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2007-11-13 16:23:25 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Added my changes from the last year.

Rev: CHANGES:1.84

265:    ISO-6438:1996 (ISO-IR-39, ISO-IR-216)    ISO-6937:2001 (ISO-IR-156)    +  Added typed encode and decode error objects +  (Locale.Charset.EncodeError and Locale.Charset.DecodeError) to make +  it possible to catch such errors in a better way. FIXME: Not +  finished. +    o MIME       - Added remapping variants of the encode words functions with
279:    - Fixed a bug that could occur when casting MIME.Message objects to    strings.    + o Mysql +  Unicode support. FIXME: Document in more detail. C.f. check-in 1.25 +  of lib/modules/Sql.pmod/mysql.pike. +    o Odbc    FIXME: Rewrite    Now supports UnixODBC properly.
392:      o Protocols.LDAP    +  Added more resilience to UTF-8 encode errors. A new flag +  Protocols.LDAP.SEARCH_RETURN_DECODE_ERRORS may be used to avoid +  throwing errors when this happens. +     FIXME: Many changes      o Protocols.SNMP
403:       The new AsyncClient class implements an asynchronous XMLRPC client.    + o Regexp.PCRE.Widestring +  This feature is now reported in the basic feature list (pike +  --features). +    o Sql       - Bugfixes in listing Postgres fields.
483:    sprintf() now attempts to lookup the name of the program when    formatting types of objects and programs.    + o gethrtime, gethrvtime, gauge +  Added support for POSIX style timers using clock_gettime(3). Notably +  this fixes nice high resolution thread local cpu time and monotonic +  real time on reasonably modern Linux systems.    -  +  There are new constants CPU_TIME_* and REAL_TIME_* in the System +  module to allow pike code to query various properties of the CPU and +  real time clocks in use.    -  +    New Modules      o ADT.List