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Update localization.

Rev: server/translations/ces/admin_tasks.xml:1.35
Rev: server/translations/ces/roxen_config.xml:1.58
Rev: server/translations/deu/admin_tasks.xml:1.35
Rev: server/translations/deu/roxen_config.xml:1.68
Rev: server/translations/eng/roxen_config.xml:1.64
Rev: server/translations/hun/admin_tasks.xml:1.29
Rev: server/translations/hun/roxen_config.xml:1.54
Rev: server/translations/jpn/admin_tasks.xml:1.29
Rev: server/translations/jpn/roxen_config.xml:1.54
Rev: server/translations/nld/admin_tasks.xml:1.35
Rev: server/translations/nld/roxen_config.xml:1.59
Rev: server/translations/swe/roxen_config.xml:1.74

220:      <h3>Format specifiers for both access and event logging</h3>    - <table><tbody valign='top'> + <table class='hilite-1stcol'><tbody valign='top'>   <tr><td>\n \t \r</td>    <td>Insert a newline, tab or linefeed character, respectively.</td></tr>   <tr><td>$char(int)</td>
268:      <h3>Format specifiers for access logging</h3>    - <table><tbody valign='top'> + <table class='hilite-1stcol'><tbody valign='top'>   <tr><td>$host</td>    <td>The remote host name, or ip number.</td></tr>   <tr><td>$vhost</td>
351:    <td>A comma separated list of words (containing no whitespace)    that describes how the request got handled by various caches:    -  <table><tbody valign='top'> +  <table class='hilite-1stcol'><tbody valign='top'>    <tr><td>protcache</td>    <td>The page is served from the HTTP protocol cache.</td></tr>    <tr><td>protstore</td>
364:    <tr><td>refresh</td>    <td>This is the finishing of the background refresh request    for the entry in the HTTP protocol cache.</td></tr> +  <tr><td>icachedraw</td> +  <td>A server-generated image had to be rendered from scratch.</td></tr> +  <tr><td>icacheram</td> +  <td>A server-generated image was found in the RAM cache.</td></tr> +  <tr><td>icachedisk</td> +  <td>A server-generated image was found in the disk cache (i.e. in +  the server's MySQL database).</td></tr>    <tr><td>pcoderam</td>    <td>A hit in the RXML p-code RAM cache.</td></tr>    <tr><td>pcodedisk</td>    <td>A hit in the RXML p-code persistent cache.</td></tr> -  +  <tr><td>pcodestore</td> +  <td>P-code is added to or updated in the persistent cache.</td></tr> +  <tr><td>pcodestorefailed</td> +  <td>An attempt to add or update p-code in the persistent cache +  failed (e.g. due to a race with another request).</td></tr>    <tr><td>cachetag</td>    <td>RXML was evaluated without any cache miss in any RXML    <cache> tag. The <nocache> tag does not count as a
383:    <td>A comma separated list of words (containing no whitespace)    that describes how the page has been evaluated:    -  <table><tbody valign='top'> +  <table class='hilite-1stcol'><tbody valign='top'>    <tr><td>xslt</td>    <td>XSL transform.</td></tr>    <tr><td>rxmlsrc</td>
409:       <p>The known events are:</p>    -  <table><tbody valign='top'> +  <table class='hilite-1stcol'><tbody valign='top'>    <tr><td>ram-cache-gc</td>    <td>Logged after the RAM cache GC has run. $handle-time and    $handle-cputime are set to the time the GC took (see
437:       <p>These extra format specifiers are defined where applicable:</p>    -  <table><tbody valign='top'> +  <table class='hilite-1stcol'><tbody valign='top'>    <tr><td>$ac-userid</td>    <td>The ID number of the AC identity whose edit area was used.    Zero for the common view area.</td></tr>
3643:   </str>      <str id="1065"> - <o>Uncheck/check all</o> + <o>Uncheck/Check All</o>   <t></t>   </str>