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1996-10-09 02:01:44 by Fredrik Hübinette (Hubbe) <>

typos fixed

Rev: src/program.c:1.3

3070:      </doc>   </docgroup> + <docgroup homogen-name='load_module' homogen-type='method'> + <method name='load_module'/><doc placeholder='true'> + <text> + <p><tt>load_module</tt> - load a binary module</p> +  + <tt><p>int load_module(string <i>module_name</i>);<br/> + </p> + </tt> + <p>This function loads a module written in C or some other language + into Pike. The module is initialized and any programs or constants + defined will immediately be available. + </p> + <p>When a module is loaded the functions init_module_efuns and + init_module_programs are called to initialize it. When Pike exits + exit_module is called in all dynamically loaded modules. These + functions _must_ be available in the module. + </p> + <p>Please see the source and any examples available at + for more information on how to + write modules for Pike in C.</p> + </text> +  + <group><bugs/><text> + <p>Please use "./" instead of just "" for the module + name. If you use just "" the module will not be found. + </p> + </text></group> +  + </doc> + </docgroup>   <docgroup homogen-name='localtime' homogen-type='method'>   <method name='localtime'/><doc placeholder='true'>   <text>
5199:      </doc>   </docgroup> + <docgroup homogen-name='this_thread' homogen-type='method'> + <method name='this_thread'/><doc placeholder='true'> + <text> + <p><tt>this_thread</tt> - return thread id</p> +  + <tt><p>object thread_id();<br/> + </p> + </tt> + <p>This function returns the object that identifies this thread.</p> + </text> +  + <group><seealso/><text> + <p><ref resolved='predef::thread_create' to='thread_create'>thread_create</ref></p> + </text></group> +  + </doc> + </docgroup>   <docgroup homogen-name='thread_create' homogen-type='method'>   <method name='thread_create'/><doc placeholder='true'>   <text>   <p><tt>thread_create</tt> - create a thread</p>    - <tt><p>int thread_create(function <i>f</i>, mixed ... <i>args</i>);<br/> + <tt><p>object thread_create(function <i>f</i>, mixed ... <i>args</i>);<br/>   </p>   </tt>   <p>This function creates a new thread which will run simultaneously
5212:   f with the arguments args. When f returns the thread will cease   to exist. All Pike functions are 'thread safe' meanting that running   a function at the same time from different threads will not corrupt - any internal data in the Pike process.</p> + any internal data in the Pike process. The returned value will be + the same as the return value of this_thread() for the new thread.</p>   </text>      <group><note/><text>
5220:   </text></group>      <group><seealso/><text> - <p><ref resolved='predef::thread_create' to='/precompiled/mutex'>/precompiled/mutex</ref> and <ref resolved='predef::thread_create' to='/precompiled/condition'>/precompiled/condition</ref></p> + <p><ref resolved='predef::thread_create' to='/precompiled/mutex'>/precompiled/mutex</ref>, <ref resolved='predef::thread_create' to='/precompiled/condition'>/precompiled/condition</ref> and <ref resolved='predef::this_thread' to='this_thread'>this_thread</ref></p>   </text></group>      </doc>