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2002-11-28 19:05:29 by Peter Bortas <>

Todays good deed: Cleaning up something I haven't seen or used, but hopefully can guess correctly about. Someone who knows abdout constant objects might wan't to check this diff.

Rev: CHANGES:1.40

238:    However, if an object contains an _sprintf function it will still    be called in this case.    + o Constant objects +  An object can now be constant, allowing for better +  performace. For example used for Gmp.Bignum, Math.Matrix and +  Image.Color.    -  +    New modules / classes / methods / functionality added:   ------------------------------------------------------   
658:      Uncategorized misc changes:   --------------------------- -  - o constant objects (Gmp.Bignum, Math.Matrix, Image.Color) +    o basetype()   o it is possible to change predefines without forking a new pike   o #pragma save_parent
677:   Nilsson does lib:      master.pike - - Better %O print outs for objects and programs. - - pike -x + - Better %O print outs for objects and programs. /* DONE */ + - pike -x /* DONE */   - add_predefine/remove_predefine   - argc, argv and env are available when using pike -e   - getenv/putenv is now case insensitive on NT.