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2003-02-05 13:34:06 by Jonas Wallden <>

A bunch of typographic fixes.

Rev: server/base_server/roxen.pike:1.822
Rev: server/base_server/roxenloader.pike:1.333
Rev: server/start:1.199

1:   #!/bin/sh   # - # $Id: start,v 1.198 2003/01/13 15:14:08 mast Exp $ + # $Id: start,v 1.199 2003/02/05 13:34:06 jonasw Exp $      ### If --silent-start is given as the first argument,   ### nothing will be printed to stdout by the script.
367:    .B--debug-log=FILEB.: Use an alternate debuglog file.    Defaults to .B../logs/debug/B.configdirname.B.1B..    -  .B--pid-file=FILEB.: Store the roxen and startscript pids in this +  .B--pid-file=FILEB.: Store the Roxen and start script pids in this    file. Defaults to .B../configurations/_roxen_pidB..       .B--silent-startB.: Inhibits output to stdout. If used,
417:       .B--gdbB.: Run the server in gdb. Implies .B--onceB..    -  .B--programB.: Start a different program with the roxen +  .B--programB.: Start a different program with the Roxen    Pike. As an example,    .B./start --program bin/install.pikeB. will    start the installation program normally
446:       .B--with-snmp-agentB.: Enable internal SNMP agent code.    -  .BArguments passed to pike:B. +  .BArguments passed to Pike:B.       .B-DDEFINEB.: Define the symbol .BDEFINEB..   
459:    Things will run more slowly, but it is very    useful while developing code.    -  Enabled when starting roxen with --debug +  Enabled when starting Roxen with --debug       .B-rTB.: Enable strict types.    Same as adding #pragma strict-types
472:    object variable with an untyped    object) will generate warnings.    -  Useful for module and roxen core +  Useful for module and Roxen core    developers, but not so useful for    the occasional pike-script-writer.    -  Enabled when starting roxen with --debug +  Enabled when starting Roxen with --debug       .B-s<size>B.: Set the stack size.   
701:    if [ $verbose -gt 1 -o -z "$once" ] ; then    dp "Executing $pike $args"|sed -e "s!`pwd`!.!g"    else -  dp "Using the '$pike' pike binary"|sed -e "s!`pwd`!.!g" +  dp "Using the '$pike' Pike binary"|sed -e "s!`pwd`!.!g"    fi    fi   
804:      if [ "$program" = "base_server/roxenloader.pike" ] ; then    if [ "`cat \"$old_roxen_defines\" 2>/dev/null`" != "$VERSION_DATA" ] ; then -  remove_old_dot_o_files "defines or pike version changed" +  remove_old_dot_o_files "defines or Pike version changed"    fi    echo "$VERSION_DATA" > "$old_roxen_defines"   fi