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2001-04-05 23:45:34 by Per Hedbor <>

New Tools module, Tools.PV. Use it to display images.
Tools.PV( filename ) or Tools.PV( Image.Image ) or Tools.PV( Image.Layer ), or, finally, Tools.PV( array(Image.Layer) ).

The alpha combining mode can be set with Tools.PV.set_alpha_mode( ), and is one of Tools.PV.Squares, Tools.PV.Solid, Tools.PV.None and Tools.PV.AlphaOnly. The alpha combining mode colors can be set with set_alpha_colors( color1, color2 ), color2 is used for the 'Squares' mode. You can change the image with set_image().

Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/PV.pike:1.1

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