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2003-11-14 06:11:38 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Cleaned up some cases where resolver errors produced distracting
backtraces during compilation: Use low_cast_to_(object|program) in
dirnode instead of the variants that throw errors. Added
compile_cb_error and compile_cb_rethrow to be able to throw errors
that are converted to plain compiler error messages.

Fixed describe_backtrace and describe_error to use more convenient
ways for getting the messages and backtraces out if error objects, so
that the ugly overloading of `[] isn't necessary.

Added get_backtrace to get the backtrace out of an error array/object,
just like describe_error gets the error message.

Cleaned up calls to compile_warning.

Fixed error propagation from decode_charset.

Shortened accesses to _static_modules.Builtin and

Rev: lib/

231:   <li><a href='ex/predef_3A_3A/gc.html'>gc()</a></li>   <li><a href='ex/predef_3A_3A/get_all_groups.html'>get_all_groups()</a></li>   <li><a href='ex/predef_3A_3A/get_all_users.html'>get_all_users()</a></li> + <li><a href='ex/predef_3A_3A/get_backtrace.html'>get_backtrace()</a></li>   <li><a href='ex/predef_3A_3A/get_dir.html'>get_dir()</a></li>   <li><a href='ex/predef_3A_3A/get_groups_for_user.html'>get_groups_for_user()</a></li>   <li><a href='ex/predef_3A_3A/get_iterator.html'>get_iterator()</a></li>