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2008-11-08 15:58:36 by Peter Bortas <>

Down to two change-FIXMEs left...

Rev: CHANGES:1.153

695:    method of the Parser.XML.Simple object to being a function in the    Parser.XML module.    -  FIXME -  Several correctness fixes. -  Added Simple.Context -  +    o Parser.XML.SloppyDOM       Yet another DOM-like module aimed at quickly and conveniently parse
727:    types (both for Nodes and for SimpleNodes). This allows for stricter    typing of code involving XML tree manipulation.    +  Several new functions added to manipulate and insert nodes in the +  XML tree. +     The module now also has a much better knowledge of DTDs and DOCTYPEs.    -  FIXME: Rewrite -  Added functions to insert new child nodes. -  Moved parser code into the nodes allowing for extendability. -  set_tag_name() -  AbstractSimpleNode, VirtualNode, SimpleNode. -  Node.zap_tree -  +    o Postgres    -  FIXME: Rewrite -  Added affected_rows. -  Made big_query() streaming. -  Added streaming_query() alias to indicate support. -  Support bindings natively on big_query(). -  Automatic binary or text transfer for queryarguments and resultrows. -  Fix race conditions. +  - Extended the SQL query interface to include affected_rows() and +  streaming_query() as well as variable bindings.    -  +  - Automatic binary or text transfer for queryarguments and resultrows. +    o Pike       - A new function count_memory() has been added which can calculate
964:    In case the old Postgres driver is disabled, this driver takes    over postgres:// transparently as well.    -  FIXME: mysql -  +    o SSL       FIXME: client certificates: examples?
1073:    available (currently only works for modules and classes written in    pike).    - o Tools + o Tools.Standalone    -  FIXME +  - "pike -x cgrep" now tries to parse Java code.    -  +  - "pike -x features" now tests for several more features. +    o Web.Crawler       - Bugfix to support robots.txt created on windows.
1114:    werror(" %d: value: %d\n", index, value);    }    - o ADT.Trie -  -  FIXME -  +    o ADT.Set       ADT.Set implements a datatype for sets. These sets behave much
1364:   o Support for class symbols with storage in parent scope.    Also added support for aliased symbols.    - o Machine code backend for PPC64 FIXME + o Machine code backend for PPC64    - o Objectiv-C embedding framwork FIXME +  - Machine code generation is now supported for PowerPC in +  64-bit ABI mode.    -  + o Objectiv-C embedding framwork +  +  - Experimental support for interfacing with Objective-C code +  has been added. +  +  NOTE! This API is experimental and is subject to change +  NOTE! without notice. +    o Added %c and %C to get_all_args to get char * without    NUL characters (no 0 valued characters inside the string).   
1404:    It's now possible to build Pike in MinGW on windows computers from    source distributions.    + o Cmod precompiler.    -  +  - The cmod precompiler (pike -x precompile) now supports declaring +  all autogenerated identifiers as static. +  +  NOTE! C-API incompatibility! +  NOTE! As a side effect of this change, the DECLARATIONS statement +  NOTE! now required in cmod files. +  +    New simplified method to write external C/C++ modules   -----------------------------------------------------   
1445:    PIKE: How to start the pike interpreter used running pike -x module    MODULE_INSTALL_DIR: Where modules goes    LOCAL_MODULE_PATH: Alternative (user local) module location -  -  - -------------------- NOTES------------ -  - 2004/04/26 00:13:30 -  -  - ---- -  - -x test_pike -  - -  - valgrind_hilfe and valgrind_just_verify -  - New malloc on Windows. (Optimization, hence should not be mentioned - according to the first paragraph in this file. /mast) +