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2000-09-27 08:34:56 by Mirar (Pontus Hagland) <>

hubbe destroyed this file too, reverting...

Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Julian.pmod:1.3

1866:   <group><note/><text>   <p>The week day numbers used   are the same as the day of week in the <ref resolved='predef::Calendar.ISO'>ISO</ref> calendar - - not the <ref resolved='predef::Calendar.Gregorian'>Gregorian</ref> or <ref>Julian</ref> + not the <ref resolved='predef::Calendar.Gregorian'>Gregorian</ref> or <ref resolved='predef::Calendar.Julian'>Julian</ref>   calendar that has 1=Sunday, 7=Saturday.</p>   </text></group>   
2207:      </doc>   </module> + <module name='Julian'> + <doc> + <text> + <p> + This is the Julian calendar, conjured up by + the old Romans when their calendar were just too + wierd. It was used by the christians as so far + as the 18th century in some parts of the world. + (Especially the protestantic and orthodox parts.) + </p> + </text> + <group><note/><text> + <p>Don't confuse the <i>julian day</i> with the Julian + calendar. The former is just a linear numbering of days, + used in the Calendar module as a common unit for + absolute time.</p> + </text></group> +  + </doc> + <docgroup homogen-name='YMD' homogen-type='inherit'> + <inherit name='YMD'><classname resolved='predef::Calendar.YMD'>YMD</classname></inherit> + </docgroup> + </module>   <module name='Roman'>   <doc>   <text>