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2006-01-25 10:22:32 by Anders Johansson <>

Updated locale ids.

Rev: server/base_server/configuration.pike:1.588
Rev: server/translations/ces/roxen_config.xml:1.49
Rev: server/translations/deu/roxen_config.xml:1.59
Rev: server/translations/eng/roxen_config.xml:1.55
Rev: server/translations/hun/roxen_config.xml:1.45
Rev: server/translations/jpn/roxen_config.xml:1.45
Rev: server/translations/nld/roxen_config.xml:1.49
Rev: server/translations/swe/roxen_config.xml:1.62

3319:   <o>The new name of the database. To make it easy on your users, use all lowercaps characters, and avoid hard to type characters.</o>   <t></t>   </str> +  + <str id="1000"> + <new/> + <o>Authentication failed message override files</o> + <t></t> + </str> +  + <str id="1001"> + <new/> + <o>With each authentication required response this file is sent and displayed if the authentication fails or the user choose not to authenticate at all.&lt;p&gt; + The file is searched for in parent directories in the same manner as the no such file message override files.</o> + <t></t> + </str> +  + <str id="1002"> + <new/> + <o>Authentication failed message</o> + <t></t> + </str> +  + <str id="1003"> + <new/> + <o>What to return when an authentication attempt failed.</o> + <t></t> + </str>