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2019-12-28 14:13:45 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

CHANGES: Added some notes regarding Pike.LiveBacktraceFrame.

300:    This module simply provides a token splitter for    ECMAScript/JavaScript.    + o Pike.LiveBacktraceFrame +  +  This is similar to Pike.BacktraceFrame, but refers two-way +  to an active (or not) execution context. It can be used +  to eg examine (and change) local variables, and is intended +  for debugger use. +    o Web.EngineIO & Web.SocketIO   o Protocols.HTTP2   o Bittorrent.DHT
310:   New features   ------------    + o predef::backtrace() +  +  predef::backtrace() now takes an optional argument that causes it +  to return LiveBacktraceFrames (instead of BacktraceFrames), which +  may be used to access local variables for the frame while they are +  still in use. This is intended for debugger use. +    o predef::equal()       equal() on functions now checks if their definitions are same identifier