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2004-01-30 01:06:35 by H. William Welliver III <>

certificate chain verification rewritten completely with different arguments and different behavior
i did this because i can't see how it would have possibly been a useful function before

performs the following tests:

1) verify that the issuer is the subject of the preceeding certificate
2) verify that the certificate is signed by the previous issuer
3) verify that the root certificate in the chain is self signed and/or trusted

returns interesting information such as the authority and the cn of the certificate.

does _not_ check flags yet

Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/X509.pmod:1.24

434:    "Second": "predef::Calendar.YMD.datetime":1, "predef::Calendar.YMD.second":2,    "Second ": "predef::Calendar.YMD.second":2,    "Session.follow_redirects": "predef::Protocols.HTTP.Session.Request":1, +  "Standards.ASN1.Sequence": "predef::Tools.X509.verify_certificate_chain":2,    "Stdio.FileLockKey": "predef::Stdio.File.lock":2, "predef::Stdio.File.trylock":2,    "Stdio.stdout.write()": "predef::Stdio":1,    "System.EPIPE": "predef::SSL.sslfile":1,
1075:   "predef::Tools.X509.make_verifier": "Verifier"   "predef::Tools.X509.rsa_verifier": "Verifier"   "predef::Tools.X509.verify_certificate": "TBSCertificate" + "predef::Tools.X509.verify_certificate_chain": "Standards.ASN1.Sequence"   "predef::Web.OWL": ".RDFS"   "predef::Yp": "\"___Yp\""   "predef::_Ffmpeg.ffmpeg.set_codec_param": "get_codec_params()"