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2003-03-21 15:33:02 by Marcus Comstedt <>

Cleaned up some descriptions.

Rev: CHANGES:1.74

8:   o "Backported funcion_object fixes from Pike 7.5"/"function_object()    now behaves as in Pike 7.2. The other cases have been moved to    function_program()." - o "MKREADSET: If elements e and e+1 have their places swapped, it -  doesn't mean that there are overlapping ranges, just that the sort -  function is unstable. It doesn't matter. Live with it." - o "Backported native argument handling fixes from 7.5." (java) +       o Added System.dumpable() which can be used on Linux to enable    coredumping even for seteuid/setegid processes.
43:    the MIME module.   o Multiline tokens are now handled better in Parser.Pike when running    in streaming mode. + o Fixed a bug in sscanf when using %[] with wide characters.   o Fixed a bug in low_backtrace where the backtrace itself could be    reported as an argument to the top function if it was of varargs    type.
63:   o More solutions to new and fresh autoconf compatibility problems,    willfully introduced by the autoconf team.   o Threads are disabled by default on OpenBSD/alpha <= 3.x. + o Java module now supports native method registration on alpha. + o Fixed floating point argument handling with native calls in Java module +  for Linux/PPC.   o Pike will now look for the master path in SOFTWARE\Pike\ in the    registry on Microsoft Windows.   o Fixed icon transparency on Microsoft Windows.