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842:      </doc>   </docgroup> + <docgroup homogen-name='object' homogen-type='method'> + <method name='object'/><doc placeholder='true'> + <text> + <p><tt>object</tt> - internal representation of an object</p> +  + <p>Pike uses a 'struct object' with all the global variables + allocated in the same block to represent the Pike type 'object'. + An object without any global variables is only the size of 4 C + pointers. (usually 16 bytes) The only important members of the + 'struct object' are the ref counts and the pointer to the + program from which the object was cloned.</p> +  + internals</text> +  + </doc> + </docgroup>   <docgroup homogen-name='pike_string' homogen-type='method'>   <method name='pike_string'/><doc placeholder='true'>   <text>
3499:   <p>Gauge measure how much cpu time is used to execute the commands   given as arguments. The number of milliseconds used is returned   as an integer.</p> - </text> +     -  + control</text> +    <group><seealso/><text>   <p><ref resolved='predef::catch' to='catch'>catch</ref> and <ref resolved='predef::rusage' to='predef::rusage'>builtin/rusage</ref></p>   </text></group>