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2013-09-30 11:38:04 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Start: Add some extra stuff to the module path if existing.

The FSGC needs the Filesystem.Monitor module, which currently
(Pike 7.8) is provided by the feedimport module. As the
package system isn't yet in use in dists, it needs to be added
to the module path by the start-script. When the package system
is in use this is done when the package directories are added
by the roxenloader.

Fixes some more of [bug 6572 (#6572)].

1:   #!/bin/sh   # - # $Id: start,v 1.243 2012/01/17 10:52:44 grubba Exp $ + # $Id$      ### If --silent-start is given as the first argument,   ### nothing will be printed to stdout by the script.
654:    # so no need to do it here.    DEFINES="$DEFINES \"-m$PIKE_MASTER\""    fi +  +  # Kludge to add pike modules required by base_server to the +  # module path. Remove when the package system comes in use. +  for d in modules/feedimport; do +  for pm in pike_modules pike-modules; do +  if [ -d "$roxendir/$d/$pm/." ]; then +  DEFINES="$DEFINES \"-M$roxendir/$d/$pm\""    fi -  +  done +  done + fi      # Extra module-path   #if [ -d etc/modules ]; then