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2008-09-05 13:23:26 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Documented the return value from open().

Rev: src/modules/files/file.c:1.395

675:    <code class='expr'>00666</code>, but note that on UNIX systems it's masked with the    process umask before use.</p>   </dd> + <dt class='head--doc'>Returns</dt> + <dd class='body--doc'><p>Returns nonzero on success and <code class='expr'>0</code> (zero) on failure. If +  there is a failure then <code>errno</code> returns the error code.</p> + </dd>   <dt class='head--doc'>See also</dt>   <dd class='body--doc'><p><code>close()</code></p>   </dd></dl>