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2001-08-05 21:01:49 by Per Hedbor <>

Translation changes. Some more swedish translations

Rev: server/translations/ces/admin_tasks.xml:1.14
Rev: server/translations/deu/roxen_message.xml:1.5
Rev: server/translations/eng/admin_tasks.xml:1.14
Rev: server/translations/eng/mod_sqltag.xml:1.5
Rev: server/translations/eng/roxen_message.xml:1.18
Rev: server/translations/swe/admin_tasks.xml:1.11
Rev: server/translations/swe/roxen_message.xml:1.16

878:   </str>      <str id="42"> - <o>Indeed</o> + <changed from="Indeed"/> + <o>If you have more than one roxen version installed + in the same location, you can use this action to + change the currently running version.</o>   <t>SouhlasĂ­m</t>   </str>