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2010-10-10 21:56:26 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed atomicity bug in set_nonblocking when given a close cb without
read cb.

77:   <dt class='head--doc'><span id='p-callback'></span>Parameter <code class='parameter'>callback</code></dt>   <dd></dd><dd class='body--doc'><p>Function to be called on completion.    The first argument will be <code class='expr'>1</code> if a connection was -  successfully estabished, and <code class='expr'>0</code> (zero) on failure. +  successfully established, and <code class='expr'>0</code> (zero) on failure.    The rest of the arguments to <code>callback</code> are passed    verbatim from <code>args</code>.</p>   </dd>