modules/tags/wizard_tag.pike:1.18
Rev: server/protocols/ftp.pike:1.97
Rev: server/protocols/http.pike:1.121
Rev: server/start:1.54


1998-11-06 02:57:53 by Marcus Comstedt <>

Made spelling of --once more negotiable. :-)

Rev: server/start:1.53


1998-10-31 23:43:48 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

--with-pid-file might now work.

Rev: server/start:1.52


1998-10-16 17:48:37 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Now searches for Pike modules, includes & programs in ../local/etc/ too.

Rev: server/start:1.51


1998-09-19 13:19:58 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Cleaned up the --help output somewhat.

Rev: server/start:1.50


1998-09-18 14:02:53 by Per Hedbor <>

Added documentation for the -dt pike flag

Rev: server/start:1.49


1998-09-12 12:10:23 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Fixed DEBUG bug.

Rev: server/start:1.48


1998-08-27 11:48:26 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Fixed bug. Thanks to Brian Lenihan <>.

Rev: server/start:1.47


1998-08-20 07:33:49 by Per Hedbor <>

More help

Rev: server/start:1.46


1998-08-10 21:35:17 by Per Hedbor <>

added --truss argument to start

Rev: server/start:1.45


1998-07-27 07:12:56 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Removed some personal settings checked in by mistake.

Rev: server/start:1.44


1998-07-22 23:55:30 by David Hedbor <>

Added more options for threads, no threads etc (--enable, --with,
--without etc).

Rev: server/start:1.43


1998-07-09 17:15:08 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

GDB should now ignore SIGUSR1 and SIGUSR2.

Rev: server/start:1.42

1998-07-09 00:07:25 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Report PIKE_MODULE_PATH when starting.

Rev: server/start:1.41


1998-07-08 19:53:38 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Use the proper share/pike dir.

Rev: server/start:1.40

1998-07-08 19:13:08 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Check lib/pike/share for localinstall.

Rev: server/start:1.39


1998-07-02 13:01:06 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Now explicitly redirects std{in,out,err} before starting Roxen.

Rev: server/start:1.38


1998-06-18 01:13:09 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Fixed bug triggered on Rhapsody.

Rev: server/start:1.37


1998-06-02 18:45:34 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Added option --gdb to run in gdb. Suggested by Simon Coggins <>.

Rev: server/start:1.36


1998-05-11 19:40:14 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Fixed typo.

Rev: server/start:1.35

1998-05-11 16:19:06 by Martin Stjernholm <>


Rev: server/install:1.6
Rev: server/start:1.34


1998-05-10 20:12:38 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Some fixes.

Rev: server/start:1.33


1998-04-28 18:19:25 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Updated to latest Pike 0.6.

Rev: server/start:1.32


1998-04-19 01:21:02 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Now supports latest Pike 0.6.

Rev: server/start:1.31


1998-03-26 07:35:00 by Per Hedbor <>

Added FD_DEBUG #ifdefs around all mark_fd(), and a --fd-debug option to the startscript

Rev: server/start:1.30


1998-03-20 03:51:53 by Per Hedbor <>

Support for --program pike-script

Rev: server/start:1.29


1998-03-01 15:49:47 by Per Hedbor <>

Some changes

Rev: server/start:1.28

1998-03-01 02:49:54 by Per Hedbor <>

Incorporated Lysator patches

Rev: server/base_server/roxenloader.pike:1.61
Rev: server/modules/filesystems/userfs.pike:1.19
Rev: server/modules/graphics/business_graphics/business.pike:1.79
Rev: server/modules/logging/home_logger.pike:1.15
Rev: server/modules/misc/userdb.pike:1.25
Rev: server/start:1.27

1998-03-01 02:42:58 by Per Hedbor <>

More options. :-)

Rev: server/start:1.26


1998-02-04 16:10:52 by Per Hedbor <>

Added profining, removed 4711 Privs, added call_out workaround

Rev: server/base_server/configuration.pike:1.92
Rev: server/base_server/disk_cache.pike:1.33
Rev: server/base_server/privs.pike:1.32
Rev: server/base_server/read_config.pike:1.18
Rev: server/base_server/roxen.pike:1.163
Rev: server/base_server/roxenloader.pike:1.55
Rev: server/config_actions/generate_rsa.pike:1.5
Rev: server/modules/filesystems/filesystem.pike:1.26
Rev: server/modules/filesystems/restrictedfs.pike:1.7
Rev: server/modules/filesystems/userfs.pike:1.17
Rev: server/modules/graphics/business_graphics/business.pike:1.63
Rev: server/modules/graphics/graphic_text.pike:1.99
Rev: server/modules/misc/ip-less_hosts.pike:1.8
Rev: server/modules/misc/mirrorserver.pike:1.13
Rev: server/modules/misc/userdb.pike:1.23
Rev: server/modules/scripting/cgi.pike:1.70
Rev: server/modules/scripting/pikescript.pike:1.20
Rev: server/modules/tags/htmlparse.pike:1.74
Rev: server/protocols/ftp.pike:1.77
Rev: server/protocols/http.pike:1.52
Rev: server/start:1.25


1998-01-17 02:51:39 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Now looks at returncode to know when to restart.

Rev: server/start:1.24


1997-11-19 15:38:05 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Now only enables threads on Solaris 2.5 or later.

Rev: server/start:1.23


1997-10-11 19:50:44 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Now only enables threads on Solaris.

Rev: server/start:1.22


1997-09-07 16:37:59 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Now sets umask.

Rev: server/start:1.21


1997-08-23 15:52:45 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge 'tags/roxen_1.2a10': Fixed indentation.
Now sleeps 5 seconds before restarting Roxen.

1997-08-23 15:52:44 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Fixed indentation.
Now sleeps 5 seconds before restarting Roxen.

Rev: server/start:1.20


1997-08-13 21:37:39 by Per Hedbor <>


Rev: server/base_server/config/describers.pike:1.36
Rev: server/base_server/configuration.pike:1.54
Rev: server/base_server/mainconfig.pike:1.65
Rev: server/base_server/read_config.pike:1.12
Rev: server/base_server/roxen.pike:1.99
Rev: server/config_actions/changepass.pike:1.3
Rev: server/config_actions/openports.pike:1.1
Rev: server/config_actions/reloadconfiginterface.pike:1.1
Rev: server/config_actions/reloadconfigurations.pike:1.2
Rev: server/config_actions/shutdown.pike:1.5
Rev: server/start:1.19


1997-08-10 00:40:42 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Added check and kludge for HPUX.

Rev: server/start:1.18


1997-07-24 02:35:46 by Marcus Comstedt <>

Fixed set stuff.

Rev: server/start:1.17


1997-05-28 10:36:17 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Minor syntax change

Rev: server/start:1.16


1997-05-07 02:21:27 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Added some cosmetics.

Rev: server/start:1.15


1997-04-19 21:11:17 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Nicer to the pike-backend.

Rev: server/start:1.14


1997-04-16 21:28:50 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge 'tags/released_to_analytikerna_970417': Now checks for installed pike master.

1997-04-16 21:28:49 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Now checks for installed pike master.

Rev: server/start:1.13


1997-04-13 00:42:03 by Per Hedbor <>

New database for persistent.pike, some fixes to cgi.

Rev: server/base_server/PerGdbm.pmod:1.2
Rev: server/base_server/persistent.pike:1.22
Rev: server/base_server/roxenloader.pike:1.17
Rev: server/modules/scripting/cgi.pike:1.19
Rev: server/modules/scripting/fcgi.pike:1.9
Rev: server/protocols/http.pike:1.24
Rev: server/start:1.12


1997-04-11 03:19:50 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

pike wants -D's first.

Rev: server/start:1.11


1997-04-10 16:14:41 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Fixed logging bug.

Rev: server/start:1.10


1997-04-09 19:10:04 by David Kågedal <>

Put defines at the start of the command

Rev: server/start:

1997-04-09 02:00:29 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Added ;;

Rev: server/start:1.9


1997-04-05 01:26:35 by Per Hedbor <>

Merge med 1.1.1

Rev: server/base_server/cache.pike:1.12
Rev: server/base_server/config/builders.pike:1.6
Rev: server/base_server/config/describers.pike:1.22
Rev: server/base_server/config/draw_things.pike:1.18
Rev: server/base_server/config/low_describers.pike:1.7
Rev: server/base_server/disk_cache.pike:1.15
Rev: server/base_server/hosts.pike:1.10
Rev: server/base_server/language.pike:1.8
Rev: server/base_server/mainconfig.pike:1.37
Rev: server/base_server/module_support.pike:1.11
Rev: server/base_server/newdecode.pike:1.6
Rev: server/base_server/persistent.pike:1.18
Rev: server/base_server/privs.pike:1.7
Rev: server/base_server/proxyauth.pike:1.3
Rev: server/base_server/read_config.pike:1.9
Rev: server/base_server/roxen.pike:1.47
Rev: server/base_server/roxenlib.pike:1.20
Rev: server/base_server/roxenloader.pike:1.13
Rev: server/base_server/socket.pike:1.5
Rev: server/bin/garbagecollector.pike:1.6
Rev: server/bin/install.pike:1.10
Rev: server/etc/include/roxen.h:1.3
Rev: server/etc/include/syslog.h:1.2(DEAD)
Rev: server/etc/include/variables.h:1.3
Rev: server/etc/roxen_master.pike:1.30
Rev: server/etc/supports:1.18
Rev: server/etc/welcome.html:1.6
Rev: server/install:1.2
Rev: server/languages/german.pike:1.4
Rev: server/modules/directories/directories2.pike:1.2
Rev: server/modules/filesystems/filesystem.pike:1.12
Rev: server/modules/filesystems/userfs.pike:1.12
Rev: server/modules/filters/htaccess.pike:1.9
Rev: server/modules/filters/redirect.pike:1.8
Rev: server/modules/graphics/graphic_text.pike:1.40
Rev: server/modules/graphics/tablist.pike:1.4
Rev: server/modules/misc/contenttypes.pike:1.7
Rev: server/modules/misc/ismap.pike:1.7
Rev: server/modules/misc/userdb.pike:1.12
Rev: server/modules/proxies/connect.pike:1.6
Rev: server/modules/proxies/ftpgateway.pike:1.11
Rev: server/modules/proxies/gopher.pike:1.8
Rev: server/modules/proxies/proxy.pike:1.15
Rev: server/modules/proxies/wais.pike:1.7
Rev: server/modules/scripting/cgi.pike:1.14
Rev: server/modules/scripting/fcgi.pike:1.8
Rev: server/modules/scripting/pikescript.pike:1.10
Rev: server/modules/tags/htmlparse.pike:1.26
Rev: server/protocols/ftp.pike:1.6
Rev: server/protocols/http.pike:1.22
Rev: server/protocols/ssl.pike:1.6
Rev: server/protocols/ssl3.pike:1.2
Rev: server/protocols/ssleay.pike:1.5
Rev: server/start:1.8
Rev: server/unfinishedmodules/whois++.pike:1.4


1997-03-30 20:43:00 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Enabled sending of extra arguments to pike from command-line.

Rev: server/start:


1997-03-03 20:51:38 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Didn't log to the debug-log

Rev: server/start:


1997-03-02 19:04:44 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Now hopefully sets include and module paths correctly

Rev: server/start:

1997-03-02 09:52:44 by Per Hedbor <>

Fixes for the latest pike...

Rev: server/base_server/roxen.pike:1.42
Rev: server/base_server/roxenloader.pike:1.10
Rev: server/modules/proxies/proxy.pike:1.13
Rev: server/protocols/http.pike:1.20
Rev: server/start:1.7


1997-03-01 17:21:11 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Updated to revision 1.6 level.
Now sets module-path.

Rev: server/start:

1997-03-01 13:07:05 by Per Hedbor <>


Rev: server/start:1.6


1997-02-13 23:24:18 by Peter Bortas <>

Fixed a missing space before --config-dir

Rev: server/start:1.5

1997-02-13 22:32:40 by Per Hedbor <>


Rev: server/start:1.4


1997-01-27 00:05:59 by Per Hedbor <>

Added support for --debug

Rev: server/start:1.3


1996-11-12 12:57:00 by Per Hedbor <>

ny option: --once

Rev: server/start:1.2


1996-11-11 23:31:54 by Per Hedbor <>

Ny version... HATA CVS ibland

Rev: .cvsignore:
Rev: BUGS:
Rev: TODO:
Rev: extern/.cvsignore:
Rev: extern/
Rev: extern/README:
Rev: extern/cgi.c:
Rev: extern/
Rev: extern/fast_cgi/LICENSE.TERMS:
Rev: extern/fast_cgi/
Rev: extern/fast_cgi/README:
Rev: extern/fast_cgi/acconfig.h:
Rev: extern/fast_cgi/cgi-fcgi/
Rev: extern/fast_cgi/cgi-fcgi/cgi-fcgi.c:
Rev: extern/fast_cgi/
Rev: extern/fast_cgi/include/fastcgi.h:
Rev: extern/fast_cgi/include/fcgi_stdio.h:
Rev: extern/fast_cgi/include/fcgiapp.h:
Rev: extern/fast_cgi/include/fcgiappmisc.h:
Rev: extern/fast_cgi/include/fcgimisc.h:
Rev: extern/fast_cgi/libfcgi/
Rev: extern/fast_cgi/libfcgi/fcgi_stdio.c:
Rev: extern/fast_cgi/libfcgi/fcgiapp.c:
Rev: extern/fast_cgi/libfcgi/strerror.c:
Rev: extern/roxen_hostname.c:
Rev: extern/shuffle.c:
Rev: extern/ssl.c:
Rev: install-sh:
Rev: mkdir:
Rev: pike/.cvsignore:
Rev: pike/
Rev: pike/README:
Rev: pike/
Rev: server/base_server/cache.pike:
Rev: server/base_server/config/builders.pike:
Rev: server/base_server/config/describers.pike:
Rev: server/base_server/config/low_describers.pike:
Rev: server/base_server/config/savers.pike:
Rev: server/base_server/configuration.pike:
Rev: server/base_server/db.pike:
Rev: server/base_server/disk_cache.pike:
Rev: server/base_server/dummy_hosts.pike:
Rev: server/base_server/hosts.pike:
Rev: server/base_server/html.pike:
Rev: server/base_server/http.pike:
Rev: server/base_server/language.pike:
Rev: server/base_server/lock.pike:
Rev: server/base_server/mainconfig.pike:
Rev: server/base_server/module.pike:
Rev: server/base_server/module_support.pike:
Rev: server/base_server/newdecode.pike:
Rev: server/base_server/persistent.pike:
Rev: server/base_server/proxyauth.pike:
Rev: server/base_server/read_config.pike:
Rev: server/base_server/roxen.pike:
Rev: server/base_server/roxenlib.pike:
Rev: server/base_server/roxenloader.pike:
Rev: server/base_server/socket.pike:
Rev: server/base_server/spinnerlib.pike:
Rev: server/base_server/struct/ftp_gateway_request.pike:
Rev: server/base_server/struct/node.pike:
Rev: server/bin/.cvsignore:
Rev: server/bin/garbagecollector.pike:
Rev: server/bin/install.pike:
Rev: server/configvar:
Rev: server/etc/config.html:
Rev: server/etc/extensions:
Rev: server/etc/include/array.h:
Rev: server/etc/include/array.pre.pike:
Rev: server/etc/include/config.h:
Rev: server/etc/include/confignode.h:
Rev: server/etc/include/fifo.h:
Rev: server/etc/include/fifo.pre.pike:
Rev: server/etc/include/getopt.h:
Rev: server/etc/include/getopt.pre.pike:
Rev: server/etc/include/module.h:
Rev: server/etc/include/process.h:
Rev: server/etc/include/process.pre.pike:
Rev: server/etc/include/roxen.h:
Rev: server/etc/include/simulate.h:
Rev: server/etc/include/simulate.pre.pike:
Rev: server/etc/include/stat.h:
Rev: server/etc/include/stdio.h:
Rev: server/etc/include/stdio.pre.pike:
Rev: server/etc/include/string.h:
Rev: server/etc/include/string.pre.pike:
Rev: server/etc/include/syslog.h:
Rev: server/etc/include/variables.h:
Rev: server/etc/newconfig.html:
Rev: server/etc/restart.html:
Rev: server/etc/roxen_master.pike:
Rev: server/etc/shutdown.html:
Rev: server/etc/supports:
Rev: server/etc/welcome.html:
Rev: server/install:
Rev: server/languages/catala.pike:
Rev: server/languages/dutch.pike:
Rev: server/languages/english.pike:
Rev: server/languages/finnish.pike:
Rev: server/languages/french.pike:
Rev: server/languages/german.pike:
Rev: server/languages/japanese.pike:
Rev: server/languages/norwegian.pike:
Rev: server/languages/spanish.pike:
Rev: server/languages/swedish.pike:
Rev: server/mkdir:
Rev: server/modules/cgi.pike:
Rev: server/modules/client_logger.pike:
Rev: server/modules/connect.pike:
Rev: server/modules/contenttypes.pike:
Rev: server/modules/directories.pike:
Rev: server/modules/fastdir.pike:
Rev: server/modules/fcgi.pike:
Rev: server/modules/filesystem.pike:
Rev: server/modules/ftpgateway.pike:
Rev: server/modules/gopher.pike:
Rev: server/modules/header.pike:
Rev: server/modules/home_logger.pike:
Rev: server/modules/hostredirect.pike:
Rev: server/modules/htaccess.pike:
Rev: server/modules/htmlparse.pike:
Rev: server/modules/indexfiles.pike:
Rev: server/modules/indirect_href.pike:
Rev: server/modules/ismap.pike:
Rev: server/modules/language.pike:
Rev: server/modules/lpcscript.pike:
Rev: server/modules/lpctag.pike:
Rev: server/modules/nologging.pike:
Rev: server/modules/proxy.pike:
Rev: server/modules/redirect.pike:
Rev: server/modules/relay.pike:
Rev: server/modules/secure_fs.pike:
Rev: server/modules/tablist.pike:
Rev: server/modules/userdb.pike:
Rev: server/modules/userfs.pike:
Rev: server/modules/variable.pike:
Rev: server/modules/wais.pike:
Rev: server/more_modules/bofh.pike:
Rev: server/more_modules/clock.pike:
Rev: server/more_modules/configure.pike:
Rev: server/more_modules/lysator.pike:
Rev: server/more_modules/tablify.pike:
Rev: server/protocols/ftp.pike:
Rev: server/protocols/gopher.pike:
Rev: server/protocols/http.pike:
Rev: server/protocols/ssl.pike:
Rev: server/roxen-images/back.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/background.jpg:
Rev: server/roxen-images/changed.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/delconf.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/delmod.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/delmodcop.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/dir/binary.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/dir/image.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/dir/menu.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/dir/sound.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/dir/text.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/dir/unknown.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/fold.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/fold2.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/foldall.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/infovav.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/left.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/newconf.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/newmod.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/off.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/on.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/power.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/power_anim.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/refresh.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/restart.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/right.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/roxen.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/save.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/shutdown.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/tablists/1.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/tablists/10.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/tablists/11.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/tablists/12.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/tablists/13.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/tablists/14.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/tablists/15.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/tablists/16.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/tablists/2.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/tablists/3.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/tablists/4.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/tablists/5.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/tablists/6.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/tablists/7.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/tablists/8.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/tablists/9.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/top.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/unfold.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/unfold2.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/unmod.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/up.gif:
Rev: server/roxen-images/zap.gif:
Rev: server/start:
Rev: server/unfinishedmodules/deepthought.pike:
Rev: server/unfinishedmodules/extended_logger.pike:
Rev: server/unfinishedmodules/fastcgi.pike:
Rev: server/unfinishedmodules/hedbor.pike:
Rev: server/unfinishedmodules/httpc.lpc.gz:
Rev: server/unfinishedmodules/javascript.pike:
Rev: server/unfinishedmodules/mirror.lpc.gz:
Rev: server/unfinishedmodules/mountserver.pike:
Rev: server/unfinishedmodules/tree.pike:
Rev: server/unfinishedmodules/whois++.pike:
Rev: tools/Makefile:
Rev: tools/accessed.lpc:
Rev: tools/backlog-bumper:
Rev: tools/htpasswd.c:
Rev: tools/init.d_roxen:
Rev: tools/xdumpfont/Makefile:
Rev: tools/xdumpfont/README:
Rev: tools/xdumpfont/banner.c:
Rev: tools/xdumpfont/fontdemo.c:
Rev: tools/xdumpfont/makefonts.lpc:
Rev: tools/xdumpfont/readfont.c:
Rev: tools/xdumpfont/readfont.h:
Rev: tools/xdumpfont/xdumpfont.c: