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1996-08-12 16:57:47 by Fredrik Hübinette (Hubbe) <>

doc fixed..

Rev: src/modules/gdbmmod/doc/gdbm:1.2

4130:   See the document for the function 'kill' for a list of signals.   </p>   <p>If no second argument is given, the signal handler for that signal - is restored to the default handler.</p> + is restored to the default handler. + </p> + <p>If the second argument is zero, the signal will be completely ignored.</p>   </text>      <group><seealso/><text>
4545:   <r><c> %D </c><c> gives an integer that is either octal (leading zero), hexadecimal (leading 0x) or decimal. </c></r>   <r><c> %f </c><c> gives a float </c></r>   <r><c> %c </c><c> matches one char and returns it as an integer </c></r> + <r><c> %2c </c><c> matches two chars and returns them as an integer (short) </c></r>   <r><c> %s </c><c> gives a string </c></r> -  + <r><c> %5s </c><c> gives a string of 5 characters (5 can be any number) </c></r>   <r><c> %[set] </c><c> matches a string containing a given set of characters. (thos given inside the brackets) %[^set] means any character ecept those inside brackets. %[0-9H] means any number or 'H'. </c></r>   </matrix>   
5980:   </tt>   <p>When opening the database with the 'f' flag writings to the database   can be cached in memory for a long time. Calling sync will write - all such caches to disk and not return until + all such caches to disk and not return until everything is stored + on the disk.   </p>   <p/>   </text>