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2021-12-16 20:55:42 by Jonas Walldén <>

Roxen EP self-test tuning: Disable REP_ZAP_GARBAGE due to too many false
positives. Enable NO_SQL_DEBUG to brings back RAM caching of basic DB
objects to better match real-world behavior and speed up some very slow

229:    kill `cat "$VARDIR/test_config/_mysql/mysql_pid"`    fi    self_test=y -  DEFINES="-DDEBUG_REP_SES_TRACK -DREP_ZAP_GARBAGE $DEFINES" +  DEFINES="-DDEBUG_REP_SES_TRACK -DNO_SQL_DEBUG $DEFINES "    DEFINES="-DRUN_SELF_TEST -DSELF_TEST_DIR=\"$SELF_TEST_DIR\" $DEFINES"    DEFINES="$DEFINES \"-M$SELF_TEST_DIR/modules\""    DEFINES="$DEFINES \"-Metc/test/modules\""